27 Perfect Butterfly Activities for Preschoolers!

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Need some butterfly activities for the preschoolers in your life?

These whimsical, creative, colorful butterfly projects are a great way for young children to learn and engage with one of the wonders of nature.

What kid doesn’t love the breathtaking story of a chubby little caterpillar transforming into one of nature’s most graceful creatures?

To be honest, I’m an adult and I can still hardly believe how this miracle takes place every year!

Below you will find all the butterflies activities and crafts that your preschool can hold!

****Spoiler Alert: #21 is my favorite!

Fun, Simple, Butterfly Activities For Preschoolers

1. Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

Toilet Paper Butterfly Craft

Is there no end to adorable crafts you can do with toilet paper rolls?!

This super cute butterfly activity is a great way for kids to recycle AND have fun with butterflies!

Check out the full project details on Two Kids and a Coupon.

2. Easy Thumb Print Butterfly Craft

Easy Thumb Print Butterflies

Preschoolers and younger children will be amazed to find out that they can actually make a beautiful butterfly with something as simple as their thumbprint! 

Protip: Try using a washable marker to color your child’s thumb if you don’t have any washable paint on hand (or don’t want to deal with the mess).

Get all the details and above free printable at Simply Full of Delight.

3. Butterfly Game 

Butterfly Game

I know this crowd likes (okay needs!) movement, so of course, I had to add in some running! 

Head on over to Ruffles and Rainboots to find out more about this simple game and get your little guy or gal outside in the sunlight with a net!

They’ll be making up their own rules and game versions in no time 🙂

4. Silhouette Butterfly Craft

Paper Butterfly Silhouette Craft

This unique butterfly activity only requires simple supplies, but has a big wow factor!

Students will get a chance to use fine motor skills as they cut out strips of paper and make their own designs.

Find out more at 9 on a Dime.

5. Butterfly Feeder

You can make all the crafts in the world, but nothing quite beats seeing a real butterfly!

Get your kids outside with just a few household items and you will hopefully attract butterflies from all over.

Don’t see butterflies in your area very often? Skip to #21 on this post to make sure you have some butterflies that will appreciate this feeder.

6. Very Hungry Caterpillar Inspired Craft

Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity

The much-loved book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, is a must for the preschooler learning about butterflies!

After reading that book, hop on over to Rainy Day Mum and find out how your child can make their own caterpillars from a simple cardboard tube and then make it transform to a butterfly – complete with wings!

7. Stained Glass Butterfly

Stained Glass Butterfly Activity

This stained glass butterfly activity is a preschool favorite.

Kids can make their own designs and then use watercolor paint to fill in their masterpieces! 

Be sure to encourage your little one to use a small paintbrush to stay in the lines as best as they can.

This is another project from Rainy Day Mum

8. Muffin Cup Butterfly

Muffin Cup Butterfly

This muffin cup butterfly is just too cute and super simple for small hands.

Pro tip: You can get googly eyes of all kinds in the craft section of the dollar store. They are always good to have on hand!

Check out Finding Zest to find out more about this butterfly activity for preschoolers.

9. Cereal Box Butterfly Wings

When I watched this butterfly activity video I just about died!

This is a brilliant way to use a plain cereal box and elastic to make magic for a preschooler!

The tissue paper may be a little time intensive, so don’t be afraid to take this craft and really make it your own. Consider painting the wings, using markers, or even just sticking on the tissue paper anyway your kid wants to. Enjoy!

10. Tissue Paper Butterfly

Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft

Get out your pipe cleaners!

This easy craft is not only simple and beautiful, but it’s also a great addition to your butterfly lesson plans. 

It many be very hard for kids to understand just how delicate a butterfly wing really is. Using tissue paper as an example can help them understand why they should always look and never grab a butterfly by the wings. 

Find out all the steps to this craft at The Purple Yarn.

11. Butterfly Stick Puppet

easy butterfly stick puppet

What preschooler doesn’t love the idea of putting on their own play?!

Your kids will have a great time making these butterfly puppets (yes, there is a template!) and putting on their own play about what they learned during their butterfly theme lessons!

Topics could be: being an egg on a leaf, life as a caterpillar, what happened in the chrysalis, how awesome flying is, or anything they want!

Grab all the details at Simple Everyday Mom.

12. Handprint Butterflies

Handprint Butterfly activity

This handprint butterfly is another preschool craft that is perfect for fine motor activities. 

Having to trace their own hands and then cut them out may prove to be a challenge, but the results will be worth it!

