17 Clean Chapter Book Series for Girls!

Looking for a clean chapter book series for your elementary-aged girl?

It can be very discouraging these days to survey the books out there that do not teach or encourage the things that you would like to see in your kids.

Books seemed to be filled with mean girls, dark themes, bad attitudes, and disrespect – not the kind of thing we want our kids soaking in, that’s for sure.

But at the same time, we want our girls to love reading! We want them to be swept away in a chapter book series that they just can’t get enough of.

There are a lot of options out there!

The 17 clean chapter series below cover all elementary reading levels (the reading levels are taken from the information that Amazon provided).

I also tell you how many books are currently in the series and a synopsis of the first book with a link, so you don’t have to go hunting for that.

Enjoy the list and happy reading!

17 Squeaky Clean Book Series for Girls!

1. Princess Posey Chapter Book Series

The Princess Posey Series has 12 books and is for the K – 3rd grade reading level.

This was the first chapter book series my daughter read and it was absolutely perfect for her reading level. It also gave her the confidence to move on to more challenging books.

The print is large, there are plenty of pictures, and the plot was interesting to my daughter.

The stories center around Posey – a shy, sweet, and creative little girl, who is making her way through the ups and downs of first grade. Here is the synopsis for the first book Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade:

“Posey is really nervous about starting first grade. Instead of getting walked to her classroom, her mom has to drop her off at the Kiss-and-Go Lane. Then she’ll have to walk into school and face the Monster of the Blue Hall all by herself. Worst of all, she has to do it without the one thing that always makes her feel brave and special: the tutu that turns her into the Pink Princess. But when Posey inspires her new teacher to throw a first-day parade in which all the kids are invited to wear whatever makes them feel the most comfortable, first grade starts to look a lot more promising.”

2. Circle C Series – Beginning, Stepping Stone, Adventures, and Milestones

Circle C Beginnings, 6-book set
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The Circle C Beginning series is a fantastic, clean chapter book series that can grow with your daughter (the books were written by a homeschooling mom!).

The series contains 6 books and is written for the 1st – 3rd grade reading level.

The books follow the lovable and unintentionally mischievous, Andi, and is set in the 1870s at the Circle C Ranch. She is the youngest in the family and desperately wants a horse of her very own. Here is the synopsis of the first book Andi’s Pony Trouble:

“No more ponies! Andi wants a horse of her own more than anything. But Mother says Andi has to ride pokey old Coco. Andi is sure she’s big enough for a horse–even if she’s not so good at remembering to care for Coco. Can Andi show her family she’s ready for her own horse? Or will she always be stuck riding a worn-out, hand-me-down pony?”

The fun thing about these books is that your daughter can grow with Andi!

After you’re done with the Beginning Series, your daughter can follow Andi’s adventures into the Circle C Stepping Stone Series.

This series contains 6 books is written to the 3rd – 4th grade reading level. Here is a synopsis of Book #1: Andi Saddles Up:

“Andi Carter has just turned nine. She and her palomino, Taffy, are old enough to be a real horse-and-rider pair at last! With a beautiful new saddle, Andi’s sure she is ready to learn to trick ride like her friend Riley used to do before he left the ranch.

Sadly, big brother Chad knocks down any trick-riding plans, but Andi cheers up when she discovers a new friend at her special spot. Her fun with Sadie is soon threatened, though. They are caught in the middle of a boundary quarrel between the two families. Both Sadie’s pa and Chad are stubborn as mules and neither will back down.”

When your daughter finishes those books, she can graduate to the Circle C Adventures Series.

The Circle C Adventures series contains 6 books and is for the 4th-6th grade reading level.

Here is a synopsis of Book #1: Long Ride Home:

“Twelve-year-old “Andi” Carter attracts trouble the way her palomino horse, Taffy, attracts flies on a hot summer day. Lately, she can’t do anything right, from forgetting important chores to putting herself in danger with her brother Chad’s wild stallion. After a particularly scary incident where Andi gets in trouble once again, she wonders if her family would be better off without her. So she saddles up Taffy and leaves the Circle C ranch.

