Free Transportation Worksheets That Will Take You Away!

Are you ready to rev up your little kids learning with some free transportation worksheets?

Whether your little ones are obsessed with trains, crazy about toy cars, or fascinated by airplanes, these worksheets will have them buzzing with excitement. And let me tell you, they’re not your typical boring worksheets!

We’ve put together a collection that will take your kids on an interactive journey through different modes of transportation. But here’s the best part – while they’re having a blast, they’ll also be developing important skills along the way.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and educational way to spark your child’s curiosity about the world of transportation, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to hit the road (or the rails, or the skies!) and embark on a learning adventure like no other.

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Grab Your Tickets And Pop On Board – Let’s Get Started With These Amazing Free Printable Transportation Worksheets!

Transportation Worksheet - 1

This first sheet is the cover page for the transportation theme packet. 

While your child is coloring it, ask him to identify the different vehicles. Does he know all of the names?

Use this time to introduce a little transportation vocabulary.

Ask them what a vehicle is. Can they define it? 

They might say something along the lines of a car, or a similar response. Explain to the student that a vehicle is anything that transports people or things. 

So that can be a lot of things! Tell them that we will learn more about transportation vehicles this week!

Transportation Worksheet - 2

Transportation Worksheet - 3

This next set of free printables will have your student doing a couple of things. 

First, to work on literacy skills, the student will trace the names of each of the vehicles. Then they will match each word to the correct picture. 

Lastly, the student can color each of the items. 

As an extra fun activity, ask the student if they can identify which of them are motor vehicles and which are not. 

They should identify the scooter, bike, and sailboat as not being motor vehicles (although some electric scooters do have engines that transport people). A bike and scooter are self-propelled vehicles, and the wind propels a sailboat. 

Can they think of another mode of transportation that’s not a motor vehicle? (i.e. stroller, hot air balloon, row boat)

Transportation Worksheet - 4

Get your scissors and glue sticks out!

This fun worksheet will challenge your student’s knowledge of different sorts of vehicles and sharpen their fine motor skills.

Tell the student to (or help them if they need it) to cut out each of the vehicles at the bottom of the page.

Hold up each of them and ask your child whether they think it is land transportation, air transportation, or water transportation.

Once they have all the pictures in the correct columns, have the student glue them down.

Transportation Worksheet - 5

This worksheet is a great way to teach your child several different things.

First, you can show them how to read and use the key at the bottom of the printable.

If the student doesn’t know their color words, you can color the road, clouds, and water with the appropriate colors.

Lastly, have the student color each of the items the appropriate color based on the key. 

Make sure they only have the three colors available to them – green, yellow, and blue – to keep them from becoming distracted and grabbing an inappropriate color. 

Lastly, ask the child if there are any other land transport vehicles they can think of that they haven’t seen or colored yet. To get them started, you might mention a dump truck, garbage truck, fire engine, ambulance, etc. 

Transportation Worksheet - 6

Your first grade or second grade student may fly through this quickly, but kindergarten kids or preschoolers may not be so confident about the answers.

Go through each row with the child and identify each of the transportation pictures. 

Ask them which one moves the slowest, which might help them narrow the fastest one down to two options. 

If the student genuinely doesn’t know, take it as a learning opportunity and look up the top speeds of a rocket, bus, sailboat, or whatever they’re confused about.

You might both learn a few new things!

Lastly, have the student draw themselves on their favorite transportation vehicle. Ask them where they would like to go on it!

Transportation Worksheet - 7

This is a fun way to bring the transportation theme into your math lesson plans!

Have your student look at the first pattern and see if they can guess which should come next – the sailboat or the balloon.

When the student says “boat,” have them cut out the boat at the bottom of the page and glue it to the correct space.

Continue through the rest of the worksheet in the same way, offering help when needed.

Transportation Worksheet - 8

This is actually my favorite of the transport worksheets and one that I think your child will love!

You can cut out the vehicles in the left-hand column, or you can allow your child to do it. Then ask the student to place each picture where they think it belongs.

If you want to have some fun with them, take the pictures and put them in the wrong place. For example, place the ship in the sky or the airplane on the road. 

Let your child giggle and move the vehicles to their correct place.

Transportation Worksheet - 9

Here is another fun one!

Have your student use a pencil to help the boy find his way back home. 

Ask him what kind of vehicle might have gotten him there faster.

Transportation Worksheet - 10

Here are some more literacy activities for your transportation unit!

Have the student identify the pictures in the left column (boat, car, helicopter, bus, airplane, and sub). 

Tell the child to circle the lowercase letters that each picture starts with.

Transportation Worksheet - 11

This is the last worksheet in this huge packet of transportation fun!

Help your student find and write the missing letters for each image.

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Thank you and happy teaching!

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