15+ Engaging Number Writing Worksheets For Kindergarten

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Looking for some number writing practice worksheets for your kindergarten students?

Number writing skills are foundational to everything your young learners are going to do in their math future. 

So review at the beginning of the school year or extra practice throughout the year will be a wonderful support as they prepare to be first grade students!

These practice number worksheets will focus on number writing skills, number recognition, number words, and fine motor skills.

A great way to support them as they learn these skills is to post a number line wherever they do their school work. Even if they know the number, it can give them so much confidence to be able to check themselves. 

We like this one for the wall, and this one to stick to a desk. 

There are simple instructions at the bottom of this post that will help you quickly download and print your kindergarten math worksheets today.

A Quick Note About Number Fonts

You will find that the following worksheets have slightly different fonts for the numbers 1, 4, and 9. 

Those numbers can be written in several different ways, but still recognizable to most people. Not all of those ways are best for small hands.

You don’t want their 9 to look like a lowercase g, their 4 to look like a wonky 9, or their 1 to look like a 7. 


Who knew so many things could go wrong with number writing?!

Just be sure to point out the font variations and make sure your child learns to recognize the numbers.

You can also work with them to pick the best number option for them. For my kids, that was a 1 that was simply a vertical line, a 4 that did not have a diagonal line, and a 9 that looked like a backward capital P.

Check Out Your Free Number Practice Writing Sheets!

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 1

This simple worksheet offers a fun way for your young students to practice writing numbers.

Tell your child that they must follow the dotted lines and numbers to find the butterfly!

For independent work, slide this sheet into a plastic sheet protector and use a washable dry erase marker.

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 2

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 3

This practice worksheet set will give your student plenty of practice with writing numbers 0-9.

Remember to take this time to point out that a 4 and a 9 could easily be confused.

Encourage them to notice and be very intentional with how they write those particular numbers.

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 4

This is a really cute number printable!

Younger kids will trace each of the numbers, paying close attention to how each is formed.

Remind them that those dotted lines won’t always be there. 

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 5

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 6

These number practice sheets will now ask your child to trace and then write their very own numbers!

To avoid sloppy work, I recommend telling the child how many numbers you expect them to write.

3 to 4 high-quality numbers is much better than ten rushed numbers.

If your child is really struggling, consider bringing in number formation rhymes to help them remember proper technique.

You can see the video on Youtube below:

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 7

This is the first of a 1-9 worksheet set that helps kids practice multiple number skills.

The child will first trace the bubble number and count the number of planets on the sheet.

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 8

The child will then have an opportunity to trace the featured number to remind them of proper formation.

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 9

Below the dotted lines is a blank line where they will write their own numbers. 

Challenge the child to write a number below each traced number. 

If you have decided on which variation of 1, 4, and 9 you want your student to use, have them write that on the blank lines.

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 10

At the bottom of the worksheet, your student can use small objects to place in the squares that corresponds with the featured number.

If the number is correct, have your student color in that number of squares.

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 11

That last part of the worksheet will have your student working to find and circle the featured number. 

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 12

These worksheets are perfect for independent practice, morning work, etc. They were designed in color, but could easily be printed in black & white instead.

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 13

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 14

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 15

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 16

This missing numbers worksheet gives your child the opportunity to practice writing their numbers up to 15. 

They may be a little intimidated by that skill, but tell them that if they have learned to write 0-9, they can write any number!

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Worksheet - 17

This printable will have your child writing up to number 20.

Tell your child that they need to help count all the eggs to find out how many sisters and brothers the chick has.

Ask the child to see if they can identify the pattern they are making as they count and write into the teen numbers.

****If the student struggles with transitioning into the higher numbers, write them vertically on a whiteboard. This can help so much for them to see and conceptualize bigger numbers.

Click Here To Download Your Free Practice Writing Numbers Worksheet Packet For Kindergarten

Click the above download link and it will take you to a pdf file for your math packet. 

Terms of Use: All of The Simple Homeschooler printables are appropriate for homeschool, co-op, personal, and classroom use only. Commercial use is not authorized. 

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I hope that you and your student enjoy the above worksheets! With plenty of practice, your child will go from writing 0-9 to teen numbers and more!

I also hope you take advantage of the great resource library in the Printables & Activities section of this blog.

You will find everything from letters of the alphabet worksheet packets to animal cell worksheets for older kids.

And all of it is free and easy to print today!

Enjoy and be sure to share with your homeschool and teacher friends!

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