How to Test Reading Level Online: The Ultimate Guide

The Simple Homeschooler

I had a first grader who had completed her phonics curriculum, but wasn’t really interested in chapter books.

As a frazzled, first-time homeschooler, I wanted to test her reading level to see if she needed more reading instruction, more practice, or if she was right where she needed to be.

Here are 4 Tips for Getting the Best Results When You Test Reading Level.

Take the Reading Test Yourself

Make sure you know how to administer the test and confirm that the reading assessment is a good fit for your kid.

Administer the Reading Test at the Best Time

Ensure your kid has plenty of energy, isn’t hungry, and is in a comfortable environment with minimal distractions.

Prep Your Kid Mentally

Do not put the pressure on them that this test evaluating them.

Do Not Share Their Results with Them

When the reading level test is complete, tell them they did well and that you are happy with their effort.

3 Free Ways to Test Reading Level Online!

- MacMillian Reading Level Test - San Diego Quick Assessment - Pioneer Valley Reading Test

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