Ultimate Treasure Trove of Free Homeschool Curriculum & Resources!

Free homeschool curriculum and resources is a must for any homeschool family working on a budget.

I knew this, but it became shockingly more clear when a tutoring company reached out to me a while ago to promote their services to my readers.

They thought they would be a good fit for my audience…and they said they’d pay me $100-$200 for each person I signed up to their program. 

My “nonsense meter” was going off like crazy, but I clicked through to their website anyway. 

Sure enough, they were willing to virtually tutor your kid for a mere $500/month commitment. 

Did I mention they offer tutoring for K-12…So they could potentially be charging some family $500/month + the cost of curriculum to tutor a 5-year-old!

I did not even respond to the company because I couldn’t find anything nice to say. 

There are companies popping up all over the place that are looking to cash in on the homeschooling craze, and frankly, it makes me sick. 

Homeschooling parents are typically not rich – quite the opposite actually.

They are often one-income households that make tremendous financial sacrifices to provide the best education for their kids.

So We Need the Free Homeschool Curriculum & Resources!

Is homeschooling squeezing your wallet a little too much? It can add it up fast! Thankfully we are homeschooling in a time when the internet is literally overflowing with free homeschool resources! Check out this ultimate list to find all the free resources, printables, lessons, games, and more that is out there!

Yes, you are going to need help along the way as you homeschool your kids. There will be challenges to overcome, but it doesn’t have to be a monthly car payment to get help.

Below I have carefully laid out the free homeschool curriculum & resources I have used, I currently use, my friends use, and that I have bookmarked for the future. 

You will find help for homeschooling math, language arts, geography, foreign language, typing, reading, science, literature, vocabulary, coding, and much, much more!

Yes, I just said coding!

Be warned, it is a really long list. Before your kid distracts you and you click away from this post, be sure to save it and share it with your homeschool besties!

18+ Free Homeschool Curriculum & Resources You Will Actually Use:

1. DuoLingo

DuoLingo Homepage

DuoLingo is a free app that teaches tons of languages for kids and adults through games.

I do not speak a word of Spanish, but Spanish is one of my 4th grader’s favorite subjects thanks to this free homeschool resource!

I have offered to buy her Rosetta Stone for Homeschoolers, but she says she just really loves her DuoLingo Lessons – and my homeschool budget loves that!

As an added bonus, one of my public school mom friends told me that her middle schooler is using DuoLingo in the classroom for their Spanish instruction. 

I was shocked, but at the same time not surprised. The app is free, user-friendly, fun, and it really teaches Spanish!

2. Kidztype

Kidztype homepage homeschool resource

If your kid is fluently reading and writing, then they should be learning to type. It is no too early, trust me.

Yes, you can buy an online curriculum…or you can use the super fun and FREE games at Kidztype to get them typing fluently!

My 4th grader is completely independent with this program is always proud to show off her 98% accuracy!

She uses her typing skills from this free homeschool resource to type final drafts of her papers and other assignments. 

3. Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster How to Read

What homeschool mom has not invested in ABC Mouse, Reading Eggs, or Homer in hopes that it would “flip the switch” for their kid with reading?

**Hand raised!**

Teach Your Monster to Read is an adorable FREE homeschool resource from Usborne Books and my 2 younger kids love it!

My youngest actually kicked this awesome pre-reading curriculum to the curb and started reading Bob Books and Explode the Code workbooks like a boss – and I think “Teach Your Monster to Read” has a lot to do with it. 

****Playing the game on your computer is free, but the app is $4.99 to download on your phone.

4. Mathplayground

Math playground games free homeschool resource

If your kid needs math practice, there is no shortage of free homeschool resources online to help you out!

Mathplayground allows you to play math games for grades 1st-6th – no account, sign in, or email required!

There is so much variety that is almost overwhelming! Your kids will love hanging out on this playground to sharpen their math skills! 

You could easily use Mathplayground to practice concepts, as a reward for completing math at the end of the day, or as a “Fun Friday” math option.

