15+ Super Fun Cutting Worksheets for Kindergarteners: Free & Easy Print

The Simple Homeschooler

Are you looking for some super fun cutting practice worksheets for your kindergarten students?

I know it seems that kids only want to play with scissors when you don’t want them to. And when you do want them to cut out simple shapes or something, their hand strength seems to suddenly be zapped.

It seems there is a lot riding on this one skill, but don’t stress – your child will get lots of practice with the free printable cutting activities!

Children only need to cut a straight line from the bottom of the page to the stop signs. Tell them to do their best to follow the dotted lines, but it’s okay if they veer off a bit.

If your child needs extra practice with straight lines, they might enjoy following these colored lines to a crayon!

This printable introduces curvy lines. Tell your child to work on making smooth cuts as they work their way up to the stop sign.

This practice activity continues to include straight lines but also introduces zig-zag lines.

This worksheet will have kids cutting toward toys. Ask them while they’re cutting which of these toys is their favorite and why.

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