But her escape quickly leads to frightening encounters with a horse thief and a vicious young lady. Turns out life on her own is downright terrifying! Home is where Andi belongs, but how can she go back without her beloved mare?’

And the last Circle C Series is Circle C Milestones

The Circle C Milestones series contains 6 books and is for ages 12 and up.

Here is a synopsis of the first book – Thick as Thieves:

“Fourteen-year-old Andrea Carter would rather ride her beloved palomino, Taffy, than do anything else. But life on the Circle C ranch in 1882 is busy. Between school and chores, Andi is left with little time to prepare for Taffy’s first foaling. Then when the event finally arrives, it nearly ends in disaster.

Returning to school keeps Andi hard-pressed to find time for foal training. And she now has a new problem on her hands–Macy Walker, who has been assigned as Andi’s seatmate. The new girl’s crude manners and cruel behavior bring storm clouds into Andi’s life, as does the news that cattle rustlers have moved into the valley.

When the cattle rustlers turn to stealing horses and strike the Carter ranch, Andi’s only hope for recovering her precious colts lies with Macy. Can Andi trust this wild girl? Does she have a choice?”

3. Little House Chapter Book Series

This is a classic, clean chapter book series that still captures imaginations today!

There are 9 books in the Little House Series and they are written at the 3rd – 7th grade reading level.

My kids have loved diving into the world of Laura and her family as they live in their little house on the American frontier.

You can start with the first book: Little House in the Big Woods

“Little House in the Big Woods takes place in 1871 and introduces us to four-year-old Laura, who lives in a log cabin on the edge of the Big Woods of Wisconsin. She shares the cabin with her Pa, her Ma, her sisters Mary and Carrie, and their lovable dog, Jack.

Pioneer life isn’t easy for the Ingalls family, since they must grow or catch all their own food as they get ready for the cold winter. But they make the best of every tough situation. They celebrate Christmas with homemade toys and treats, do their spring planting, bring in the harvest in the fall, and make their first trip into town. And every night, safe and warm in their little house, the sound of Pa’s fiddle lulls Laura and her sisters into sleep.”

4. The Boxcar Children Chapter Book Series

The Boxcar Children Series was a huge favorite of mine as a kid. I had dozens of these books and loved reading each one!

There are dozens of books in the series now and they are written for the 1st – 5th grade reading level.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, check out the synopsis of Book #1: The Boxcar Children

“Four young orphans discover an abandoned boxcar and move in, embarking on a life of self-reliance and hard work — but they also enter a world of freedom and adventure. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are afraid of the grandfather they’ve never met, and to escape his custody they set out on their own, working odd jobs to make money for necessities. When Violet falls ill, they’re forced to take her to a doctor . . . and risk losing their independence.”

5. Faith Girlz Book Series

Faith Girlz actually contains multiple clean chapter-book series that your girls will love!

There is quite a lot to choose from with these faith-based books.

Check out all these amazing series:

Glimmer Girls – (written by Natalie Grant)

From Grammy-award winning musical artist Natalie Grant comes the Glimmer Girls! Readers meet 10-year-old twins Mia and Maddie and their sidekick little sister, LuLu, as they embark on international adventure and mischief thanks to their famous mom who travels all over the world singing beautiful songs.

In Miracle in Music City, join twins Mia and Maddie and their sidekick little sister, LuLu, as they embark on another adventure, this time in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee! There’s a bit of mystery to solve for Mia, Maddie, Lulu, and Miss Julie too, when the main item in a benefit auction goes missing.”

Princess in Camo – (written by Duck Dynasty’s Missy and Mia Robertson)

“Book one in the Faithgirlz Princess in Camo series, Allie’s Bayou Rescue is sure to capture the imagination of young readers as they follow adventurous Allie Carroway and her cousins as they experience life in the Louisiana Bayou and on the television screen as reality TV stars.

Written by reality TV stars Missy and Mia Robertson, Allie’s Bayou Rescue is the introduction to Allie Carroway, a twelve-year-old asthmatic with a severe peanut allergy who has a lot to overcome. But with the love and support of her fun cousins and the rest of the extended family that she loves and stars with in the reality TV show Carried Away with the Carroways, Allie lives every day to the fullest with lots of love and laughter.”

