Gratitude in Action: Free I Am Thankful Worksheets For Kids

The Simple Homeschooler

Are you looking for a thankful worksheet packet this Thanksgiving season?

This is definitely the time of the year for kids of all ages to start really focusing on what they are thankful for!

These worksheets are full of effective ways for kids to express their thankfulness – while having a lot of fun!

Tell the student to write 3-4 sentences about what they’re thankful for, why they’re thankful, and then draw a picture in the box.

Your child can color those things and then fill out the lines in the center of the pages with the things she is thankful for.

Say hello to the thankful turkey! This lovable guy is not for Thanksgiving dinner. He’s going to give your child a fun way to write down all the things he is thankful for.

Tell the student to trace the letters, “I am thankful for.” Then help your child finish the sentence while assisting as needed.

This is a fun activity for kids around fourth grade or even older children. If the students don’t already know what an acrostic-style poem is, be sure to explain the concept and give some examples.

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