40+ Instant Download Picture Writing Prompts for Kids!

The Simple Homeschooler

Putting different picture prompts in front of younger students is such a great way to get their minds rolling!

The visual image makes it much easier for them to form a writing idea that blossoms into a solid short story or narrative writing assignment.

I have put together a wide variety of images that would work for elementary, middle school students, and even high school students.

Desert Survival

An exhausted pair struggle through the brutal desert, desperate to survive.

Elephant Tight Rope Walker

This famous circus performing elephant is the best tight rope walker in the world, but her trainer is unkind.

Magic Forest Tunnel

A mysterious tunnel magically opens up in front of you and your friends. Do you walk through it?

Gorilla In The Jungle

What did this gorilla suddenly see? How does he feel about it? What will he do?

Hot Air Balloon Escape

The only way to cross the rocky, dangerous land is by hot air balloon. But you are running out of fuel fast and falling behind.

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