The Crucial Key to Teaching Kids to Tell Time

The Simple Homeschooler

Struggling to teach your kid how to tell time with an analog clock? Been there!

Many parents will quickly find out though that learning to tell time can be tricky and is definitely a perishable skill.

I was very blessed to stumble onto some excellent advice during my first year of homeschooling, so I am happy to pass it along to you!

3 Steps to Do BEFORE Teaching Your Child to Tell Time

- Count to 60 by ones. - Count by 5s. - A Basic Understanding of    Fractions.

Why Teaching Time in This Way Does Not Work

The huge disconnect that your child is having during this process is that the focus is ALL on the minute hand.

The Easy Way to Teach Your Child to Tell Time

From the very beginning, use a color-coded clock to teach your child to tell time.

Color-Coded Clocks for Teaching Kids to Tell Time

- Teacher’s Choice Writable Dry    Erase Learning Clock - Clocktopus Learning Clock

More Tips for Teaching Kids to Tell Time

- Cover Your Digital Clocks - Buy an Analog Clock - Get an Analog Watch for Your    Kid

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