10 Free Spot The Difference Coloring Pages: Easy Print!

Looking for some super fun Spot the Difference coloring pages for your kids?

These types of worksheets are so fun for kids, but they also develop some pretty important skills.

Below you will find previews of the 10 coloring sheets. I made sure to include all the differences, so you didn’t have to spend too much time helping a potentially frustrated child. 

The last three are definitely more challenging and they are meant for older kids.

At the bottom of the post, I also included the 5 main benefits of doing this type of worksheet with kids and a text link to download and print them today! No email or other personal information needed.

Check Out Your Printable Spot The Difference Coloring Sheets!

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 1

This happy bee coloring page has seven differences for your child to find and color!

  1. The bee is missing a stinger.
  2. The bee is missing a leg.
  3. The bee is missing one antenna.
  4. A flower is missing a circle.
  5. Another flower is missing a circle.
  6. There is a cloud missing in the top right corner.
  7. Leaves are missing on the left side of the plant.

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 2

This fun picture of clothes drying in the bright sunshine also has seven tricky differences.

Can you and your kid find them all?

  1. There is a cloud missing from the right corner.
  2. The bird is missing a wing.
  3. A string is missing from the bib.
  4. Blades of grass are missing from the lower left corner.
  5. A patch is missing from the pair of shorts.
  6. A stripe is missing from the sock on the right.
  7. The piece of cloth has a square missing from its design.

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 3

Kids will love coloring this zany turtle and finding all the differences between the two images!

  1. A bubble is missing from the stream coming out of his mouth.
  2. Another bubble is missing on the left side of the picture.
  3. A piece of seaweed is gone from the right side of the picture.
  4. Another piece of seaweed vanished from the left side of the picture.
  5. A starfish is missing from the right corner of the image.
  6. A spot is missing from the turtle’s back left leg.
  7. A tiny spot is gone from the turtle’s shell.

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 4

Well, this giant cow seems to be a bit too big from his barn. Yikes!

Is that the only thing out of place that your child can find?

  1. There is an apple gone from the left corner.
  2. Another apple disappeared from the right corner.
  3. A row of shingles seems to have fallen off the roof.
  4. One of the cow’s horns is nowhere to be seen.
  5. A spot towards the bottom of the cow is missing.
  6. The barn door has lines missing from the top of the doors.
  7. The cow is missing one of his back legs

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 5

These smiling trees have some changes from one image to the next. Look very closely to find them all!

  1. The bird to the left of the sun is gone.
  2. A row of grass disappeared on the left of the picture.
  3. A row of grass is also missing between two trees.
  4. The tree on the far left doesn’t have his tongue sticking out anymore.
  5. The far right tree seems to have misplaced his eyelids.
  6. The bumpy line above the branches of the far-right tree is also gone.

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 6

There is something a little off about this castle. Can your student study it to find all the changes?

  1. The king is missing his crown.
  2. A cloud is gone from the right side of the picture.
  3. A brick disappeared from the top of the castle.
  4. A window is missing from the turret to the left of the castle.
  5. The guard seems to have lost his spear.
  6. A stone is missing from the lower left corner of the castle.
  7. A petal seems to have fallen from one of the flowers.

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 7

What is the difference between image number one and image number two of this backyard playground?

  1. The basketball in the air lost its lines.
  2. A flower is missing from the hill.
  3. The bird flew away from the ground.
  4. The pair of shoes under the playground turned into a hat.
  5. The roof has straight lines instead of zig-zag lines.
  6. A cloud is gone from the sky.
  7. One of the holds from the climbing wall has vanished.

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 8

  1. The sun’s rays are gone.
  2. The purse turned into a backpack.
  3. One of the facts changed on the board.
  4. The time on the clock changed on the wall.
  5. A pair of glasses is suddenly on the desk.
  6. Birds are now seen out the window.
  7. A flower is missing from a bush.
  8. A juice carton is now on a student’s desk.
  9. The teacher is completely different.

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 9

  1. The bag on the table now has utensils on it.
  2. A container of food is gone from the display window.
  3. The cashier has a different shirt on.
  4. She has different hair and her smile has changed.
  5. The young girl is wearing a different top also.
  6. Her hair is pulled into a ponytail and her face is different.
  7. A bowl turned into a condiment bottle.
  8. A sandwich on the counter behind the boy is gone.
  9. The clock reads a different time
  10. A hole in the back of a chair is missing.

Spot The Difference Coloring Page - 10

  1. The young girl has vanished out of the picture and there is a beaker where she was.
  2. “Science” is on the opposite side of the board and now has a squiggly line underneath it.
  3. The drawing is also on the opposite side of the board.
  4. The clock time changed.
  5. A pencil holder is now on the counter.
  6. The boy has a different top on.
  7. And his hair has changed.
  8. The outline of the door is gone.
  9. A basketball is now in the right corner of the image.

5 Benefits of Spot the Difference Coloring for Students

Spot The Difference Coloring Pages Pin

Spot the difference coloring pages are an excellent way to keep children entertained while also helping them develop important cognitive skills. These coloring pages are designed to challenge children’s observation skills and attention to detail, while also giving them the chance to express their creativity through coloring.

Here are some of the key benefits of using spot the difference coloring sheets:

1. Develops Observation Skills

Spot the difference activities require children to carefully examine two similar images and identify the differences between them. This helps to develop their observation skills, which are essential for many aspects of life, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making.

2. Enhances Attention To Detail

The ability to pay attention to detail is an important skill that children need to develop in order to succeed in academics and life. Working to spot the differences in images can help children to focus on small details, which in turn helps to enhance their attention to detail.

3. Encourages Creativity

Coloring is a great way for children to express their creativity, and spot the difference coloring pages provide an added challenge that can help to stimulate their imagination.

4. Improves Fine Motor Skills

Coloring involves using small muscles in the hands and fingers, which helps to develop fine motor skills. And these types of coloring sheets require children to color within small spaces, which further enhances their fine motor skills.

5. Builds Patience

Trying to find tiny changes or missing things can be challenging, and require patience and persistence to complete. These coloring printables can help to build resilience, perseverance, and mental endurance.

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I hope that you and your kids enjoy these Finding the Difference puzzles. They are a perfect addition to any activity books or educational activities you’re using to combat screen time, downtime, boredom, etc.’

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