Best Free House Coloring Pages: Easy Print!

Looking for some high quality – and free! – house coloring pages?

In this digital era, where screens seem to dominate children’s lives, it’s crucial to find engaging and educational activities that give kids an alternative to screen time.

A great way to spark that screen-free creativity, imagination, and learning is coloring!

And of course, it doesn’t hurt if it’s free with quick access to the internet and a printer!

For homeschoolers and parents alike, house coloring pages in particular, provide an excellent opportunity to combine fun with learning!

In this blog post, you’ll see over a dozen types of houses.  

Kids of all ages will enjoy picking out their favorites and coloring a whole new world in their imagination! 

Grab your crayons, markers, and colored pencils, and let’s get going!

But How Do I Print The Coloring Pages???

I got you covered.

All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of this post. You will find very simple directions to download your printable house sheets in a pdf file. You can be printing them literally in the next few minutes.

The best part is that you don’t need to fork over your email address or any other personal information to get access to them!

Check Out Your Free House Coloring Sheets!

House Coloring Page - 1

The Benefits of Coloring for Kids

Coloring has been a beloved pastime for generations, and it’s no surprise why. For kids, coloring is much more than filling blank spaces with colors; it fosters numerous cognitive and emotional benefits:

  1. Expressive Outlet: Coloring allows children to express their emotions, thoughts, and creativity through art. As they choose colors and work with different strokes, they develop a unique way of expressing themselves.

House Coloring Page - 2

2. Fine Motor Skills: The act of coloring enhances fine motor skills, helping children develop precise hand-eye coordination. The controlled movements required to stay within the lines and color accurately strengthen their hand muscles.

3. Focus and Concentration: Engaging in coloring requires focus and concentration, teaching kids to pay attention to details. This skill becomes invaluable as they progress through their academic journey.

House Coloring Page - 3

4. Color Recognition: Coloring introduces children to different colors and shades, enhancing their color recognition abilities. This early exposure to colors, blends, and shading can lay the foundation for future learning in various subjects.

5. Relaxation: Coloring has a calming effect on kids, reducing stress and anxiety levels. It can serve as a therapeutic activity during challenging times, providing a sense of peace and rest.

House Coloring Page - 4

5. Imagination and Storytelling: These coloring pages depict houses with various elements, encouraging kids to imagine stories around them. This imaginative play promotes cognitive development and nurtures creativity.

House Coloring Page - 5

The Joy of Family Bonding

Coloring not only serve as an educational tool for kids, it also provide an excellent opportunity for family bonding.

Parents can join their kids in coloring sessions, creating a relaxed atmosphere for open conversations and shared experiences.

This bonding time fosters a sense of closeness and security in the homeschool environment, making learning so much more fun!

House Coloring Page - 6

Tips for Using House Coloring Pages Effectively

1. Encourage Creativity: Avoid restricting kids to conventional color schemes; let them explore their imaginations freely. Encourage the use of unconventional colors to add a touch of uniqueness to their artwork.

House Coloring Page - 7

2. Use Quality Materials: Provide children with good-quality coloring materials, such as color pencils, markers, or crayons, for a more satisfying coloring experience. The vibrant colors will help their creations pop right off the page!

3. Display Artwork: Showcase the finished masterpieces on the walls or refrigerator to boost kids’ confidence and make them feel proud of their work. Frequent displays also serve as motivation for more coloring adventures.

House Coloring Page - 8

4. Theme-based Coloring Days: Organize coloring days with specific themes, such as “Fantasy Houses Friday” or “Historical Homes Monday,” to keep the excitement alive for your little girl or little boy. The anticipation of each themed day will make coloring sessions all the more exciting.

House Coloring Page - 9

Creative Ways to Incorporate House Coloring Pages in Homeschooling

1. Social Studies: Point out how these coloring pages look a lot like things we might see in America. But what might a home in Japan look like? What about Mongolia? Spend some time looking at homes from different places around the world!

2. Language Arts: Encourage storytelling and creative writing exercises based on the houses depicted in the coloring pages. Let the kids weave tales about the residents of each house and their adventures.

House Coloring Page - 10

3. Science: Explore the concepts of architecture, engineering, and construction by discussing the different types of materials used to build houses. Engage children in conversations about how different environments influence architectural styles.

4. Geography: Incorporate maps and globes to show the location of the various houses you looked up earlier, making it a fun geography lesson. Children can learn about different countries and continents while coloring.

House Coloring Page - 11

5. DIY Crafts: After coloring, encourage kids to cut out their finished house images and create 3D models with legos or a shoe box. This hands-on activity brings their artwork to life!

House Coloring Page - 12

More Coloring Tips!

1. Have your student try different color combinations: Encourage the student to try wild, bright colors that wouldn’t be expected. Why not make a green house with white polk dots? Tell them to color their fantasy house!

2. Draw their own house: Tell the student to attempt to draw a coloring page that looks like their house. Sit outside with them and point out simple lines and shapes that make up your home.

House Coloring Page - 13

3. Draw your dream house: With all this house coloring inspiration, ask the student to think about what their ideal house would be.

Would it be a little cottage in the woods with a thatched roof, a gingerbread house with candy canes as the front door, a creepy haunted house like a Hogwarts house, a tree house in the jungle with lots of windows, a white house with a picket fence and a giant dog house in the backyard, or a small house by a large ocean?

Let them decide!

4. Seasonal fun: As an added activity, tell the student that the house-themed coloring sheets should match a certain season.

How should they color it in the fall? With lots of colorful trees and bushes? In summer will there be a blue sky and lots of flowers?

In winter, will there be a Christmas tree in the living room and snow on the roof? In spring will there be lots of green and bees buzzing around?

House Coloring Page - 14

Why Are There So Many To Choose From?

Some children love fantasy, but many kids love to draw or color things that are close to home. 

Many of these homes are similar American-style homes, so hopefully they can find a house that looks the most like their own!

House Coloring Page - 15

Click Here to Download Your House Coloring Book!

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Click the above text link/image link to get access to your free printable coloring page packet! No need to give your email list or other personal information.

Terms of Use: These resources are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. See the Privacy Policy for more information. Thank you!

These free houses coloring printables are a fun way for homeschoolers and parents to integrate creativity and learning into their children’s coloring activities.

As kids immerse themselves in coloring houses of all shapes, sizes, and styles, they develop valuable skills, improve focus, and, most importantly, have fun!

So, embrace your coloring supplies, and watch as your little artists bring vibrant worlds to life with their colorful imagination and artistic flair.

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