Simple and Easy Fall Craft for Kids!

The Simple Homeschooler

Looking for a fun fall craft to do with your kids this year? But secretly cringing at the thought of messy paint, glue, glitter, and random supplies needed that will require an Amazon search?

And once everything arrives, your kid decides to make the craft the way SHE wants to make it…which is not really the plan or the adorable Facebook picture you were hoping for?

Inspite of all that, I find myself blogging about this fall craft because it is sooooooo easy for kids (and moms!) to do!

Take your kids outside to gather leaves.

Assemble other supplies.

Flip a leaf upside down (so you are looking at the backside of the leaf) on a table and put a piece of paper on top of the leaf. Gently, but firmly roll a crayon over the leaf.

Enjoy the delight of your kids!

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