The Good News Shoes

“If you’re gonna run for your life, you gotta wear the right shoes.

Riley Mae Hart loves sports and action―so when the Swiftriver Shoe Company offers her a contract to be the spokesperson for their new outdoor sport collection, she jumps at the chance. Soon she’s appearing in commercials and magazine ads, and every girl in town wants to wear Riley Mae shoes. Well, except for Riley. Because walking in those shoes means missing out on softball season, making her best friend, TJ, mad, and embarrassing her new friend, Rusty. It also means sneaking around, hiding, and keeping secrets―because something isn’t quite right at Swiftriver. But a contract’s a contract, so Riley laces up her “Rock Shocker” hiking boots for a climb up Half-Dome in Yosemite. Will they be the right shoes to get her back on solid ground?”

The Girls of Harbor View

“Written by bestselling author Melody Carlson. Meet Morgan, Amy, Carlie, and Emily. They all live in the trailer park at 622 Harbor View in tiny Boscoe Bay, Oregon. Proximity made them friends, but a desire to make the world a better place—and a willingness to work at it—keeps them together.In the first book of this series, Project: Girl Power,bullies knock Emily from her bike on her way home from school, so the girls start walking together because there’s safety in numbers. With help from other people in the park, they set out to beautify Harbor View. In book two, Project: Mystery Bus, the girls begin summer by working to clean and restore their bus to use as a clubhouse. And thus begins the Rainbow Club.”

6. Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book Series

Who doesn’t love Amelia Bedelia?! She is the quirky, lovable character that always makes you think twice about common sayings.

The Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book Series has 12 books and is written to the 1st – 5th grade reading level.

Check out the synopsis of Book #1 Amelia Bedelia Means Business:

“Amelia Bedelia’s parents say they’ll split the cost of a new bike with her, and that means Amelia Bedelia needs to put the pedal to the metal and earn some dough! With Amelia Bedelia anything can happen, and it usually does. Short, fast-paced chapters, tons of friends, silly situations, and funny wordplay and misunderstandings make the Amelia Bedelia chapter books an ideal choice for readers…”

7. Grandma’s Attic Chapter Book Series

My daughter was crushed when she got to the end of this series. It was so whimsical and fun for her, and I loved that each chapter had such valuable life lessons.

Scenarios have come up years later where my daughter has said, “This is just like that story in Grandma’s Attic!”

It is a must-read for all girls!

The series has 4 books and is written to the 3rd – 6th grade reading level.

Here is a snapshot of Book #1: In Grandma’s Attic

“A young girl delights in her grandmother’s stories of days gone by, sparked by keepsakes and simple questions, Grandma shares marvelous stories of mischief , discovery, and laughter, such as the time she accidentally lost the family buggy. Part of the bestselling Grandma’s Attic series, these charming tales—updated with delightful new illustrations—will whisk you away to another time and place. And you’ll find something worth far more than any treasure or keepsake…timeless lessons of life and faith!”

8. Horse Diaries

I found this clean chapter book series while browsing through our library’s website and it was such a lucky find!!

My daughter became obsessed with them and I would often find her reading them under her blanket when she was supposed to be asleep!

The Horse Diaries Series has 16 books and is written to the 3rd – 7th grade reading level.

Each book is a fresh new story that is told through the perspective of a horse at a certain time in history.

Check out a synopsis of the first book: Elska

“Iceland, circa AD 1000 Elska is a silver dapple Icelandic filly. She spends summers frisking about the countryside and winters in the farmyard, where the girl human Amma takes special care of her. But when a powerful neighbor notices Elska, her contented life suddenly changes. Here is Elska’s story…in her own words.”

9. Dog Diaries Chapter Book Series

Dog Diaries #1: Ginger
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We stumbled onto Dog Diaries after my daughter finished reading most of the Horse Diary series. It is the same concept of a story told through the eyes of a dog.

There are 14 books in this chapter book series and they are written to the 2nd – 5th grade reading level.

Each book is a new story with a new breed of dog. I particularly love that the books are based on true historical stories.