Check out Simple Everyday Mom for a full craft tutorial.

13. Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes

As we all know, themed activities go to the next level when food is involved.

Your kids will love making and eating these butterfly snacks!

Head on over to 3 Boys and a Dog to get the full recipe.

14. Butterfly Books


I know there are a lot of fun butterfly activities out there, but just sitting down and reading a stack of books with your preschooler can go such a long way. 

You can always swing by your local library or shop around on Amazon.

Below are links to some great options to start your search:

National Geographic Kids: Caterpillar to Butterfly 

Rommie’s Journey

Smithsonian Kids: Butterflies and Moths

15. Paper Butterfly (with template)

Paper Butterfly Craft with Template

This paper butterfly template craft is perfect for achieving that butterfly shape – when little hands may struggle to draw it themselves.

I also love that the little ones are encouraged to draw their own faces!

Get the steps and free template at Crafting Jeannie.

16. Coffee Filter Butterflies

Coffe Filter Butterfly Activity

Coffee filters used to be a household item, but in the age of Keurigs, you may need to pop out to the store to grab some.

But it will be worth it!

Coffee filter butterflies are such a classic, beautiful, and whimsical craft for kids of all ages!

Get the simple tutorial (and tips for success!) at Crafts By Amanda.

17. Easy Paper Plate Butterfly Craft

Paper Plate Butterfly Craft

Homeschoolers and preschool teachers know to always have a stack of paper plates at the ready for craft time.

This sweet project from Real Life at Home is a great way to transform a caterpillar – I mean a paper plate! – into a beautiful butterfly.

18. Paper Heart Butterfly


Preschoolers always heart crafty things, so wouldn’t it be fun to make a heart butterfly??

This impossibly sweet craft is great for your butterflies theme, a summer craft, or even Valentine’s Day!

Grab all the details, steps, and free template at Mombrite.

19. Symmetry Butterfly Activity

Symmetry Butterfly Craft

One of the key facts that preschoolers should learn about butterflies is symmetry.

They will probably greatly struggle to draw symmetrical wings, BUT they can easily use paint to make symmetrical wings with this super simple butterfly craft.

Beware: kids are always shocked and amazed when they unfold their work and want to make many more!

Find all the details, supplies, and tips here – easy butterfly craft.

20. Life Cycle Of A Butterfly Activity


Here is another chance to break out your paper plates!

Butterfly life cycle crafts are a perfect way to help kids really solidify what they are learning.

I particularly love the above option because it is simple, quick, and requires very few supplies. It makes a nice display in the classroom for review too!

21. Make a Real Butterfly Garden

 Want to take your fun butterfly activities to the farthest level possible?

Well, then you’re going to have to invest in caterpillars, my friend.

We did this my first year of homeschooling, and it was worth every penny and then some. Blessedly, my younger kids forgot all about it, so I ordered the kit again!

It arrives tomorrow and I can’t wait to go through the whole experience with them again. Watching the little caterpillars grow in size, build their chrysalis, and then emerge with beautiful wings is the thing of fairy tale stories for most kids. 

If you’re all in, check out my favorite Butterfly Garden.

22. Tissue Paper Mobile

Tisseu Paper Mobile Activity

Why make one butterfly when you could make lots of butterflies?

Check out this butterfly mobile project to create the illusion of butterflies fluttering through your house or classroom!

Full tutorial at Make and Takes.

23. Newspaper Butterfly Craft

Newpaper Butterfly Activity

Here is another chance to transform the ordinary (old newspaper) into beauty (a butterfly!).

This unique craft project is from In the Bag Kids Crafts.

24. Stick and Leaf Butterfly Activity

Stick and Leaf Butterfly project

I love love love everything about this butterfly activity. 

Kids will be delighted to go outside into the sunshine and hunt for the perfect leaves to make their butterflies!

Get out your hot glue gun and head to Artsy Craftsy Mom to get started!

25. Crepe Paper Butterfly


Do you have some crepe paper laying around from a birthday party?

Well, guess what?!

Your preschooler can use it to make their own simple butterflies. 

Fly on over to Artsy Crafty Mom for more info!

26. HandPrint Butterfly

Of all the butterfly activities on this list, this is definitely one of my favorites.

It hits all the high points for preschoolers: paint, messy hands, and beautiful results!

27. Butterfly Suncatcher

The super-short video above does a perfect job of showing how little hands with a short attention span can still make a beautiful work of art! 

If you have some card stock, tissue paper, and clear adhesive paper, then you’re in business!

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