5. Xtramath


If you are looking for a free homeschool resource that is a little more structured and focused on math facts – then you need to check out Xtramath

You will be treated to a real teacher taking your kid step by step through mastering their math facts. You can set up an account (for free) and track their progress too! 

Here is how it works: Your kid will take an assessment quiz to see what they know and what they don’t know. Then Xtramath will create a customized lesson plan to help your kid master the facts they are struggling with. 

The lesson also includes a fun game of “Race the Teacher.”

It is not as game focused or colorful as Mathplayground, but once your child solidly learns their facts, they will probably find mathplayground to be much more fun!

5. High-Quality Science Youtube Videos

Youtube science channels for kids

My kids grasp science concepts so much better when they are able to SEE it in action.

We love watching this hilarious cartoon duo on Youtube for all things anatomy.

My girls also love the short, sweet, information-packed videos at SciShow Kids!

You can also search for full episodes of Wild Kratts on Youtube. These shows will have your kids using (and understanding!) 75 cent words like bioluminescence!

If your kids are animal crazy and already maxed out all the Wild Kratts shows, you HAVE to start watching Coyote Peterson and his Brave Wilderness channel. He is like Wild Kratts on steroids! My kids are obsessed with him and learning so much!

When in doubt, just search your science topic on YouTube and you are sure to find an amazing video that will bring it to life for your kids! As an example, I just searched this morning for a respiratory system video for our lesson today. I had tried to explain how we breathe yesterday by drawing it on our whiteboard, using pictures, and even doing an exercise experiment for breathing rate.

But I think the visuals in this Operation Ouch video will really send the concept home when they see a real diaphragm in action!

6. Read Aloud Books on YouTube

Youtube read aloud books for homeschoolers

Maybe I am super late to the party, but I had no idea that you could search kids books on YouTube! I don’t remember how I discovered this free homeschool resource gem of information, but it has helped me so much – especially in the age of COVID and library closures. 

Do you have a certain history or science topic you want your kids to learn about? 

A federal holiday you forgot about, but still want to throw a lesson plan together for?

Or do you have a mile-long book list in the back of a teacher’s manual that you can never remember to order from the library?

Well, Youtube has a new trick for you! 

Just search Youtube for your topic (“President’s Day books for kids”) or the specific name of a book (“Pete the Cat: Valentines Day is Cool”).

If you have no specific books in mind, you can also just search “Books read aloud for kids” and you will get a ton of options!

7. Library Books

girl at library with free homeschool resources

Yes, I’m still talking about library books. 

I am a bit passionate about the subject! 

One of my more popular blog posts is about how I saved almost $8,000 on homeschooling supplies with a library card

If you don’t have a library card (or you don’t use it regularly) – you need to read that article!

There is an ocean of free homeschool resources at your local library (or on your library’s website!) that you need to be taking advantage of!

8. Story TykeStory Tyke free homeschool resource

Story Tyke is an outstanding new email service that I just discovered a few months ago. All you do is subscribe to their services (give them your email) and Story Tyke will start sending you an email every weekday with a clever story to read aloud to your kids!

The creators of Story Tyke believe in the importance of using storytelling with no images in order to increase imagination, attention span, and creativity in kids.

And I love that it’s a free homeschool resource – that is ideal for the age of COVID (a al all the libraries are shut down)!

I have been using Story Tyke for months and I can happily report that there are no weird agendas in the stories, no attempts to upset you to a paid account, and no random emails coming because they sold my email address. 

Definitely take advantage of this free email service and use its power for good in your homeschool. You can subscribe for stories here.

9. LakeShore Learning

Lakeshore Learning free homeschool resources

LakeShore Learning is a whale of free homeschool resource!

The website initially just looks like a shop for all their educational toys and materials, BUT when you click on their “Resources” tab it will show you a drop down menu from homeschool heaven!

You will be able to directly print off from their site all kinds of things like worksheets, simple craft ideas, writing templates, award certificates, and a lot more.