For example, there is a book about Abraham Lincoln’s dog, one of Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi dogs during WWII, and one of the dogs aboard the Titanic.

My daughter loves them!

Check out the snippet below for more information about the first book #1 in the series: Ginger.

“Born in a puppy mill, Ginger the golden retriever looks back on her life and the various people who have “owned” her. Abruptly separated from her mother, littermates, and the wire cage that was her whole world, Ginger is shuttled from one harrowing situation to another until she finally escapes, living as an outlaw with a pack of wild dogs. But freedom doesn’t feel so good once she becomes hungry and cold and sick. Will Ginger ever find a furever family to call her own?”

10. Cul-de-Sac Kids Chapter Book Series

I love that these chapter books are faith-based and full of clean stories for my kids to enjoy!

They are written at the 1st – 3rd grade reading level.

The books are also a great value because they come in volumes – one book containing multiple books.

Here is a quick description of Volume 1 of the Cul-de-sac Kids:

“The Cul-de-Sac Kids is a lighthearted chapter-book series for young readers written by the talented Beverly Lewis. Each book centers on the often-humorous escapades of these endearing neighborhood friends as they learn together the value of friendship and faith. An enjoyable read for both parents and kids! Volume One includes The Double Dabble Surprise, The Chicken Pox Panic, The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery, No Grown-Ups Allowed, Frog Power, and The Mystery of Case D. Luc.”

11. The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

My oldest daughter fell in love with these books! She has anxiously waited for each of them to arrive in an Amazon package and devours them as soon as she can.

We already have our eye on the next book that won’t be released for months…sadly.

These super fun, time-traveling, clean chapter books are written at the 1st – 4th grade reading level and currently have 9 books in the series.

Check out this description of the first book: The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning

“A mysterious scroll transports a brother and sister back in time to God’s creation of the world in the first installment of this action-packed chapter book series for emerging readers.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series follows siblings Peter and Mary and their dog, Hank, as they discover ancient scrolls that transport them back to key moments in biblical history.

In the first adventure in the series, Peter and Mary find themselves witnesses to the creation of the world just as God is speaking it into existence. Can they unlock the mystery of the scrolls before they get trapped in history forever? Children will discover the answer as the two characters ride rhinos, meet the angel Michael, and talk to a certain snake in the Garden of Eden. Riveting text and engaging illustrations bring this beloved Bible story to riotous life.”

12. Imagination Station

Another classic kid time-traveling series!

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls takes kids through Biblical history, while Imagination Station takes kids through world history.

These books are brilliantly written and we already have the next one pre-ordered!

There are currently 26 books in the series and they are written for ages 7 and up.

Check out what Book #1 – Voyage with the Vikings – is all about:

“While visiting Mr. Whittaker at Whit’s Soda Shoppe, Beth and Patrick find a mysterious letter in the Imagination Station requesting a Viking sunstone. The letter is old and says that someone named Albert will be imprisoned if the sunstone isn’t found. Mr. Whittaker sends cousins Patrick and Beth to Greenland circa 1000. On their quest for the sunstone, the cousins meet Vikings Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson—and find the sunstone as they join Leif on his first voyage to North America. But the adventure is just beginning, for when they return to Mr. Whittaker’s workshop with the sunstone, there is another note waiting for them, requesting a silver goblet.”

13. Never Girls

We accidentally stumbled onto these books at our local library and my kids fell in love!

It was a read-aloud for my younger kids and a favorite for my older daughter!

The 20 books in the series are written at the 1st – 4th grade level.

The stories follow four young girls as they experience the adventure of a lifetime – being whisked away to Neverland!

It is such a fun, modern, clean spin on the classic Peter Pan story!

Check out this synopsis of “In a Blink“:

“Kate craves adventure and excitement.
Mia loves dresses, roses, and anything beautiful.
Lainey dreams of talking to animals.
Gabby believes in fairies more than anyone.

In a blink of an eye, these four best friends all get their biggest wish—they’re whisked off to Never Land, home to Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. The adventure of a lifetime is just beginning! But how will the Never Girls ever get home again?”

