Precise 1 Inch Graph Paper Templates: Free & Printable

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Looking for some free printable graph paper?

As a homeschool parent, I know it is a giant pain to realize that you need graph paper for a math worksheet or other assignment today. And regular notebook paper won’t cut it.

Just the other day my 6th grade daughter needed graph paper to practice plotting points.

I had no time to go to the store, and I wasn’t entirely sure what store would have the type of graph paper that I needed.

And of course, I only need a single page, but the store would only sell me an entire notebook.

Lucky for me (and you!), I can print my own graph paper!

Keep reading to find out about the following 1 inch grid paper template set – and bonus templates!

At the bottom of this post you will find simple directions to download and print the pdf files.

What Is 1-Inch Graph Paper And What Can It Be Used For?

kids drawing on graph paper

Graph paper is a type of paper that is printed with thin lines on a regular grid. The lines are used to help align and measure objects or drawings.

One-inch graph paper is a specific type of graph paper that has a grid of one-inch squares.

It has various purposes and applications, such as in engineering, architecture, and art. Engineers and architects use it to create detailed drawings and floor plans, while artists use it to create precise sketches and drawings. Even cross-stitch patterns can be made from it!

It is also commonly used in education, particularly in math and science, as it can help students better understand concepts such as scaling, measurement, and spatial relationships.

There are several other types of graph paper:

  • Millimeter paper (10 squares per inch)
  • Engineering paper (5 squares per inch)
  • Quad paper (also called quadrille paper – 4 squares per inch)
  • Trigonometric graph paper (also known as polar graph paper, is a type of paper that is used to plot polar coordinates)
  • Logarithmic graph paper (used to plot points on logarithmic scales)

Check Out Your 1 Inch Graph Paper Template Set

1 Inch Printable Graph Paper With Border

This first graph paper template has a white border that goes around 70 one-inch grids.

The border gives a clean appearance and space for notes. Perfect for professional individuals or someone planning a craft project!

As a homeschool parent, this is an excellent choice for symmetrical drawing and making your own graphs. 

1 inch graph paper pdf

If you don’t care about the border and just need as much space as possible, then this is for you!

Lines go all the way off the page with plenty of room for your plans.

1 inch graph paper pdf 2

This last sheet is specifically for the homeschooler or classroom.

At the top of the page is space for a graph title. The X and y axis have hash marks. I also left room to label each axis. 

You could use this free graph paper for a simple bar graph or line graph.

Bonus Standard Graph Paper

Printable Graph Paper 3

Printable graph paper 4

Printable graph paper 5

The above printable sheets are perfect for more advanced maths, science high schools, etc.

The first one is a blank grid that could be used for just about any project. The second sheet has one coordinate plane – a single quadrant – that can be used for plotting, graphing, etc.

The third sheet has four coordinate planes.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq image

1. What Size Paper Should The Templates Be Printed On?

In order to make the grid lines exactly 1-inch square, the printable pdfs should be printed on standard size computer paper (US letter).

If you do print it on various sizes of paper, it might not be 1 inch paper anymore.

2. Can It Be Printed In Different Colors?

The graph paper has blue fine lines. 

You could choose to print it in blank & white, which would produce graph paper with black lines.

Your data, points, and/or lines might not stand out as well.

3. What Kind of Paper Should This Be Printed On?

That depends on your project. 

For most, regular computer paper will be fine.

Other projects might do better with heavy cardstock.

Click Here To Download Your 1 Inch Graph Paper Printable Packet

Click the above text link to download your templates in pdf format. Terms of Use: These printables are only to be used for classroom, homeschool, co-op, or personal use. No commercial use of The Simple Homeschooler printables is authorized.

Whether you are a professional doing a graph sketch, a homeschool mom trying to help her kid solve math problems, or a preschool teacher working on symmetry with her students – printable 1 inch graph paper is a convenient option!

I hope these printables really help you save time and money as you work and teach.

Feel free to download and print as many sheets as your project requires. 

Do you need graph paper for a reason I haven’t already listed? Drop a comment below and let me know what you’re working on!

And don’t forget to share with your homeschool and/or teaching friends!

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  1. I am using the 1×1 inch grid paper as part of materials to provide therapeutic arts. Thank you!

  2. Christina says:

    For filet crochet. Thank you very much.

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