10 Free Subtraction Color By Number Worksheets: Easy Print!

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Does your 1st grade or 2nd grade student need to work on their subtraction facts…but they’re sick to death of subtraction worksheets?

If so, you are likely sick of handing them out and checking them.

My oldest daughter really struggled to learn her math facts, so I can relate to the need for a fun way to practice them. 

The below subtraction color by number printable worksheets are the perfect alternative to the “hum drum” of flash cards and timed drills!

The first five worksheets include facts that are 10 and below (5-3, 9-4, etc.).

The next five worksheets have harder problems (16-6, 19-6, etc.). These printables would be a good challenge for fast finishers or a perfect review for a 3rd grade or 4th grade student who needs to brush up on their skills.

Why Are Subtraction Skills So Important?

numbers and math problems around two young girls

This may seem like an obvious question that doesn’t deserve an answer.

But if your child is struggling, I wanted to remind you why this grind really is so important.

I mentioned above that my oldest really struggled with math skills. In fact, I actually asked a math teacher friend of mine if she really needed to learn her facts.

Couldn’t we just move on…and she’d learn them eventually. My friend gave me a pained look and explained in small words that simple addition and subtraction are the cornerstones of math. 

Moving forward would be extremely challenging without this basic knowledge. 

My daughter is now in 6th grade and it is interesting to see how right that teacher was. Looking at all the higher-level math…so much of it does boil down to basic operations. 

Putting the time in and doing the work with her on fact memorization has really paid off down the road. If your child is struggling like mine was, keep reading for tips on how I helped her to finally nail addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.

Check Out Your Free Subtraction Color By Number Worksheets!

Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 2

As you can see, the directions are at the top of the page and there is a color code for each of the math worksheets.

All the pages work for boys and girls, and there are even holiday ones included!

Using crayons for some of this worksheets might be a little too challenging for your kid’s fine motor skills. Consider using some erasable colored pencils for tight spaces and to help your child erase mistakes easily.

****I would also recommend making answer keys for quick grading. It won’t take long and your kid could even use it to grade and correct their own work.

Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 1

This monkey color by number worksheet is out of this world!

Tell your student to take their time as they answer each of the subtraction problems. 

Not all of the colors or answers may be what they are expecting. 

Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 3

Tips For Kids Struggling With Subtraction

Did you think your child was going to enjoy these color by number sheets, but they’re grumbling and frustrated instead? I have some simple tips to help!

If their addition facts are solid, I would recommend walking them through each math problem like it is a number family question. 

For example, If they are struggling with 10-3, ask them what 3 + ? = 10 is. I always tell my own children that if you can subtract one way, you can add the other way. 

This technique has been extremely helpful with my own kids because it helps them realize that they don’t need to memorize a whole new set of facts.

They just need to find the missing number in the problem.

Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 5

If your kid isn’t strong in their addition facts, then I would recommend working on those before moving on to subtraction. 

When kids move too fast through the facts, they never learn them solidly and are always second-guessing themselves.

It will also make mental math much more difficult later. This is my go-to resource to learn basic math facts. It is a game-based, low-pressure way to learn all of the facts.

It helped my younger two kids so much that I never had to formally teach subtraction. They knew their number families that well.

My older daughter did their multiplication program and I never had to teach her division facts. She just understood the number bonds that well. 

Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 4

This summer color by number subtraction printable is perfect for kids who love fun in the sun!

All of the details of the sandcastle, digging tools, beach ball, and umbrella provide a ton of math equations for your student to work through. The finished product will be a full page summer fun picture!


Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 6

This is the first of the two-digit subtraction color by number pages.

Depending on where your child is at, tell them it’s okay to work the problem out on scratch paper. You could also work with them on counting backward or number families as discussed earlier. 

Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 7If your child is solid in their subtraction facts, these fun sheets are still great for a morning work warm-up or a review after a long break.

Things do get rusty, so everyone can use a refresher from time to time.

Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 8

Or maybe you just need a light activity for a holiday party! 

Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 9


Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet 10


Click Here To Download Your Subtraction Color By Number Coloring Pages!

Terms of Use: These worksheets are only to be used for classroom, homeschool, co-op, and personal use. No commercial use of these sheets is authorized. Thank you!

The above download link will take you to a pdf file. You can easily print all 10 pages and make your own coloring book for your student!

All grade levels who need to work on their subtraction skills will love the break from worksheet monotony. 

Your creative kids will be delighted to mix art with math!

The struggling kids will enjoy a break from the timed drills.

And you can put your feet up and enjoy not hearing groans during math practice today!

Seriously, I hope you enjoy the color by number worksheets and you head back soon to my blog for more printables, reviews, and teaching tips!

You will find an entire library of free resources in the Activities and Printables tab of this blog, so be sure to scroll through and see what works for you and your students!

If you do use flashcards from time to time, be sure to check out these fun flashcard games.

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