14. The Borrowers

The classic, award-winning, clean chapter book series was first published in 1952.

There are 5 books in the series and it was written at the 3rd – 7th grade reading level.

As an added bonus, the first book – The Borrowers – has been made into a movie! The chance to see the movie after finishing a chapter book is always a great motivation to get kids to read!

If you’re not familiar with the story, check out this description of The Borrowers:

“The Borrowers—the Clock family: Homily, Pod, and their fourteen-year-old daughter, Arrietty, to be precise—are tiny people who live underneath the kitchen floor of an old English country manor. All their minuscule home furnishings, from postage stamp paintings to champagne cork chairs, are “borrowed” from the “human beans” who tromp around loudly above them. All is well until Pod is spotted upstairs by a human boy! Can the Clocks stay nested safely in their beloved hidden home, or will they be forced to flee?”

15. Nancy Drew

Could any list about clean chapter book series for girls ever be complete without mentioning Nancy Drew?!

This timeless classic is perfect for the avid and reluctant reader alike!

There are an amazing 56 books in the series and they are written at the 3rd – 7th grade reading level.

Check out the 1st book in the series: “The Secret of the Hidden Clock

The Secret of the Old Clock is the mystery that began it all for America’s favorite teenaged slueth. The accidental rescue of a little girl who lives with her two great-aunts leads to an adventurous search for a missing will.”

16. Disney Beginnings Chapter Books

For all Disney princess lovers – young and old – you have to check out this adorable, clean chapter books series for girls!

They tell the stories of Disney princesses when they were the age of your children and add wonderful backstories to the stories your kids already know about them.

We found these at the library and my girls have delighted to find out more about their beloved characters.

There are currently 7 books in the series and they are written at the 1st – 4th grade reading level.

Here is a link to all of the books.

And here is a synopsis of one of our favorites – Ariel Makes Waves:

An all-new chapter book series featuring stories about each Disney Princess as a young girl! Disney Princess Ariel and two of her sisters are swept out to sea by an enormous wave in this all-new story! Lost and with no clue how to get home, the young girls encounter many new things. The little mermaid is fascinated by her first trip to the surface and a human shipwreck! But can Ariel’s quick thinking help them find a way home or will they be lost forever? Children ages 6 to 9 who are independent readers will love this new chapter book series with full-color illustrations! Disney’s Dream Big, Princess campaign focuses on the amazing stories and leadership qualities of each Disney Princess and shows how they relate to today’s girl.”

17. Whatever After Series

Whatever After 4 Book Set
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 My three girls have gone crazy for this chapter-book series! My oldest could easily read it herself, but we have really enjoyed it as a morning read-aloud with everybody.

The story follows Abby and her brother as they are transported to different fairy tales, accidentally messing them up, and then trying to fix the ending for the characters before they run out of time and have to return home.

It is such a fresh, modern, fun twist on fairy tales that will have your girls begging for the next chapter! No damsels in distress here!

Here is a quick synopsis of the first book in the series:

The first installment of Sarah Mylowski’s New York Times bestselling series!Be the bravest of them all . . .Once upon a time my brother and I were normal kids. The next minute? The mirror in our basement slurped us up and magically transported us inside Snow White’s fairy tale.I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.But hey — we’re heroes! We stopped Snow White from eating the poisoned apple. Hooray! Or not. If Snow White doesn’t die, she won’t get to meet her prince. And then she won’t get her happy ending. Oops.Now it’s up to us to:- Avoid getting poisoned- Sneak into a castle- Fix Snow White’s storyBut Snow White’s REAL happy ending might not be quite what we expected . .

Recap Clean Chapter Book Series for Girls

Clean Chapter Book Series For Girls Pin

I know it can feel very difficult to keep up with the sea of obnoxious, mean girl books out there. You don’t want your kids reading something that shapes them into the opposite of what you’ve been working to teach them.

Thankfully, there are tons of exciting, fun, clean chapter book series for girls that they will still love reading – and want to tell their friends about!

Did I miss your favorite series? I’m sure this is just scratching the surface, so please share!

Drop a comment below and tell us what your girls love to read!

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