Best 5 Senses Coloring Pages: Free & Easy Print!

The Simple Homeschooler

Looking for some 5 senses coloring pages for your students while you study the human body?

This printable packet is just the thing for kids of all ages to dive into the human senses! You will find a cover page for your coloring book, an introduction to the senses, and individual coloring pages for each sense.

No matter what age bracket you’re working with – little kids to first grade students to upper elementary – you can have a lot of fun teaching about the five senses!

Sense Of Taste

For a memorable, fun activity, I would highly recommend doing the classic blindfolded taste test. See if your child can identify a variety of foods by taste alone.

Sense Of Smell

This sense can also be explored with a fun blindfold style test. You could use any variety of smelly things you have around the house: soaps, lotions, essential oils, seasonings, etc.

Sense Of Touch

Provide several different items for your child with varying textures. Have them describe what each item feels like.

Sense Of Hearing

Tell one student to give another student a message…but they can’t use talking or any noise to give the message. Show the child how much we rely on hearing to communicate quickly and easily.

Sense of Sight

Blindfold your student and coach them through a simple task, such as making a PBJ sandwich. There will probably be lots of laughs as they attempt to do a simple thing without vision.

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