Simple and Easy Fall Craft for Kids!

Looking for a fun fall craft to do with your kids this year?

But secretly cringing at the thought of messy paint, glue, glitter, and random supplies needed that will require an Amazon search?

And once everything arrives, your kid decides to make the craft the way SHE wants to make it…which is not really the plan or the adorable Facebook picture you were hoping for?

And it all ends in a big mess with tears (yours are internal) as you do more than half the craft for your kid in order to salvage whatever is left.

And then the kid skips off to something else and you are left with a wall to wall mess.

That was just a random example. Not sure how it came to mind actually.

Anyhow, I can be rather reluctant when it comes to doing crafts with my kids…but I have 3 girls who LOVE crafts.

On top of that, I am a HOMESCHOOLING mom with 3 girls who love to craft. 

Inspite of all that, I find myself blogging about this fall craft because it is sooooooo easy for kids (and moms!) to do!

We have done this craft for 3 years now and my kids still flip out for it every time!

This super easy and fun fall craft is a staple in our house every year. My kids all love to take autumn leaves and make their own art, books, and even cute cards! You won't believe how simple and fun it is for kids of all ages!

Why You Will Love This Easy Fall Craft for Your Kids

  • No Glue
  • No Glitter
  • No Paint
  • No scissors
  • No super weird supplies required
  • All ages love it
  • The results are always breathtaking!

Do I have your attention? Prepare to be amazed!

Easy Fall Craft for Kids: How to do a Leaf Rub

1.Take your kids outside to gather leaves

Kids collecting leaves for fall craft

I gave my kids (ages 8, 5, and 3) each a bag and told them we were going on a “leaf hunt.” They loved it!

We also joked that they were trick or treating for leaves. Ha!

Don’t miss the chance to take adorable pictures of your kids here. It is so sweet to see them suddenly noticing all the many leaves around them.

2. Assemble other supplies

When you get home, you will only need plain white paper and crayons with the paper removed.

Optional: An older child might like some googly eyes to glue on. More about that later!

3. Flip a leaf upside down (so you are looking at the backside of the leaf) on a table and put a piece of paper on top of the leaf.

4. Gently, but firmly roll a crayon over the leaf.

Homeschooler beginning a fall leaf craft with paper and crayons

5. Enjoy the delight of your kids!

Finished Fall Leaf Craft with Maple Leaf

Your kids are going to be blown away! For such a simple task, you really get amazing, detailed results!

***Pro Tip: With younger kids, help them roll the crayon initially. Show them how hard to push so that the outline of the leaf comes through, but the crayon doesn’t break. It also helps to hold the paper for them, so the leaf doesn’t move around and mess up the picture.

That’s It!

This easy fall craft got your kids out exploring in their neighborhood, interested in nature, making first-class art they can be proud of…and minimal prep/clean up for you!

Put your feet up and have some chocolate because you have killed it today as a mom!

If you want to be an overachiever…

My older child (8 years old)  had lots of fun ideas to take this craft to the next level.

Don’t worry, still minimal supplies/mess for you!

1. You can use several leaves and make a “leaf animal” like this one by just adding some googly eyes. We got ours at Dollar Tree, or feel free to draw them on! She also added bling with some stick-on jewels.

Finished Fall Leaf Craft Activity

2. Fold a piece of white paper in half and make a fall card to send to family or friends.

Cute fall leaf craft cards

3. Fold 2 pieces of white paper in half and staple them to make a small book. Put different leaves on each page. Bonus points if you can write the name of each leaf on the pages!

Fall Leaf craft book with leaf rubs

So pretty! My daughter was so excited you could put leaves on each page.

Open fall leaf craft book with many leaf rubs

Well that’s it! That’s how to make the easiest fall craft for kids!

Trust me, if you struggle with crafts – you can still do a leaf rub with your kids and look like mom of the year!

Enjoying making beautiful fall art together!

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