Free 15+ Winter Worksheets for Kindergarten: Instant Download and Easy Print!

Winter Worksheets for Kindergarten Pin

Looking for a fun way to squeeze in some learning with your younger children during this blustery season?

I know it can be difficult to keep their attention when the air gets crisp and they want to go outside and play in the snow!

Your curriculum may be feeling sort of stale as you start moving to this point of the year. Pulling out some themed worksheets can really help to mix up your routine and add in some fun. 

These free winter worksheets are packed with all the winter theme learning you could want!

You will find printable activities such as a maze, winter season coloring, sorting, and more! But you will also find important kindergarten skills, such as number recognition, handwriting, and fine motor skills.

How To Download And Use Your Winter Themed Worksheets:

Below you will find all of the free printables in the worksheet packet, along with some notes from me. 

When you scroll to the bottom of the post, you will find a link to a PDF file that will open in a new window and take you straight to an instant download page. 

Terms of Use: Only for individual, homeschool, and classroom use.

Now Let’s Look At Those Free Printable Winter Worksheets!

Counting Winter Worksheet Counting Winter Worksheet 2

How fun is it to practice counting and number recognition with things like ice skates and hot cocoa?!

Some older kids may not be challenged by these seasonal worksheets, but it is still an important skill to solidify. 

If your student struggles with counting, encourage them to make a pencil mark on each item as they count.

Color by letter winter sheet

Each color word is printed on this worksheet to help children recognize and remember their colors, while also identifying the correct alphabet letters.

Don’t worry, there is a more difficult sheet coming up that does not have the help of the colors!

Winter Fun Picture Study

I love this snowman picture study! 

Kids are encouraged to take in all the winter activities going on in the picture and answer the questions.

Feel free to help with spelling by writing out their responses and letting them copy it onto their paper. 

Winter Counting Kindergarten Page

Another fun activity with counting! 

Instead of just choosing the correct number, they will write the number themselves. 

I like to keep a number line available that they can always look at until they can easily remember which way the numbers face.
Winter Acrostic worksheet

An acrostic is a great way to introduce your kids to poetry! 

Help your child to brainstorm and think through all the wonderful things that make up winter and work to arrange those thoughts into a poem.

Consider suggesting some words and emphasizing the first sound in the word. See if they can identify where it should fit in the acrostic!

Again, they will likely struggle to spell the correct words, so take the pressure off and have them dictate to you. 

Snowflake coloring

Here your child can practice reading more color sight words, tracing, and coloring!

Skip counting with snowmen by 10s

Skip Counting with Snowmen by 5s

Can your student skip count yet?

These free printable snowmen are a fun way to get more practice in!

If your student struggles to skip count or to write the numbers, provide a number chart to help. 

Winter wear coloring page

These winter clothes will be so fun to color!

Ask your student what they would want to wear this winter.

For an extra activity, have your student draw a person, cut out their favorite winter pieces, and paste them on their picture!

Winter Writing 2 Winter Writing 1

These worksheets are a no-stress way for your kindergartener to use winter-themed words and ordinal transition words to write about their favorite winter activity!

Maybe it’s eating snow ice cream, going sledding, making the biggest snowman, or sitting by the fireplace.

Focus with your student on when to use capital letters, how a sentence should end, and writing complete sentences. 

As I’ve said before, at this age it is okay (and expected) that they copy most words off the board. Spelling will come with time.

Winter Sorting Worksheet

Your kids will love cutting out and pasting for this sorting activity!

Although, they may surprise you. Some people do use flip-flops, ice cream, and sunglasses in the winter!

Consider having them paste some pictures in the middle that can be used in either season.

Seasons worksheet

Kids love to color the 4 seasons.

This simple printable is a great way to highlight how a tree changes over the course of a year. 

Penguin Maze Sheet
Can your student help some polar animals get to their sweet treat?

This one is just for fun!Winter Drawing and Writing for Kindergarten

So, this is my favorite sheet out of the packet.

I love that kids can draw their own winter pictures, use winter words, and just have fun.

Expect and encourage lots of imagination! 

Click Here To Download Your Winter Worksheets For Kindergarten Packet!

I know this packet of free printables will be a great addition to your school during these winter months!

It is packed with literacy activities, math skills, and winter fun for your young learners! 

Feel free to share this post with all your homeschool and teaching besties!

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