My two personal favorite things are the writing prompt calendar (so many good ideas for journal assignments!!) and the make your own flash cards.

Yes, you can actually design and print your own flash cards with whatever you want on them. 

LakeShore Learning is definitely something you want to have tucked up your homeschool sleeve!

10. Geography Quests

Free Geography resource for homeschoolers

This is a super fun, hands on way to teach geography in your homeschool!

Blog She Wrote offers over 40 FREE geography quests that will get your kid digging into resources to find answers!

Some of the stand out Quests to me were: Snake Pit, Safari, National Parks, and World Travel Treasure Hunt.

Sounds pretty cool, right?!

Multiple ages can use these quests and the creator encourages homeschool families to work together and make it a group project. 

11. Vocabulary.com

Free vocabulary resource for homeschoolers

I was a bit annoyed when I stumbled onto Vocabulary.com. I had just bought a workbook for my 4th grader to work on vocabulary, and then I discover that I could have done it online for free. 

And it looks more fun than the workbook. 


Well, at least you won’t make my mistake. 

Be warned though, Vocabulary.com is a bit addictive! I was checking it out, and I found myself playing the games and answering all the questions myself! 

As a plus, you also get daily emails with vocabulary questions for your kid.

12. Free Unit Studies

Free homeschool resource - unit studies!

We do not use Unit Studies in our homeschool, but I know that many of you do!

So, I found this ridiculously huge list of free unit study materials that I had to pass on!

There really is something for everybody in the this massive list of over 100 free unit studies. As I said, I don’t even use unit studies in my homeschool, but I found myself clicking the 50 States Unit Study to check it out! 

13. PBSLearningMedia

PBS Learning Media

My kids love a good PBS show, but I had never heard of PBSLearning till recently. The site was actually designed with teachers in mind, but that doesn’t mean your homeschool can’t use the incredible free resources being offered!

You can easily search the site by subject (science, social studies, language arts, art, world languages, engineering & technology, and health and physical education) or by grade for a free videos, lesson plans, and interactives!

I love the idea of using this site as curriculum, a supplement to curriculum you already have, or as something for your kids to explore and learn more about things they didn’t even know they were interested in!

14. Khan Academy

Khan Academy website Free Homeschool math resource

If you haven’t heard of Khan Academy for homeschool math (and other subjects!) – then prepare your homeschool budget for a treat!

This completely free online homeschool resource has a pretty killer mission statement: “We’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”

You can sign up for a free account and have access to tons of videos, math problems, and quizzes. 

I have heard of some families using this as their primary math curriculum and others using it as a supplement to help a child through something they are struggling with. 

It is very easy to access your kid’s grade and then cherry pick which lessons you want to work on. Your kid will also enjoy earning “energy points” and “leveling up!”

Definitely bookmark this website for the future!

15. Code.org

Free Coding Resource for homeschoolers

My husband is pretty passionate about our kids learning to code.

He doesn’t want them to fall behind their peers…but I really don’t want to teach this. Blessedly, I was able to find a free homeschool resource that will teach my kid for me! 

Code.org is used in school all over the country and you can use it in your homeschool too! They offer courses for ages K-12. 

When you sign up for a free account, sign up as a student and indicate that you are the parent/guardian making the account – and that’s it! 

My rising 5th grader will definitely be adding this to her summer learning this year!


ABCYA.com free homeschool homeschool resource

ABCYA is such a fun way to supplement and reinforce core skills with kids. 

This free homeschool resource (yes there is an option to upgrade to a premium version, but you don’t have to!) offers a ridiculous amount of fun games for grades K-6+. 

Once you have clicked on the right grade, you can also click on the subject you want to work on – math, science, language arts, typing, social studies, science, art, and music! 

It’s a lot to choose from! You may want to get on here and search for the specific game you want to help reinforce a lesson or provide a extra practice. Or you may want to offer free reign of the games as a reward for completing schoolwork.

