Free & Fun Letter P Tracing Worksheets: Easy Print!

Looking for some letter P tracing worksheets to give your young learner some extra practice?

The letter p is definitely one of the most challenging of the English letters.


Because it looks a whole lot like a /g/, /q/, /b/, and /d/.

Young children have their heads spinning at this age trying to remember which way all these letters are supposed to go.

I know that with my own children, it took a lot more time and effort to nail down this rather difficult letter of the alphabet.

The best thing you can do is provide lots of practice, encouragement, and patience. 

And the below letter p worksheets are a great way to get in tons of practice in a fun way!

Check Out Your Letter P Tracing Worksheets!P Tracing Worksheet 1

This first practice sheet has lots of different activities for your kindergarten students!

First, use the numbered dots and dashed lines on the bubble letters to practice the correct letter formation for letter p. 

Have the child move on to tracing the uppercase letters and lowercase letters. Make sure they take their time and do their best work. 

Last, have your student color the letter p pictures: peacock, popcorn, pizza, pencil, and penguin.

P Tracing Worksheet 2

This printable alphabet sheet gives your child the chance to trace capital letter p and lowercase p together.

And who doesn’t want to color those fun pirates?!

At the bottom of the sheet, the child can also trace the word pirate. 

While the child is tracing, you might ask them what they think is in that pirate treasure chest.

P Tracing Worksheet 3

This smiling pig will definitely catch the eye of little kids!

Enjoy tracing the big and small letter p

At the bottom of the page, you child can work on sounding out and tracing the CVC words: pat, pet, and pig. 

P Tracing Worksheet 4

This is a simple sheet that is perfect for a young student learning about letter P.

There are only 2 short handwriting lines with letter Pp to trace.

Tell the student to take his time and trace the letter in the correct order.

Always draw the “stick” first, and then add the “bump.” If he gets this muscle memory down, it will greatly help them in the future with getting the letter to face the correct way.

End the activity by tracing the p words and coloring pictures. Ask your student if they can think of another animal that start with P.

How about p-p-polar bears?!

P Tracing Worksheet 5

You can’t talk about the letter P without talking about having a p-p-party!

While your child is tracing the lowercase and the upper case letter /p/, have them practice the letter sounds.

What does the letter p say?

What words can you think of that start with that sound?

End the worksheet with tracing the silly letter P alliteration sentence. If there is time, have the child draw her own picture of a pug at a party on the other side of the worksheet.

P Tracing Worksheet 6

This sheet might be a challenge to your child’s fine motor skills.

Feel free to have your kids work on it in short sessions. There is no need to finish it all at once. 

You could also slide this into a ring binder and save it for future review.

Once the tracing and writing is over, kids will love working on their letter recognition skills at the bottom of the sheet! Give the child a purple or pink crayon to color in all the letter P bubbles.

P Tracing Worksheet 7

Tell your child that you will ask them a riddle-type question after they finish each line of writing. 

I’m thinking of a bird that can’t fly, but can swim…penguin!

I’m thinking of a white bear with black skin…polar bear!

I’m thinking of a food that people blow up before they will eat it…popcorn!

That will help their little hands power through and get excited about tracing.

P Tracing Worksheet 8

This letter p worksheet features a p-p-pretty princess!

Have your student continue to practice tracing the letter P, carefully following the dashed lines. Use the guide letters at the top if your student is still struggling to trace the lines correctly.

At the bottom of the page, have your student trace more P-words and color the corresponding images. 

To complete the activity, consider setting up some makeshift bowling p-p-pins for for a quick game.

P Tracing Worksheet 9

This worksheet is perfect for the student who feels confident with writing the letter /p/.

Have the student trace the first letter and then allow him to write 4-5 letters on the following rows.

The bottom of the sheet fits in some letter sound recognition. Your child should color pencil, penguin, plant, pig, and pen. 

P Tracing Worksheet 10

This last printable is perfect for wrapping up your work on letter P!

Have your trace the large dashed Pp at the top of the page. Then ask your child if they recognize the animal – p-p-platypus!

Have the student write several letters on each line – quality over quantity.

Complete the sheet by tracing and coloring the pelican and piano. 

Click Here To Download Your Free Letter P Tracing Worksheet Packet!

Letter P Tracing Worksheets Pin

Click the above text or image link to grab the pdf file for your free printable worksheets. Terms of Use: These sheets are only for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never to be used for commercial purposes.

I hope you and your young learner have enjoyed adding these printable activities to your letter of the week curriculum!

Letter tracing worksheets are wonderful practice for students at home, in the classroom, learning a second language, or even in occupational therapy. 

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