All The Printable Place Value Charts You’ll Ever Need

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Need a printable place value chart for your students?

Using these resources will help kids develop number sense as they are able to better visualize the abstract concepts of a large number like 4,534, as well as decimal numbers like 1.32.

In this post, you will find 6 charts that cover the concepts of two-digit numbers, three-digit numbers, four-digit numbers, one decimal place, and two decimal places.

Tens Place Value Chart

This first chart is for 2-digit numbers and includes space for the tens place and ones place.

Hundreds Place Value Chart

This second chart will help your student understand, build, and write numbers to the hundreds place.

Thousands Place Value Chart

Initially, these may feel like gigantic numbers, but students will quickly see that it is just one more step in the number system.

Thousands Place Value Chart With Manipulative Image

This is another thousands chart. Its purpose is to help kids remember and visualize which place value manipulative goes in which column.

Decimal Chart To the Tenths Place

Tell the student that the decimal point serves to separate whole numbers from pieces of (or fractions of) the number one.

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