Free Easy Color By Number Worksheets For Kindergarten

Looking for some easy color by number pages for your kindergarten students?

These number printables are perfect for your younger children – and really kids of all ages! 

They are a great way to sharpen important skills, such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and basic number recognition of 1-10.

But the best part is that they are also fun!

Your younger kids will *light up* when you pull these number activities out during regular lessons, morning work, for the math center, for literacy centers, as a break from distance learning, or even on rainy days.

They are such a fun activity that my kids would even do them outside of school hours!

Below you will get to see a preview of all of the printable coloring pages. 

I included some notes and tips to best use them. At the bottom of this post, you will find a link that will take you to an instant download pdf file for the whole packet.

Check Out Your Easy Kindergarten Color By Number Sheets!

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 1

This 1-6 number coloring page has a hidden picture!

The easy way to get your young learner rolling with it is to take out a box of bright colors. At the top of the worksheet you will see a color key. Color each of the crayons with the correct color for your child.

Now your young student just has to use their number recognition and color recognition skills to complete the page!

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 2

This spring color by number (or Easter color by number!) printable features bright flowers basking in the sun. 

Start by asking your child to do a little critical thinking. Do they think the flowers will be the same color or different colors?

What about the flowers suggest they will be different colors?

Next, pull out *only* the colors they will need to complete the printable. See if your child can recognize the color sight words and color the crayons in correctly.

If they need a little help, provide support.

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 3

This printable color by number sheet features a radiant unicorn galloping across a cloud!

Your little one will be having so much fun coloring it in that they won’t even realize it’s an educational activity.

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 4

This fun color by number sheet is for all the kids out there who love care bears!

It is also a great time to introduce a new color word to your child.

If it is the first time your child has heard the color word beige, help her hunt through her crayon box to find the right color.

What else does she see around her that might be beige?

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 5

This space color by number is perfect for all the kids out there who may be into space movies or TV shows!

Provide all the crayons your child will need, or see if your child can recognize the color words and pick them out on his own.

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 6

Your little learner will love coloring in this furry big cat!

Can your child name the animal before coloring it in and tell you what it “says?”

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 7

This dinosaur color by number sheet will be a lot of fun for all the little dino lovers out there! 

But be careful, this dinosaur might not be the color your child thinks it should be.

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 8

This ice cream cone is just begging to be colored!

Ask your child if each of the scoops has the same flavor. Or are they all different flavors?

How does she know? Can she tell you the names of the numbers on the scoops?

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 9

This monkey is hanging around and waiting to be colored!

Your first grade student will love getting in some extra practice with numbers, coloring, and art!

Color By Number Kindergarten Worksheet 10

This turtle rounds out the last of this great tool for early education!

Point out to your child the little tuft of grass at the bottom of the worksheet.

If the grass is a 6 and the turtle’s body is a 6, what color do you think 6 will be?

What Is the Best Way To Check These Color By Numbers Worksheets?

Color by number pages with crayon drawing background

It may be a little time-intensive, but one of my favorite ways is for kids to check themselves. 

Have your student check their number pictures carefully for errors, and then give him a completed sheet that you colored. 

Let him go back and forth and see if they match! This will go a long way to help them really internalize what they are learning in this simple activity.

Of course, you will want to double-check their work for yourself.

What If My Students Color Their Color-By-Number Incorrectly?

Color by number sheets with crayon background

That can be very frustrating – for you and them.

Maybe your child was coloring too fast. Maybe she wasn’t paying attention. Maybe he confused a few different numbers.

Maybe he assumed that something was going to be a certain color…until it wasn’t. 

Things happen. When it comes to coloring for school – not just for fun – I always recommend that kids use erasable colored pencils.

They work amazingly well and help kids avoid a lot of needless heartache.

Kids can easily erase their mistakes and move on – easy peasy!

But if you think your child is truly struggling with the content of the work (not just silly mistakes), then definitely continue with the entire pack of color-by-number worksheets.

Going through each sheet, patience, and consistency will help tremendously. 

Click Here to Get Your Free Printable Color By Number Coloring Pages!

Easy Color by Number Worksheets for Kindergarten Pin

Click the above text link/image link to get your coloring sheets today!  A new window will open to download the packet in PDF format. No email address or other information is needed.

Terms of Use: This Color-by-Number Activity Packet is for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use. The Simple Homeschooler free printable worksheets are never for commercial use. Thank you! 

Learning colors and basic numbers is a breeze with color by number! 

Kids will be so excited to find out what the finished product is that they won’t even realize that they are getting extra practice with these foundational skills.

Even older kids (first graders and up) who are prone to number reversal mistakes could use these easy printable pages as an occasional review for extra practice

You might be wondering why I made 10 of them. I mean who needs 10 free color-by-number worksheets?

Well besides the fact that it’s fun, it’s also something that could always use a little more review. Be sure to grab all the free printables at the above link, so you can easily mix in some foundational review throughout the year!

Keeping those skills sharp will put your kid in a great place to start adding in more math skills!

Be sure not to miss the simple addition color by number packet below!

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