Free 15+ Winter Worksheets for Kindergarten: Instant Download and Easy Print!

Looking for a fun way to squeeze in some learning with your younger children during this blustery season?

I know it can be difficult to keep their attention when the air gets crisp and they want to go outside and enjoy a snowy day!

Your curriculum may be feeling sort of stale as you start moving to this point of the year. Pulling out some themed worksheets can really help to mix up your routine and add in some fun. 

These free winter worksheets are packed with all the winter theme learning you could want!

You will find printable activities such as a maze, winter season coloring, sorting, and more! But you will also find important kindergarten skills, such as number recognition, handwriting, writing skills, early literacy skills, and fine motor skills.

****Don’t stress! You can grab these winter themed worksheets for your kindergarten students in a PDF file today! At the bottom of the post you will find *super simple* instructions – no email address needed! 

Let’s Look At Those Free Printable Winter Worksheets!

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 1

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 2

How fun is it to practice counting and number recognition with things like sleds and hot cocoa?!

Some older kids may not be challenged by these seasonal worksheets, but it is still an important skill to solidify. 

If your younger kids struggle with counting, encourage them to make a pencil mark on each item as they count to avoid double counting or missing an item.

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 3

This printable worksheet braids multiple concepts together: color recognition, color words, and matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

Notice that each color word is printed on a colored pencil to help early learners who are still working through these sight words.  

To complete, have the student color each mitten – matching the correct color to the correct alphabet letters. 

Don’t worry, there is a more difficult sheet coming up that does not have the help of the colors!

****If your child is struggles with this concept, check out these free worksheets – Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 4

I love this cute winter scene! 

Spend some time looking at the winter wonderland with your child and go through the included questions. 

Enjoy discussing all the winter activities one could enjoy with so much snow. Everything from snowball fights, snow angels, making snowmen, or even some ice hockey…if you imagine a lake close by.

Depending on your child’s skill level, allow them to write the answers, copy the answers, or let them dictate to you. 

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 5

Another fun activity with winter math! 

Instead of just choosing the correct number this time, they will write the number themselves. 

I like to keep a number line available that they can always look at until they can easily remember which way the numbers face.

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 6

An acrostic poem is a great way to introduce young kids to poetry! 

Help your child to brainstorm and think through all the fun activities that make up winter. Then work together to arrange those thoughts into a poem.

Consider suggesting some words and emphasizing the first sound in the word. See if they can identify where it should fit in the acrostic!

Again, they will likely struggle to spell the correct words. Take the pressure off by providing a word bank of ideas you came up with together or having them dictate their ideas to you. 

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 7

Here your child can practice reading more color sight words, tracing, and coloring!

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 8

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 9

Can your student skip count yet?

These free printable penguins are a fun way to get more practice in!

To complete, have your student write their numbers in the correct order from 1-20. On the following page, have them skip count by 10 from 10-100.

If your student struggles to skip count or to write the numbers, provide a number chart to help. 

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 10

Yep, there are even more winter coloring pages in this free set of worksheets!

Your student will have a great time coloring their favorite winter clothes!

Ask your student what they would want to wear this winter.

For an extra activity, have your student draw a person, cut out their favorite winter pieces, and paste them on their picture!

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 11

This worksheet is a no-stress way for your kindergartener to use winter-themed words to write about their favorite winter activity!

Maybe it’s eating snow ice cream, going sledding, making the biggest snowman, playing winter games, putting on ice skates, or just sitting by the fireplace with family.

Focus with your student on when to use capital letters, how a sentence should end, and writing complete sentences. 

As I’ve said before, at this age it is okay (and expected) that they copy most words off the board. Spelling will come with time.

Finish by allowing your children plenty of time to illustrate their winter pictures. For an extra good time, provide craft supplies like a cotton balls and glue to bring the image to life!

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 12

Learning syllables is an important part of kindergarten and first grade. 

Your student will have such a fun time practicing this skill by clapping out words like snowflake and polar bears!

To complete, have the student color the circle with the correct number of syllables in each word or word phrase.

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 13

This is a creative way to work on sorting and scissor skills – with a winter twist!

To complete the sorting activity, have your child cut out each of the squares at the bottom of the page and paste them into the correct season.

Although, your kids may surprise you. Some people do use flip-flops, shorts, and lemonade in the winter!

Consider having them paste some pictures in the middle that can be used in either season.

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 15

These winter patterns are perfect for the homeschool kitchen table or classroom math centers.

To complete, have the student cut out the squares at the bottom of the page and finish each pattern.

Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 14
Can your student help this poor snowman who seems to have lost his hat, scarf, and buttons! 

This one is just for fun!Kindergarten Winter Worksheet 16

Rhyming is also an important skill for kindergarten and first grade students.

Help the student correctly identify each of the classic winter vocabulary words – hat, coat, sled, snow, and shovel. 

Complete by drawing a line from each word to the corresponding rhyming words – bow, bed, cat, boat, and bubble.

Click Here To Download Your Winter Worksheets For Kindergarten Packet!

Winter worksheets on a snow background

Click the above image link/text link to grab your winter printables today! A new window will open with the worksheets in PDF format for easy download and printing.

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I know this packet of free printables, polar animals, winter words, and learning fun will be a great addition to your school during these cold months!

It is packed with literacy activities, math skills, coloring pages, and winter fun for your young learners! 

If you are looking for even more fun learning and winter free printables, be sure to check out the below post to make your own snowman picture!

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