10 Free Square Shape Worksheets For Preschoolers: Easy Print!

Looking for square worksheets for your preschool kids or kindergarten students?

The below free printable shapes worksheets are just the thing to introduce (or review) all things square!

This age bracket thrives with hands-on, fun, and engaging activities. So, I worked really hard to only have minimal pencil work included in these worksheets.

You will find a play dough mat, a Do a Dot worksheet, coloring, cut-and-paste sorting, and more!

For best results, be sure to read through the notes and suggestions for each of the free shape worksheets. At the bottom of the post, you will find a text link for the pdf downloads.

Check Out Your Square Shape Free Printable Worksheets!

Square Shape Worksheets - 1

This square shape worksheet is a great way to introduce young kids to squares!

First, point to a large shape on the sheet and ask your child if he knows what the shape is called. Many kids are exposed to shape names just by doing daily things, so they may already know. 

Pretend that you’re unsure what the shape is, BUT you do know some things about what makes a square. 

It has to have four straight lines that are the same length, and four corners. Does this shape have four sides and four corners?

Yes! So it must be a square.

Give your child some play dough, and have them make four “ropes” that are about the same size. Use them to outline the different sizes of squares, highlighting that all the sides are the same.

Then have them fill in the middle of the shapes any way they like.

Square Shape Worksheets - 2

Get out the do-a-dot markers! 

But first, ask your young children what shape is featured on this free preschool worksheet.

How can you be sure it’s a square though? Count the length of each side with your child, dabbing with the do-a-dot marker as you go.

They will find that this shape has four sides, four corners, and each side is the same length (7 dots).

It must be a square!

Square Shape Worksheets - 3

This free shapes worksheet shows your child that shapes are all around them!

If your preschool students have the fine motor skills, let them cut out the everyday objects. If they need a little help, that’s no problem.

But make sure they know that it doesn’t need to be cut out perfectly. You just need to have them separated so they can be sorted.

Once you have the shapes cut out, tell your kid to put the appropriate pictures in the correct columns.

Ask them how they knew which ones were squares. Do they know the name of the other shapes?

Square Shape Worksheets - 4

This worksheet is a fun way to point out that square shapes are all around us!

You can see it in a pair of dice, a wrapped gift, a window, or a napkin.

Have your child do their best to draw a match of each image. This part may be easier for kindergarten kids or first graders. If your younger kid starts to get frustrated, have them work on tracing each shape.

Afterward, ask them if they can find different objects around them that are also squares!

Square Shape Worksheets - 5

In this shape activity, go through each of the images and discuss where they might find squares in real life.

They should see a TV, picture, post it, window, frame, chocolate, paper, and cracker.

Have the child trace the various shapes with a pencil. 

If you have time in your lesson plan, have your student cut them out and paste the images onto a piece of construction paper.

Make it a square collage and add to it throughout the week. 

If you’re looking for more tracing shapes worksheets, check out these heart tracing worksheets to teach heart shapes!

Square Shape Worksheets - 6

This is a fun way to see what your child is grasping when it comes to geometric shapes.

Review what makes a square, and then let them loose to circle each square shape. 

Your child might be a little confused with the book, TV, and credit card – they do have four sides and four corners.

Remind your child that the sides have to be the same length.

Square Shape Worksheets - 7

This coloring page features several different shapes – even an ice cream cone!

Give the student a box of crayons and have them color only the square shapes. They should color the present, puzzle, notepad, window, stamp, picture, and dice.

Lastly, have them trace the dotted lines of the shape word. 

Square Shape Worksheets - 8

If the last worksheet didn’t go very well, here is some extra practice!

Your child should color the window, ice cream cone, TV, and cookie.

To complete, the student should draw a link matching each of the items to the correct 2 D shapes.

If the student draws a line to the incorrect shape, just gently review the features of the shape. It will come with time, practice, and review.

Square Shape Worksheets - 9

This shape tracing worksheet is a very gentle way to introduce drawing squares.

First, have your child color the square. The next step is to trace the dotted lines.

Then have your student connect the dots – and they have made a square!

Square Shape Worksheets - 10

This simple worksheet will let your kids show off their square shape recognition skills again!

Have your child identify each of the basic shapes, then ask them to color all the squares blue.

The diamond shapes should be colored pink, and the circles should be colored yellow.

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Square Shape Worksheets Preschool Pin

The above text link will take you to a PDF file of the free worksheets.

Terms of Use: This printable worksheet packet is for classroom, homeschool, co-op, and personal use. No commercial use is authorized. Thank you!

I hope you and your student enjoy these preschool shapes worksheets. 

They are an easy thing to add to your shape of the week program, shape review, math center, or shape activities!

Be sure to take advantage of the other great resources in the Activities and Printables section of this blog.

You will find loads of printable activities to do with your kids!

Shape Tracing Worksheets for Preschool

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