Perfect Printable Base Ten Blocks: Up To Thousands!

The Simple Homeschooler

I am so excited to bring my readers these printable base ten blocks! I actually own a rather large box of physical base ten blocks.

I pull the block manipulatives out constantly to talk to my kids about math skills like number recognition, number sequence, place value, skip counting, adding, subtracting, and much more.

These manipulatives are perfect for 1st grade, 2nd grade, and even 3rd grade math concepts that can feel overwhelming to some children.

This first sheet provides you with a beautiful set of bright blue “10 sticks.” That is essentially 10 individual blocks that have been stuck together to make one easy-to-grab 10 stick.

Your kid may love coloring these blocks in an array of colors. They could color them in their favorite color or all different colors.

With the hundred block, your child will be able to start making 3-digit numbers. They are meant to be in the hundreds place on their place value chart.

If the child does want to color, encourage him to color the ones, tens, and hundreds blocks in different colors – so they are easily identified in their different places.

Lastly, here is a large thousand block to help your child move on to 4-digit numbers on their place value chart. It contains 10 hundred-blocks and should resemble a cube.

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