Ultimate Homeschooler Christmas Gift Guide

The Simple Homeschooler

Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for the homeschooler in your life?

I have been homeschooling for going on 6 years with three kids, so I have the inside track on what these kids need and want. And more importantly, I know what their parents will be thrilled that they received!

The Christmas gift ideas you will find here walk the balance of supporting the homeschool life and being super fun for kids!

Bean Bag Chair

A beanbag chair is such a classic, fun gift for kids – no matter what decade it is.


Instead of sitting on the couch all the time, tell them to get out and make their own movies! Handheld camcorders are very affordable and can be a blast for kids!

Science Kits

A cool science kit is an easy Christmas gift win for just about any homeschooler.

Dance Mat

42 games are already downloaded and ready to go – sports games, running games, dance games, exercise games, active math fact games, and even some old school Mario games.

Beginner Microscope

A microscope is a wonderful way to magnify (pun intended!) your homeschooler’s curiosity about the world around them.

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