Best Printable Christmas Ornaments: Free & Beautiful!

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Looking for a festive free printable Christmas ornament to add to your tree this year?

My own three kids love picking out new ornaments every year, but the most special ornaments have been the ones we made at home! We have made salt dough ornaments several times in the past, but I know that can be way too time-consuming, labor-intensive, and messy for many parents.

If that sounds like you, then these DIY Christmas ornaments are the perfect alternative for a cute Christmas craft!

Why You Need Paper Christmas Ornaments On Your Tree This Year

- Printable Ornaments are    Inexpensive - A Free Ornament Template    Makes It Easy

How To Use These Free Printable Ornament Templates

Pick Your Ornaments

Encourage your child to pick 1-3 ornaments to put their best effort into. They can choose any ornament shape, design, or even a blank one!

Sign The Back

Definitely have your kid write their initials in a small area with the year. It will make it so much more special when you pull the ornament out of storage in years to come!

Add Your Own Ornament Hook

Don’t want to hang it on the tree? Consider buying small wooden frames from Dollar Tree to frame your own printable Christmas ornaments!

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