17. Music in Our Homeschool

Music in our homeschool curriculum for a 4th grade, 1st grade, and Pre K

“Music in Our Homeschool” is a music curriculum created by Gena Mayo – a music teacher with over 20 years of experience!

I use her paid program in my homeschool, but she also offers an extensive list of freebies!

Check out this link for over 40+ FREE homeschool music lessons!

These are not your standard snooze classical lessons. Your kid will be learning about music from the Olympics, Star Wars, and musicals such as “Annie” and “Hamilton.”

It really brought music to life in our homeschool!

18. The Good and the Beautiful Free Curriculum Downloads

The Good and the Beautiful free homeschool logo

The Good and the Beautiful offers free math, science, and langauge arts curriculum!

This curriculum is the SAME as their paid products, but you have to download it and print it yourself. They have generously offered this resource to parents who want to homeschool, but have a tight budget. 

Click on this link to go straight to their free curriculum and other free homeschool resources! 

A Quick (But Important!) Tip About Using Free Online Homeschool Games

It is very tempting to take these free educational games and run wild with them. You will want to let your kid have free reign with them 24/7 because they’re “learning something.”

As you probably know from past experience, your kid will be super engaged for a burst of time…and then burn out and no longer want to play. 

You are left irritated and wondering why your kid doesn’t want to learn anymore.

So what’s the problem?

You have to restrict access to the super fun, educational online games. You have to leave them wanting more. Begging for more. 

In my house, my kids are only allowed to play their online games for math, typing, and other things during school hours and only for an agreed amount of time (10-20 minutes depending on the game). This irritates my kids, but it keeps the game desirable and keeps them engaged.

Just the other day, my 1st grader whined that she wants to play her math fact game “every day and all day!” I said, “I know, it is really fun. But only during school hours and only until the timer goes off.” 

More Free Homeschool Resources!

Sign for Free Stuff

Keep the budget ball rolling and check out these incredible FREE homeschool resources and printables!

Easy Peasy Homeschool Curriculum – completely free curriculum!

Heart and Soul Homeschooling – Free Lapbooks for every subject!

123Homeschool4Me – an ocean of great information and printables! 

WeAreTeachers – a site meant for teachers, but you can still take advantage of the great articles and ideas!

Free Virtual Field Trips – There are some outstanding experiences for your kids here!

Free Homeschool Planner – Get your homeschool organized and on track!

Virtual Homeschool Group – This is a free homeschool co-op with a shocking amount of depth and resources!

HomeschoolShare – Hundreds of free lap books and unit studies!

Walking by the Way – Free copywork pages!

Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages Printable – Instant download coloring pages from the top 10 most popular Dr. Seuss books!

Humility and Doxology – One year of free memory work on famous speeches, documents, and poetry!

Fortune Cookie Mom – Free printable and resources to teach Chinese!

Hess Unacademy – A mountain of free worksheets (math, language arts, science, and writing) and printables!

Blog She Wrote – Free Lessons on how to use a microscope and free printable microscope observation sheets!

Need Even More Free Homeschool Resources???

More Free Homeschool Resources

Check out the following posts from my homeschooling blogging friends for all of their favorite and trusted freebies:

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Recap Free Homeschool Resources

If some company tells you that you need to shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars on top of your curriculum to homeschool your kid – walk away

So many women have gone before you and successfully homeschooled their kids (even before the internet!) without all the mumbo jumbo people are selling today.

Don’t fall for the hype!

Talk to women in your homeschool community, find out what people are using, swap resources, check out used curriculum, milk the internet for everything it’s worth, and use the library for everything it was intended for! 

Save your big dollars for out of this world field trips and the vacation you will so deserve when you graduate your babies! 

Are you using some awesome free or almost free homeschool resources that I haven’t listed? 

Be sure to share your knowledge in the comments below! 

Want to save this boatload of information for later?

Genius idea.

Just pin this article to your favorite Pinterest Board and share with your homeschooling friends and followers! 

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