Festive Free Christmas Activity Booklet Printable

As the snowflakes dance and the scent of freshly baked cookies fills the air, it can only mean one thing – the enchanting holiday season is here!

And this Christmas activity book is just the thing to kick off the season with your kids.

20 individual pages packed with Christmas printables for young children and older kids too!

From jolly coloring adventures to brain-teasing puzzles that even Santa’s elves would love, this booklet is a treasure trove of yuletide fun for the whole family.

And the best part is that the activities are completely free!

****At the end of this post you will find very simple directions to download the activity pages today.

So, grab your hot cocoa and a handful of candy canes, and cozy up by the fire.

Let the merriment begin!

Check Out Your 20 Page Christmas Activities Printable Book!

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 1

This cover page is adorned with snowflakes, a Christmas tree, and a space for your child to write their name.

Printed out and stapled, this activity book would be a great way to add a budget Christmas gift under the tree.

Slip it into a gift bag as an added gift or use it as a stand-alone gift.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 2

The first puzzle you’ll find is a word search with 12 common Christmas words.

You may know that word searches can be a fun way to help children internalize spelling words.

Kids will have no idea they’re actually learning as they zoom through the rows of letters.

I provided an answer key that you may choose to slip out of the booklet before giving it to your child.

This is just helpful if the child gets stumped and you don’t have time to crack the puzzle yourself.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 4

What Christmas activities booklet could be complete without a letter to Santa Claus?

Encourage your child to write a handful of toys they would most like for Christmas. You can also urge them to write questions they want to now.

“How do you get around the Earth so fast?

“How do you make so many toys every year?”

Maybe Santa will leave the student a reply under the tree 🙂

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 5

Uh-oh! Santa has gotten a little turned around.

Can your kid lead Santa through this maze to get to the right Christmas tree? 

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 6

This is a simple activity, but often very enjoyable for young learners.

Some will recognize right away which one stands out in the row, but you may need to walk through the first couple of rows first.

Coach your child by having them say each item out loud in the row.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 7

Kids often want to decorate the tree, but parents can sometimes overly supervise to make sure ornaments go “where they should.”

This tree is all theirs though!

Give your child crayons, markers, stickers, ribbons, magazine pages to cut up, wrapping paper, glue sticks, pom poms, and/or whatever else you can think of to get their imagination going.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 8

This Christmas activity pack has not one, but two Christmas coloring pages. 

The first one is a delectable gingerbread house!

Encourage your child to use unexpected colors and extra designs.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 9

The next coloring page shows a sleigh packed high with a tree and a large gift.

What could be in the box?

Challenge your child to draw another gift on top.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 10

Help the elves get to their favorite Christmas things by tracing each of the lines.

From gifts to gingerbread girls to the North Pole – kids will love connecting these elves.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 11

Symmetry is an important topic for kids to understand – and Christmas time might be the right time to learn it.

If your child is confused about what to do, the best way to teach the concept is to fold the paper in half and trace the tree shape onto the other side of the paper.

Fold and unfold the paper to show your child what symmetry means.

Then let them color and decorate away!

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 12

If the previous activity was too easy, older kids might enjoy this challenge!

Can they make the mirror image of the ornament?

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 13

This printable Christmas activity book would not be complete without this fun conversation starter.

Use this on road trips or at the dinner table to spark a healthy debate about all things Christmas!

Children and adults will have fun picking one thing or another.

Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Reindeer?

Hanging Ornaments or Hanging Stockings?

You might learn something about each other and yourselves!

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 14

I provided a couple of classic Christmas worksheets to this packet for a little winter learning fun!

This one brings a touch of math! 

Provide some scissors and glue and see if your child can solve the pattern puzzle.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 15

This worksheet brings reading and writing together.

Help your child sound out the Christmas words and write them in the appropriate blanks. 

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 16

Here is another opportunity to break out the craft supply box!

Encourage your child to draw and color their perfect ornament with all their favorite things.

If you’re feeling very brave, you could even introduce some glitter for a shiny glass-like effect.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 17

Make sure to have some cotton balls on hand for this one! 

Kids will love coloring their stockings and adding a little 3D fur lining effect with some cotton balls or colored pom poms.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 18

We’ve all had a Christmas gift that’s too big to even ask for – but wouldn’t it be fun to draw it?!

Let your kid dream away by drawing whatever their imagination brings them.

Racecar, motorcycle, a flying unicorn – the sky’s the limit!

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 19

This Christmas activity booklet ends with two dot-to-dot puzzles. 

The first one is from 1-34 and will reveal an adorable winter penguin for your child to color.

Christmas Activity Booklet Printable - 20

The last page features a 1-100 dot-to-dot Santa

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I hope that you and your children really love these free Christmas printables over winter break, in the classroom, or whenever you’re with kids!

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Merry Christmas!

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