How to Plan a Salt Dough Ornament Exchange Christmas Party

The Simple Homeschooler

Are you tired of the same ol’ Christmas party ideas?

Looking for something new, different, creative, unique…and a little frugal? I promise you that I have something you haven’t seen or heard of before!

A Salt Dough Ornament Exchange Party is a sure way to bring people together for a memorable, fun, and fresh Christmas party!

Gather Your Salt Dough Ornament Supplies

Preparing the salt dough ornaments is the biggest part of the party prep, but thankfully it can be done far in advance. No last minute prep required!

Make your Salt Dough Ornaments

Mix flour, salt and water in a bowl until well combined. Turn the flour out onto a floured working surface and work the dough until no longer sticky. Roll your dough out with a rolling pin so that is smooth and approximately 1/4 inch thick.

Gather Supplies For Your Guests

Make sure to have all of these on hand: - Paint - Paint Brushes - Paint Pallets

Plan Food

The age of your party guests will likely drive what you serve, but here are some simple ideas to get you thinking: – Assorted cheeses and crackers – Mixed nuts – Dried fruit tray

Don’t Forget Christmas Music!

The right music will be the perfect backdrop to your creative party and get everyone in the mood for Christmas cheer!

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