10 Multiplication Coloring Worksheets: Free & Instant Download!

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Does your 3rd grade student hate practicing their multiplication facts?

Wish there was a fun way to review multiplication tables?

Oh, how I know that pain.

Learning math facts just about broke our homeschool, but with a little bit of grit, creativity, and positivity we managed to make our way through!

In fact, I never taught basic division problems because my daughter’s understanding of multiplication fact families was so solid. 

The work you’re putting in will be worth it!

Keep focusing on making math fun with flashcard games, math board games, and fun resources like Times Tales and Multiplication Facts That Stick.

Multiplication coloring worksheets are also a great way to get some extra practice, sharpen math skills, fine motor skills, and build fact fluency for your third grader! 

How To Use Your Free Multiplication Coloring Worksheets


Feel free to use these multiplication coloring sheets for some math fun during major holidays, as a homework assignment, as independent work, math center activity, or just as a practice review to mix up your day!

I tried to provide a variety of pictures that would appeal to different kids. You will see things like ice cream, butterflies, birds, a house, etc.

Each fun math worksheet also has a wide variety of facts to 

It is designed for a 3rd grader, but could also be used as a review for a 4th or 5th grade student who needs some refreshing after a long school break. 

The top of the page of each worksheet has simple instructions for your student to follow.

Grab a handful of different colors – crayons, colored pencils, or markers – and get started!

****I would recommend making your own answer keys so that you can check them quickly. You could also give your student the answer key and they could check it themselves.

Enjoy Your Multiplication Coloring Sheets!

Sowman Multiplication Coloring Sheet 1

This snowman sheet is perfect to pull out during the holiday season to give your school a little festive cheer!

Rainbow Multipliction Coloring Worksheet 3

I love this rainbow math page for St. Patrick’s Day, rainy days, to go along with science units about light, or even after art lessons about the color wheel. A very versatile way to slip in some review!

butterfly multiplication coloring sheet 2

You can tell your student that this butterfly might have some surprises. Make sure they answer their math questions carefully and see what the butterfly looks like.

****The surprise is that the butterfly is not symmetrical. This will help you see if your child is rushing through, or really thinking through their answers.

Fish Multiplication Coloring Page

Does this fish look like Nemo? Or something else completely? Your student will have to dig into their multiplication practice to find out!

Flower Multiplication Coloring Worksheet 7

Your student will have a great time seeing this multi-colored flower come to life!

House Multiplication Coloring Worksheet 8

Does this house look like any other one on the street? Or is it a little wackier? Have your student start coloring to find out!

Fruit Bowl Multiplication Coloring Worksheet

Make sure you have your pencil sharpers on hand and some colored pencils to carefully color in each of these spaces.

The stems are so tiny that a math fact could not fit.

But could your student come up with their own multiplication facts for using the color brown??

Bird Multiplication Coloring Page

Have an animal lover in the house? Or doing a bird unit for school? This is the perfect tie-in for your math lesson!

Ice Cream Multiplicatin Coloring Page

Maybe doing a little summer review to keep skills up?

Encourage your kids to find out what flavor ice cream is in this picture and see how beautiful the multi-colored cone turns out to be!

Flower and Sun Multiplication Coloring Worksheet

Working through a year of botany? Or learning about how plants grow? I love this coloring page for an easy transition to math skills!

Click Here To Download Your Multiplication Coloring Worksheet Packet

I hope you and your kids love these free printables and they actually enjoy working on their multiplication problems!

Hopefully, they realize that math problems and math practice are not all bad – you can have a little fun with it. 

If you have a super creative kid, encourage them to draw their own coloring page with facts for you to solve!

The more they work, practice, and review, the more solid their skills will get. And these essential skills will come in oh so handy as they continue through their math journey. 

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