Perfect 12 x 12 Multiplication Chart Printables & Worksheets

 Looking for the perfect 12 x 12 multiplication chart printable?

As a homeschooling parent, I know just how important it is to find effective and engaging tools to help our kids grasp essential math skills.

And let me tell you, the below printable charts are a true gem!

Whether you’re just starting your homeschooling journey or looking to reinforce multiplication fluency, these charts will be your steadfast companions. 

There are several different versions to meet your color and printer needs. And I even provided some blank ones and worksheets to reinforce the concepts you’re working on!

You will find very simple directions at the bottom of this post to download and print them today!

No need to wait for an email or dig through your spam folder. I know you’ve got more important things to do!

Best Ways To Use Times Table Charts

12 x 12 Multiplication Chart Printable Pin

When it comes to utilizing a 12 x 12 multiplication chart in your homeschooling journey, the possibilities are endless! Here are some of the best ways to make the most of this fantastic tool:

1. Introduction to Multiplication: For beginners just starting their multiplication journey, the 12 x 12 chart serves as an excellent introduction. Display it prominently in your homeschooling space and use it to explain the concept of multiplication, showcasing the relationship and patterns between numbers and their products.

2. Visual Reference: Hang the chart on the wall or keep a laminated copy handy during math lessons. It serves as a valuable quick reference that children can glance at whenever they need a reminder of multiplication facts. This promotes independent learning and boosts their confidence.

3. Fact Practice: Encourage your child to use the multiplication chart as a reference while practicing multiplication facts. Start with simple equations, and as they become more proficient, gradually move towards more challenging ones. The chart will help them build a solid foundation and improve their recall speed.

4. Skip Counting: The 12 x 12 chart is an excellent tool for teaching skip counting. Guide your child to identify patterns as they move vertically and horizontally across the chart. By skip counting, they’ll reinforce their understanding of multiplication and develop a strong number sense.

5. Multiplication Games: Turn learning into a fun-filled activity by incorporating multiplication games with the chart. Create “Find the Product” challenges or play “Multiplication Bingo” using numbers from the chart. These engaging games will make learning feel like playtime and enhance your child’s mathematical skills.

6. Tracking Progress: Use the chart to track your child’s progress in mastering multiplication facts. Have them color or circle the facts they have learned, and gradually watch as the chart fills up. Celebrate their achievements and motivate them to keep going.

Remember, the key is to make learning enjoyable and tailored to your child’s individual needs. By incorporating the 12 x 12 multiplication chart into your homeschooling routine, you’ll provide a valuable resource that fosters understanding, confidence, and a love for mathematics. 

Check Out Your Free Printable Multiplication Charts and Worksheets!

12 x 12 Multiplication Chart Printable 1

This first 12 x 12 free multiplication chart is such a colorful tool for kids learning their math facts!

Here is an easy way to teach your child to use it.

Ask your 3rd grade student to help you solve one of the more difficult multiplication problems – 6 x 8. 

Tell the child to place their finger on the first number (or the 6th row) on the side of the chart. Have them place another finger on the second number (or the 8th column) at the top of the chart.

The student will then follow the row and column they are touching until they meet – showing the correct answer of 48!

Show the student that they can even switch up their fingers – 8 on the side and 6 on the top – and still get the same answer of 48. 

This reinforces the commutative property of multiplication! Challenge your student to find more answers and ensure they can use the multiplication table chart correctly.

12 x 12 Multiplication Charts Printable 2

So maybe you really like the color multiplication chart above, but your printer is not having it.

This chart is a step down from bright rainbow colors, but it still has a little bit of color to help your third grade student find the rows and columns correctly.

You could really make this chart your own by having your student add in their own colors, using some light-colored pencils or crayons.

Consider printing it on card stock to make it a little more sturdy for little hands. But for best results, you can print it on regular copy paper and laminate it or slide it into a sheet protector. 

Once the chart is covered in plastic, your student can use dry-erase markers to find where the columns and rows meet for their answers!

12 x 12 Multiplication Charts Printable 3

This printable multiplication table chart is the most printer-friendly since it is almost completely black and white.

Again, your children can always color it in themselves.

As they are learning multiplication facts, you could have them color in each row/column to reflect student progress!

That would be a great way to motivate them to keep going as they approach more difficult math problems.

Bonus Multiplication Worksheets!

12 x 12 Multiplication Charts - 3

I threw in some extra math worksheets to help you get the most out of the printables.

This blank multiplication chart may look a bit daunting to your kid, but they might be surprised to discover that they can fill in many of the boxes!

Have them start with the easiest multiplication tables they know. That will most likely be the 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, and 11s. Filling those in will complete over 40% of the chart!

From there, have the child move on to other facts they know. Have them take it one row or column at a time. 

If they can’t fill it all in today, let the child grab a filled-in chart for a quick and easy reference.

As an alternative, you could print several of these out and use them as bingo sheets! Call out facts until someone has a straight or a diagonal row filled in.

12 x 12 Multiplication Chart Worksheet 1

If you think a completely blank chart might be too much to start with, offer your child this mostly blank multiplication table to fill in.

Having some of the squares filled in already might help them to relax a little and feel more confident. 

Again, help the student focus on one row or column at a time. If your student needs some help or encouragement, remind them of the patterns in the table or other memory strategies you have worked on.

If the student isn’t able to finish, that’s okay!

Continue to work on their multiplication skills and come back to this sheet in a couple of weeks to see how much further they’ve progressed.

Multiplication Worksheet With Hidden Picture

This is definitely a different multiplication table!

Well, this chart is actually a puzzle that the student must crack to reveal a hidden picture. 

This sheet was specifically designed to reinforce the patterns in the times tables.

For example, your student might say, “15 x 1? I don’t know any 15 facts!” You can gently remind the student what they already know about the x 1 facts.

Once your student has filled in their answers and colored the tiles, it should reveal a spring flower.

Multiplication Worksheet With Hidden Picture Answer Key

This answer key just gives you an idea of what the finished product should look like. 

You can use it to grade quickly, or you can give it to the student so they can correct their own work. 

Do You Need More Multiplication Printables?

Are you thinking your child needs some more multiplication practice?

Check out the below free worksheets! You can easily slide them into your lesson plans for fun, easy review.

Multiplication Color by Number Sheets

Math Crossword Puzzles

4 Times Table Worksheets

5 Times Table Worksheets

Click Here to Download Your 12 x 12 Multiplication Chart Printables and Worksheets!

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Terms of Use: These free printables are for home school, co-op, classroom, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use.

I hope you and your student really enjoy using these charts!

They can be so fun and almost magical for some kids to use as they work through their math lessons. 

Some kids are going to fly right through filling out the blank charts. The patterns will make sense to them and the numbers will just come together.

Other kids are going to struggle and take longer to master it.

Remember that multiplication is absolutely an everyday life skill that they need to conquer in primary school, but their future success will depend on your encouragement and lots of regular practice.

The best tip I can give you is to find fun ways to work with them, help them, and encourage them!

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