20 Free Spot The Difference Worksheets: Easy Print!

Need some Spot the Difference printables for your kiddos?

You’re in the right place!

This great Spot the Difference Packet includes 20 different worksheets – full of engaging images for kids of all ages!

You can pick between the various activities and find everything from robots to hot air balloons to rockets to bears.

There will definitely be an activity sheet that your kid will want to jump on.

They will be having so much fun finding each of the small differences, and they won’t even notice that they are working on spatial concepts, visual perception, visual discrimination skills and more.

They are appropriate for kids as young as 1st grade and 2nd grade, but you may find that middle school and high school kids want to jump in too! 

****Don’t worry! You can grab your free printable worksheets in a cinch. You’ll find *very simple* instructions at the bottom of this post to download them in PDF format and print today!

Check Out Your Printable Spot The Difference Worksheets!

Spot the Difference Printable 1

At first glance, you child might think that these two images are identical. But work with your child to systematically go through the picture to find the subtle differences.

In order to alleviate frustration, I provided the number of differences your child is looking for on each of these kids worksheets.

As an added bonus, there is also an answer key right on the page. 

Spot the Difference Printable 2

You might be wondering, “Why would you put the answer key on the front of the worksheet?

Well, I know little ones can be tempted to think, “Ugh, there aren’t any more!” It’s nice to have the answer right there for the child. 

Other children might enjoy just checking their work when they’re done. 

I would recommend providing a 3×5 card or small piece of paper to cover the answer while the child works.

Spot the Difference Printable 3

Space loving kids will love zooming off with this fun picture puzzle.

There are 5 differences to find and circle. Can you find them all?

Spot the Difference Printable 4

You’ll have a beary good time trying to find all the differences between these two pictures of bears. 

Your kids will be sharpening their comparison skills as they examine each part of the sheet till they find all 6!

Spot the Difference Printable 5

Look at these pups out for a day to play!

Take a closer look with your kids to find out how one picture isn’t quite like the other.

Spot the Difference Printable 6

Older kids will love this slightly more complicated labratory/scientist scene. 

It has a little bit of a mad scientist feel to it, but not too creepy for kids.

Spot the Difference Printable 7

These sea buddies are swimming through the ocean…but not everything is what it seems.

Can you child find what just doesn’t match about these pictures?

Spot the Difference Printable 8

These pictures of hens clucking away on the farm seem to be identical..but are they?

Find the 6 differences to crack the puzzle!

Spot the Difference Printable 9

The furry friends are back!

This time they are doing everything from munching on beach balls, drinking coffee, and surfing!

Can your kid find the 6 mismatches between these spot the difference pictures?

Spot the Difference Printable 10

How cute are these tiny mice?

These cheese-loving guys have 6 carefully placed differences that will be a blast to find!

Bonus Holiday Spot the Difference Worksheets

Spot the Difference Printable 11

I wanted to include some holiday fun in the packet, so I made sure to include this winter-themed scene with Santa!

Kids will love searching the images to find the 6 carefully hidden differences.

Want more printable fun in your Christmas? Grab this free Christmas Activity Booklet for Kids!

Spot the Difference Printable 12

This activity would be a wonderful addition to an Easter basket!

Kids will enjoy the silly picture of a bunny coming out of an Easter egg with the chicks!

For more printable Easter fun, but sure to check out these Easter Dot to Dot Worksheets.

Make The Most Out Of Your Spot The Difference Worksheets With These Tips!

Detective with a magnifying glass examining Find the Difference Images

  1. Create a Positive Atmosphere: Set the stage for excitement and curiosity. Express your enthusiasm, and let the kids know that this is a special and enjoyable learning activity.
  2. Encourage Discussion: After completing a worksheet, engage the kids in a discussion. Ask them about the differences they found, and encourage them to share their observations. This not only reinforces their learning but also promotes communication skills.
  3. Theme-Based Learning: If you’re covering a specific theme in your curriculum, tailor the use of these worksheets accordingly. For example, if you’re exploring animals, focus on the sheets featuring dogs and hens.
  4. Group Activities: Turn it into a collaborative effort. Have kids work in pairs or small groups to find the differences. This fosters teamwork and adds a social element to the activity.
  5. Creative Extensions: Encourage creativity by asking students to create their own Spot the Difference worksheets. This not only enhances their understanding of the concept but also taps into their artistic skills.
  6. Bonus Tip: For kids who want more of a challenge, provide a time limit.

5 Benefits of Spot the Difference Activities for Students

Find the difference worksheets on a magnifying glass background

Now, you might be wondering – why spot the difference? Well, besides being incredibly entertaining, these worksheets serve a dual purpose.

On one hand, they provide a break from traditional learning methods, injecting an element of playfulness into the educational routine. On the other hand, they are powerful tools for developing children’s minds.

1. Observational Skills:

Spotting the differences between two seemingly identical images might sound simple, but it’s a fantastic exercise for honing observational skills. Young minds are like sponges, absorbing information from their surroundings. These worksheets encourage them to pay close attention to details, fostering a keen sense of observation that will prove invaluable in various aspects of their academic journey.

2. Cognitive Development:

The mental gymnastics involved in identifying differences stimulate cognitive development. As kids analyze and compare elements in the images, they’re exercising their brains, enhancing cognitive abilities such as attention to detail, visual discrimination, and problem-solving. It’s a win-win situation – having fun while flexing those cognitive muscles!

3. Counting and Math:

Each worksheet comes equipped with an answer key that not only reveals the differences but also states how many there are. This clever addition turns the activity into a subtle math lesson. Kids get to practice counting in a hands-on and enjoyable way, making the connection between the abstract concept of numbers and the real-world application.

4. Independence and Confidence:

One of the standout features of these worksheets is the built-in answer key on each page. This empowers students to check their work independently, fostering a sense of accomplishment and boosting confidence. As they discover the correct answers, it instills a sense of pride, encouraging a positive attitude towards learning.

Click Here To Download All 20 Of These Spot The Difference Picture Puzzles!

Find the Difference Worksheets Pin

Use the above text link/image link to grab the digital download of your Spot The Difference Puzzle Packet!

Terms of Use: Homeschool, classroom, co-op, church, occupational therapy, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler educational activities are for non-commercial use only. Refer to the privacy policy for more details.

I hope that you and your kids enjoy these Finding the Difference puzzles! They are a perfect addition to any activity books or other printable activities you’re using to combat screen time, downtime, boredom, etc.’

They also work well in the homeschool setting or co-op setting for outside the box lesson plans.

It could also be pizza time at a classroom party and this Spot the Difference activity might just the thing to spice up the event!

This packet would also make a great gift for kids about to go no a long car ride or airplane trip. 

And of course this no prep activity is wonderful for a mental break after a test prep session or for early finishers who need some independent work.

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