The Saxon Math Review You Don’t Want To Read

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Why wouldn’t you want to read this Saxon Math review?

This review might not help you make a decision to start using the curriculum or stop using it – depending on why you are here. And it may confuse you even more than you already are.

So I’m going to write this review in a very detailed way that explains everything you need to know about Saxon, in the hopes that it resonates with you and helps you make the best decision for your home school.

Overview of the Saxon Math Program

It was created by John Saxon and Stephen Hake in the 1980s. The program is widely sold to private schools and homeschool families.

What Homeschool Moms Say About Saxon Math

It is always respected as being a thorough, solid, outstanding math curriculum. But it is also described as dry, boring, overwhelming, time intensive, and the key to making your kid hate math.

Exactly How Saxon Math Lessons Work

Here is everything they expect you to do. 1. Drills and Warm-Up 2. Lesson and Lesson Practice 3. Mixed Practice 4. Investigations and Tests

How I Adjusted Saxon to Work For Our Homeschool

I talked to another mom who has used Saxon with all her kids for years and she gave me some pretty great advice.

What I Don’t Like About Saxon

1. Saxon Does Not Have A Main Website 2. Could The Placement Test Be More Confusing? 3. The Order Of The Books Is Bizarre

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