10+ Free Line Tracing Worksheets: Easy Print!

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Looking for some free line tracing worksheets for your preschool kids or kindergarten kids?

The below printable tracing worksheets are overflowing with straight lines, vertical lines, dotted lines, horizontal lines, zigzag lines, swirly lines…well you get the point. There are a lot of lines!

Your kids will love all of the colors, images, and learning to trace the fun way!

But these printables aren’t all about fun, there is a very important skill being taught.

Why Line Tracing Is A Critical Skill For Young Learners

Tracing a straight line may seem like a simple task for anybody with the fine motor skills to feed themselves, but it is actually more complicated than that.

Little learners need to develop the fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, and visual-spatial skills to accomplish this task.  

Some kids will take to this first step quickly and soar on to other writing skills. Others will need a lot more practice and encouragement to move on to writing letters.

But stick with it because tracing is a foundational skill that will help your child in so many future areas. Whether it is tracing to learn proper letter formation or shape tracing for math, this skill is going to keep coming up. 

The tracing exercises below will help your kindergarten student or younger child nail this skill and move on to their next goal!

3 Things To Consider Before Diving Into Your Printable Tracing Worksheets

1. Get A Grip


Well, a proper pencil grip that is. 

Regular pencils were not necessarily made for small hands, so consider getting a quality grip for better pencil control.

If your child doesn’t like it or it feels awkward in their hand, try using a chunky pencil instead. 

Having the correct writing tool may make all the difference in the work they are able to do.

2. Protect The Sheets


I am a really big fan of sheet protectors or dry erase pockets. Kids love to use them because it means they can be trusted with dry erase markers (be smart and invest in the washable ones).

Protectors are particularly useful with the below printable tracing worksheets. 

You only have to print them once, and then you can repeat these activities over and over again. If your kid makes a mistake, you can just wipe it clean and start over. No mess, no fuss!

If your kid enjoys the activity, they can do it over and over again without stressing your printer. 

3. Consider Age, Maturity, and Ability

We all see parents and schools expecting kids to meet goals at younger and younger ages. 

If you have a preschool-age kid who just wants to scribble and they dissolve into tears when you try to coax them into tracing a line…consider tabling this skill for a few months…or longer.

It’s not worth it to force them beyond their developmental abilities. You will get frustrated and they will burn out. 

Early education is important, but when done incorrectly, it can be harmful to a kid’s confidence, self-talk, and natural love of learning.

Check Out Your Free Tracing Lines Worksheets!

Line Tracing Worksheet - 1

Have your student help each bee find its way to the hive. 

Provide lots of verbal encouragement and make sure they know you are not expecting perfection. 

But do tell your student that slow, small movements will help them much more than rushed work. 

Line Tracing Worksheet - 2

Does your kid like cars?

Then they will love helping these cars drive up to their stop signs!

Line Tracing Worksheet - 3

Here is another horizontal line worksheet that is perfect for your preschool or kindergartener.

Have them trace the lines till they reach the airplane. If they want to, continue into diagonal lines for take-off!

Line Tracing Worksheet - 4

These vertical lines are a little bit shorter and therefore easier for kids to manage.

Your student will love adding the sticks to these lollipops! Encourage them to color the candy in all different flavors.

Line Tracing Worksheet - 5

Uh, oh! Ants are coming for our picnic food!

Can your student help each ant find their way to a tasty snack?

These vertical lines are longer and a little more of a challenge. Just remind your kids to go slowly and take their time.

Line Tracing Worksheet - 6

Enough of the straight lines, let’s zoom off to some jagged, wavy, zigzag lines!

Your kids will enjoy helping these rocketships safely land on each of the planets. Ask them which planet they would like to land on in real life.

Can they tell which one is Earth?

Line Tracing Worksheet - 7

This would be a great activity during the springtime.

Ask your child to connect each flower to its match. Which one is their favorite? 

Ask them which line was the most difficult. Which one was easy? Erase and have them redo one or two if necessary. 

Line Tracing Worksheet - 8

Things are getting a little screwy around here!

Can your student trace all of these wild lines? 

As an added challenge, can they make their own dotted line for you to trace?

Line Tracing Worksheet - 9

These lines are like rolling ocean waves. 

Have your student trace each one and then have them color the ocean creatures. 

There are instructions at the bottom of the page that tells the student which color each of the animals should be.

Line Tracing Worksheet - 10

How cute is this?! 

Can your student trace all the lines to help the puppies get to their treats?

Line Tracing Worksheet - 11

This is the final worksheet in this preschool worksheet packet.

All of the bears need to be behind bars. Apparently, they stole too much honey from the bees.

The first window has simple lines to trace, but the next one has a missing bar.

Each window gets more and more challenging until the student has to draw all the lines without help from dotted lines.

This is a great last activity before bridging into more challenging exercises.

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I hope you and your student really enjoy these printable activities and they help make tracing fun! Don’t forget my earlier tips about a pencil grip, page protector, and making sure the assignment is appropriate for your child.

Feel free to share this resource with all of your teaching and homeschool friends!

And you move towards learning the letters of the alphabet, be sure to come back to my Activities and Printables Tab. It is full of free printable worksheets for all of the letters!

There are tracing sheets, coloring pages, play dough mats, printable crafts, and more!

If you are looking for anything specific and want to save some time, use the search bar for a faster way to find what you’re looking for.

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