Very Best Times Table Test Printables: Individual and Mixed Quizzes!

The Simple Homeschooler

Are you looking for the perfect times tables test printable? Have no fear!

This post contains a quick multiplication facts quiz for the times tables 2-12 and three mixed tables quizzes!

The easiest multiplication tables all the way to the elusive 12 times table. And some mixed all together!

Here you have an example of what the 2 Times Table practice sheet looks like.

A great way to improve your child’s scores is to have them circle each problem they missed. Then have them write the correct answer in marker over the answer they originally wrote.

You may notice that I also didn’t include the x11 or x12 facts in any of these tests – well, not until the student begins the x11 and x12 table quizzes.

One of the best ways to help children become fluent in multiplication facts is to work on speed drills.

These kids will learn to have instant recall by continued practice and other fun ways of memorizing.

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