10 Bright Addition Color by Number Worksheets: Easy Print!

Looking for some super fun addition color-by-number worksheets?

Are you over the flash cards, drill sheets, and “learning fun” games? Want something a little different to toss into your lesson plans?

The below 10 worksheets are a great way to review addition facts for your 1st graders, 2nd grade, and even 3rd grade students!

The first five sheets focus on basic addition problems – math facts from 1-10. The last five sheets feature math problems from 1-20.

Each picture is appropriate for girls or boys, and there are even some holiday pictures included!

Be sure to read through the teaching notes after each of the printables. At the bottom of the post, you will find simple directions to download and print your free packet today! 

****And if you need a subtraction worksheet packet, be sure to grab those at the bottom of the post too! 

Check Out Your Free Color By Number Addition Worksheet Packet!

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 1

This first simple addition color by number printable features an adorable puppy!

Help your student prepare for the activity by pulling out the different colors in the color key. Have the student color each crayon shape in the key with the appropriate color.

Read the directions at the top of the page and make sure the child knows what to do.

It is important that the child understands they should write their answers in pencil first, have you check the answers, THEN start coloring. 

This will prevent any frustration over mistakes. 

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 5

Coloring this cute turtle is such a fun way to work on addition with single digit numbers!

Remember to pull out the right color crayons/pencils for your student.

This especially helps if your student is prone to distraction and decides they want to follow their own color ideas.

Normally that’s fine in art, but in this case, it would make it hard to see how well they know their facts.  

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 6

This adorable crocodile definitely makes for a fun addition practice activity for your first grade students!

If you’re concerned about your student making mistakes or getting distracted with the activity, consider using erasable colored pencils.

I personally love using them with my own kids, and I love how easy they make it to erase color. 

If your student grabs the wrong color, writes the wrong number, or goes outside the lines, it will be an easy fix.

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 8

Who-who-who can figure out this printable color by number sheet?

I know that many other addition coloring pages have a pattern that kids can easily predict. My own kids have been able to easily crack similar activities – without actually doing the math work!

These pages have a unique design though, so tell your kids not to assume before they color.

For example, the talons of the owl are not all the same color. Do the facts one by one to make sure you have the right color.

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 7

This math worksheet is the last of the basic addition skills – 1-10. 

It features a rocket ship shooting off into space with planets, stars, the moon, and the sun all around it. 

There are even some cute emoji-style faces that will be fun for kids!

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 3

This bird is the first of the addition worksheets with facts going up to 20. 

Second grade students and other older kids will enjoy the challenge.

For an extra activity, consider creating answer keys so that the child can grade themselves.

Kids really appreciate and learn so much when able to check their work and make appropriate changes.

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 4

I think this fun color by number sheet is a great activity to do with a sweet treat!

Motivate your child with a scone, muffin, or small slice of cake when they finish coloring in their proper English tea cup. 

That will definitely make for a memorable math lesson!

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 2

Is your student really to dive into the jungle of math?!

Check out this bright, colorful toucan who is just waiting for the splashes of great colors coming its way!

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 9

Yes, these color by number sheets include seasonal addition fun!

This is the perfect way to learn in the winter, during a snow day, or after the Christmas break.

Addition Color By Number Worksheet - 10

This snow globe printable is the last in the packet and is perfect for all things holiday and winter.

Your child will love coloring all the small details and making a beautiful, snowy picture! 

Click Here To Download Your Free Addition Color By Number Pages!

Addition Color By Number Pin

Use the above text link/image link to go to a new window and download the free coloring worksheets in a pdf file. No email address or other personal information is required!

Terms of Use: The Simple Homeschooler printables are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. They are never to be used for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope that you and your student really enjoy the color by number worksheets for review or extra practice of these foundation math skills.

Kids of all ages need math fluency, so feel free to use them for independent work, morning work, early finishers, math centers, review work, or as a supplement to your favorite math fact curriculum.

Do you also need help with subtraction problems?

Check out the below addition and subtraction color by number activities!

It is the perfect way to review subtraction facts, while also retaining addition knowledge.

If you just want to work on subtraction facts, check out the subtraction color by numbers worksheets!


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