Festive Free Christmas Activity Booklet Printable

The Simple Homeschooler

As the snowflakes dance and the scent of freshly baked cookies fills the air, it can only mean one thing – the enchanting holiday season is here!

And this Christmas activity book is just the thing to kick off the season with your kids. 20 individual pages packed with Christmas printables for young children and older kids too!

From jolly coloring adventures to brain-teasing puzzles that even Santa’s elves would love, this booklet is a treasure trove of yuletide fun for the whole family.

This cover page is adorned with snowflakes, a Christmas tree, and a space for your child to write their name.

The first puzzle you’ll find is a word search with 12 common Christmas words.

Encourage your child to write a handful of toys they would most like for Christmas. You can also urge them to write questions they want to now.

Uh-oh! Santa has gotten a little turned around. Can your kid lead Santa through this maze to get to the right Christmas tree?

Kids often want to decorate the tree, but parents can sometimes overly supervise to make sure ornaments go “where they should.”

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