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Free Homeschool Planner You will Actually Use!

Are you looking for a free homeschool planner?

Something simple, downloadable, and printable to get your year started off on the right foot?

There are A LOT of homeschool planners out there and I have to tell you that most of them give me anxiety when I look at them.

So many complicated charts and tiny writing! An overwhelming amount of information that makes you feel insecure before you even start.

I am going into my third year of homeschooling and let me tell you – you don’t need all that!

I decided to create something that is simple, practical, easy to use, and a little fun 🙂

mock up of free printable homeschooler planner

Here is what is inside my free homeschool planner:

  • Goals and Mission Statement worksheet
  • Plan your Week
  • Week at a Glance
  • Year Calendar for a Bird’s eye view
  • Lesson Plan Template
  • Book List/Read Aloud Printable
  • Field Trip Planner
  • School Supply Shopping List Printable
  • Monthly Calendar Sheets
  • Bonus Subject Printable to add flexible structure to your day!

And because homeschooling is a lifestyle, I threw in these practical bonuses:

  • Chore Chart
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Menu Plan Printable with Grocery List

And for fun:

  • Thankful Printable to keep track of the high points of your year
  • Advice to Remember Printable
  • and Extra Notes sheet

Don’t worry, there are directions for every page. I also add my email address so that you can reach out with any questions that may come up.

You will love this homeschool planner if…

  • You want a homeschool planner in your hand today
  • You like simple, easy to follow planning methods
  • You value routine and flexible structure over tight schedules
  • You like bright colors that are still easy on the printer
  • You want an undated planner that you can print and use again next year
  • The word “free” puts a sparkle in your eye

You will hate this homeschool planner if…

  • You like things that come in the mail days later
  • You love lots of detailed spreadsheets with rigid structure
  • Black and white are your favorite colors
  • You want a dated planner, so you have to look for a new planner next year
  • You don’t like extra bonuses
  • You like to pay money for stuff

What are you waiting for?

Planning your homeschool year can be overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be! Check out this free printable homeschool planner you can download today! It is simple, practical and just the thing to get you organized and ready! It is also packed with tons of extras to make sure your year starts with awesome!


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