10 Super All About My Dad Worksheets: Easy Print

Looking for some super All About My Dad worksheets?

The free printables below are the perfect thing to go along with a Father’s Day gift, birthday, or just for fun!

The sweet answers will make him smile and the inevitable funny answers will make everyone laugh. 

There are 10 different printable pages, so you can pick which one is right for your child or group. They are not grade specific, so just scroll through them and to see which will work for the skill levels of your children.

At the bottom of the post, you will find simple instructions to download the pdf file of all of the dad printables.

Check Out Your All About My Dad Printable Worksheets!

All About My Dad Worksheet 1

This first Father’s Day worksheet is the perfect thing for little kids who may prefer to draw than write their answers.

The child can use crayons or colored pencils to draw what dad likes, what he is good at, what he is (Dad’s job), and a picture of dad. 

They may need some help writing dad’s name and why they love him. 

If the child doesn’t want to draw or gets frustrated with not being able to draw the details they want, just allow them to dictate to you what they want to say.

All About My Dad Worksheet - 2

This free Father’s Day printable is also a good option for the child who struggles with writing.

They will draw a picture of their dad, what dad likes, the best thing about dad, and their best memory with dad.

I especially love that they are asked to draw something that they are thankful for from dad.

Many dads will so appreciate that!

All About My Dad Worksheet - 3

This All About My Dad sheet is appropriate for first grade and up – kids who feel more comfortable with writing. 

They will have to finish each of the following sentences:

  • My dad’s name is…
  • My dad loves…
  • My best memory with him is when…
  • He is so good at…
  • His favorite color is…
  • His hates…
  • He always says…
  • He favorite food is…
  • He is the best dad because…

All About My Dad Worksheet - 4

This dad questionnaire is very simple and quick to fill out.

Children will answer questions about his favorite things and then there is a large box to draw the child’s favorite memory with dad. 

It is always interesting to see what special day or fun activity stood out in a child’s mind. So many times it’s not the big events, but the quiet moments spent together that burn into their memories.

Either way, it will be so much fun for dad to see the main memory he has etched into his child’s mind!

All About My Dad Worksheet - 5

This printable questionnaire is a good fit for kids of all ages.

Older children would enjoy filling in the blanks for each of the sentences in their own unique way.

Younger kids could easily do this worksheet with the help of an adult to take down their words.

The last sentence is sure to get a good laugh: I love my dad more than…

If your child isn’t sure what to say, you can give some suggestions such as dessert, their favorite toy, etc.

But kids do say the darndest thing, so they probably will have that covered. 

All About My Dad Worksheet - 6

This free printable Father’s Day questionnaire is all about superheroes!

Children will answer fun questions like:

  • My dad’s superhero name should be…
  • My dad’s secret superpower is…
  • He can run faster than a… 

This is such a fun gift and an easy way for a kid to tell their dad that they really are a hero.

All About My Dad Worksheet - 7

This is probably the most simple of these Father’s Day printables.

Kids are asked to make a list of all the reasons that their dad is the greatest.

If your kid is struggling to make a full list, here are some quick suggestions:

  • He makes sure I have what I need
  • He keeps me safe at night
  • He can protect me
  • He makes me laugh
  • He tells the best stories
  • He does {fill in the blank with fun activities} with me
  • He taught me how to {fill in the blank with life skills}

Once the ball gets rolling, the words will start to come.

All About My Dad Worksheet - 8

This coloring sheet has some pretty cool superhero kids!

Your kid will be asked to draw a superhero version of the dad and then add in at least one reason why he is a awesome. 

What a fun gift for a dad to hang up at work as a daily reminder of his kids.

All About My Dad Worksheet - 9

This worksheet has kids filling out their dad’s resume! They will also draw a picture of him in the picture frame.

I especially love the last question, “My dad stands out from all the other dads because…”

Kids can write why their dad is special, why he stands out from the crowd. 

What a great way for kids to tell their dad that they love him.

All About My Dad Worksheet - 10

This is the last of the worksheets. It includes tools for the child to color and a large space to draw a picture of themselves and dad together.

The bottom of the page has a few lines where the child can list the reasons why he loves his dad. 

This sheet definitely has all the components of a perfect Father’s Day card.

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All About My Dad Worksheets Pin

Use the above text link to download all the worksheets and print them today.

Terms of Use: None of The Simple Homeschooler printables are authorized for commercial use. Homeschool, classroom, co-op, church, and personal use only. Thanks!

These printable activity worksheets are such a simple way to tell dads that they are loved and respected.

This gift of words can be very powerful and encouraging for any dad out there who is just trying to do their best every day. 

Enjoy them all and Happy Father’s Day!

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