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Free Printable Homeschool Planner You Will Actually Use!

Free Printable Homeschool Planner Pin

Are you looking for a free printable homeschool planner?

Something simple and downloadable to get your homeschool year started off on the right foot?

There are A LOT of free homeschool planners out there and I have to tell you that most of them give me anxiety when I look at them.

So many complicated charts and tiny writing! An overwhelming amount of information that makes you feel insecure before you even start.

The homeschool mom definitely does not need more overwhelm, and that is a fact. 

I am going into my sixth year of homeschooling and let me tell you some good news – you don’t need all the stuff in those free planners!

I decided to create something that is simple, practical, easy to use, and a little fun 🙂

Here Are The Planner Pages Inside My Ultimate Homeschool Planner:

Homeschool Planner Mock Up

  • Goals and Mission Statement Worksheet

This printable helps you to sit down and really think about what you’re about to do. Whether it’s your first year of homeschooling or your 10th, that is some time well spent. 

It is also a great record to have on hand to compare last year with next year’s goals and progress.

  • Plan Your Week

Plan Your Week gives you the space to actually write down what subjects/lessons you want to cover each week.

It will also help you start thinking through how you want to plan out those subjects – which ones will be daily subjects, and which ones don’t need to be taught daily.

It will feel great to take that swirling information out of your head and write it down! 

  • Weekly Planning PagesPlan Your Week Sign

These printable pages go along with Plan Your Week. Here is where you can start penciling in what you want your typical homeschool schedule throughout the week to look like. 

What day will co-op be on? 

Which day is best for appointments and errands?

Which subjects will be taught on which days?

Which nights are crazy with sports?

This is a no-judgement zone, so feel free to erase, rearrange, draw arrows, and change this up as often as necessary. 

  • Year Calendar for a Bird’s eye view – also good for an attendance tracker!

I love this!

It is so helpful to me to look at an entire school year for long-range planning.

I usually use a marker or highlighter to mark weeks that I *intend* to do school. The blank weeks are for vacations, days off, family visiting, etc. 

  • Lesson Plans Template

Too easy way to keep all your lessons straight!

You can fill in your own subjects, and print as many as you like. 

Older kids may prefer a different version of this. See this post for more information about an independent learning printable to keep your kid organized and motivated.

  • Reading Log / Read Aloud Book Lists Printable

Books list for free homeschool plannerThis is a great way to keep track of what books your kids are reading (evaluators love that!) as well as what you may be reading aloud to them!

I know I often forget by the end of the year what great literature we’ve been through – “Was it last year or this year that we read Little Women??”

This way you can easily keep a record and get credit for your awesomeness!

  • Printable to Plan and Organize Field Trips

Field trips (well good ones) rarely plan themselves.

This page will help you brainstorm and then prioritize all the awesome places you want to go this year!

  • School Supplies Shopping List Printable

homeschool shopping list suppliesThose public school parents won’t be the only ones with a snazzy shopping list in the Walmart aisle!

This free planner printable will help you organize your homeschool materials by needs, wants, and what can wait till later. 

Your budget will thank you!

This is my recommended homeschool supply list for reference.

  • Monthly Calendar SheetsMonthly calendar pages for homeschool planner

Here you have monthly calendars to help with more long-range planning.

You can use it for everything from co-op, sports, appointments, lessons, playdates, time-off, and whatever else you need.

  • Bonus Subject Printable To Add Flexible Structure To Your Day!Surprise Starburst Word

This little secret really helps me stay organized, consistent, and productive!

It is what I use instead of a daily schedule page – because things can get a little chaotic most days. 

I know you’ll love how simple and effective it is. 

And because homeschooling is a lifestyle, I threw in these practical bonus free printables:

  • Chore Chart

  • Cleaning Schedule

  • Menu Plan Printable with Grocery List

And for fun:

  • Thankful Printable to keep track of the high points of your year

  • Advice to Remember Printable

  • and Extra Notes Sheet

Don’t worry, there are directions for every page. I also added my email address so that you can reach out with any questions that may come up.

All you need to do is pop it in a 3-ring binder and get going!

Who Does This Free Printable Homeschool Planner Work For?

People Working on a Planner

Whether you are a first year homeschooler, a seasoned homeschooler, you have elementary-level kids, high school kids, middle school kids, you love unit studies, you love classical homeschooling, or a mix of all of those things – this planner will work for you! 

I know there are different types of planners that try to cater to the many different homeschool preferences, but all homeschool families are different! 

So this free resource planner is designed to work for you – not against you.

If you want to plan everything out a year in advance, you can do that!

If you want to plan the week’s lessons on Sunday evening (my preference!) – you can do that too!

If you love homeschool lesson planners, you can write out all the lesson plans you want.

If you use a box curriculum that does your lesson plans for you – then just don’t print the lesson plan pages. 

Feel free (with no judgment) to subtract or add whatever you like to make your school days and homeschool schedule run (mostly) smoothly.  

You will love this free printable homeschool planner if…


  • You want a homeschool planner in your hand today
  • You like simple, easy-to-follow planning methods
  • You value routine and flexible structure over tight schedules
  • You like bright colors that are still easy on the printer
  • You want an undated planner that you can print and use again next year
  • The word “free” puts a sparkle in your eye

You will hate this homeschool planner if…

  • You like things that come in the mail days later
  • You love lots of detailed spreadsheets with rigid structure
  • Black and white are your favorite colors
  • You want a dated planner, so you have to look for a new planner next year
  • You don’t like extra bonuses
  • You like to pay money for stuff

What are you waiting for?

Take advantage of these daily planning pages and get your own planner today!


Make sure to share this with all your homeschool friends and followers! 🙂

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