Mastery VS Spiral Math: The Only Way To Choose

The Simple Homeschooler

Upfront, I am going to be honest and say that I am biased when it comes to mastery vs spiral math.

Most of those thoughts live in the Reviews Tab of this blog, but today is not about reviewing any particular curriculum. It is about understanding how math curriculum is actually structured.

The large majority of homeschool curriculum out there teaches math in two different ways: mastery math or spiral math.

Why You Need To Understand The Difference

Depending on how your kid’s brain works, math will be one of the most challenging things that you teach.

Mastery Approach: Laser Beam Focus

The student is introduced to a new concept and will continue to work on it until they have completely mastered it.

Pros of Math Mastery Approach

- The child is able to truly focus    in on one concept and learn it    well. - The child is encouraged to    work and learn at their own    pace.

Spiral Program: Round and Round

A spiral program gets its name from the wire in a spiral notebook looping back around over and over again.

Pros of Spiral Math Approach

– Small, incremental steps    towards understanding math. – New, fresh lesson every day.

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