Best Square Coloring Pages: Free & Easy Print

Get ready for a “square-tacular” adventure with these Square Coloring Pages! 

These coloring sheets are perfect for young shape explorers who are just beginning to conquer the world of geometry. But don’t worry, there won’t be any math quizzes here—just loads of creative fun!

The below printables include fun character faces, square pattern creativity, square shape identification, and more!

Fine motor skills will be sharpened as they color their way through each page.

Keep scrolling to take a look at the sheets and see all my teaching tips for each page!

****Don’t worry. You can download these super cool printables right now! Very simple instructions are at the bottom of the post. And you won’t even have to check your email 🙂

Check Out Your Square Coloring Pages!

Square Coloring Page - 1

This line art square coloring page is so sweet for kids of all ages.

I love the “Hello, Square!” bubble letters!

Tell the student to carefully trace the square with a crayon and color in the rest of the shape.

The student can also color the letters and add in any more details he would like.

Square Coloring Page - 2

Kids of all ages will not be able to help but smile when they see this square coloring printable!

The smiling face on the square is so fun, and just begging to be colored in.

Continue to instruct the student to trace the shape and color in the rest of the shape.

The shape is rather large, so take the time while they’re coloring to ask some questions.

How many sides does this shape have?

How many corners?

Are the sides all the same or different?

Square Coloring Page - 3

This square cartoon character brings more learning fun!

The bubble letters say “4 Equal Sides 4 Corners”

These are great reminders to your budding young learner about how to define a square.

Which will come in handy soon!

As a follow-up, ask the child if he can think of how squares are different from other shapes he has learned about. 

What shape has three sides? (triangle)

Or no sides! (circle, oval)

Square Coloring Page - 4

This is meant to be a super simple, but super fun activity for your learner!

Tell the student that she has total freedom to be creative. All she needs to do is color the squares in any pattern or way she likes.

Younger students may color them in one color or make a simple pattern.

Older children may be able to take it a step further with more detailed patterns. Show them a picture of simple pixel art for inspiration!

Color with them and show them that you can color in a house, flower, or tree.

Square Coloring Page - 5

This coloring page is perfect for slightly older kids to start telling the difference between the shapes. 

To complete, have the student find and color all the squares on the page.

For some kids, it will be very difficult not to color all the shapes. If that’s your kid, tell them to color all the squares one color.

Then give the student a different color crayon for the circles.

And lastly, give them another crayon for the triangles.

****For the best experience with squirmy learners, just give the student one crayon at a time.

Square Coloring Page - 6

This is such a fun way to end this free printable coloring packet!

Tell your child that there are square shapes all around him!

Point to the paper and see if the child can name all four items – window, gift, stamp, and notebook paper.

Your child may not know what a stamp is, so be sure to show a real one to him, if you have one on hand. 

Next, have the child color the items! Suggest the child draws their own picture inside the stamp.

As an extra activity, ask the child if he can think of one of his favorite characters (or at least one he has heard of) that has “square” in its name.

Sponge Bob Square Pants!

After learning so much about squares, ask the child if Sponge Bob really has square pants. Provide a picture of Sponge Bob, if possible.

Lastly, have your student see if they can find any squares in your house or classroom. Challenge your student to find at least 10. 

Picture frames, board games, books, and dice – oh my!

A Super-Fast Note About Squares – Well, Rectangles…

square coloring sheets on a confetti background

All throughout my elementary school years – first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and onward – I was taught that a square has four equal sides and a rectangle has two short sides and two long sides.

Well, I was rather stunned when I was doing a math problem with my 6th grader last year and we discovered that is not entirely true.

A square is actually a type of rectangle.

Rectangles are defined as having 4 corners and 4 sides. A square is just a type of rectangle with equal sides.

I know that is so mind-bending that it is almost difficult to read. 

My middle schooler is still mystified and confused when she talks about it.

I would encourage you to start now by mentioning this geometry concept to your kid as you introduce shapes.

It might be less work for you to undo later.

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Square Coloring Pages Pin

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I hope these square printable pictures are what best fits your lesson plan today!

Putting down video games and Android tablets and getting back to the basics of simple coloring is just what young learners need today. 

Today your kindergartener or 1st grade student is learning squares, but before you know it, it will be square numbers!

All of these math concepts (basic math facts, patterns, 2D shapes, etc.) are setting a rich foundation for future math mastery! 

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