Easy Flower Craft For Kids with Water Bottle Stamping!

I don’t know about you, but my stock of craft supplies has been dwindling due to world events.

All three of my kids love art, creating, and all things crafting…and my depleted art box shows it.

Going to the grocery store right now is a huge pain that involves face masks, lysol, hand sanitizer, and gloves.

I don’t even know if any craft stores are open…and I’m not about to find out.

Thankfully, I stumbled onto this easy flower craft one morning – that used simple things we had around the house – and my kids thought I was a genius!

Ever Notice the Bottom of a Water Bottle Looks Just Like a Flower?

It is spring here and our house is surrounded with flowers.

My kids and loving it and I really wanted to celebrate the season with a fun flower craft.

I have seen 2 liter soda bottles used to make beautiful cherry blossom stamps…but does anyone buy soda anymore?

We haven’t for years.

I checked our pantry to see if I had any large bottles (juice, etc.) that might be used for the same effect.

I found a bunch of nothing. 

I was going to give up and scrap crafting for that morning, when I remembered we have a bunch of plain water bottles in our basement. I ran downstairs and flipped one over.

Sure enough – it looks like a flower!

bottom of water bottle that looks like a flower

I have no idea why the water bottle companies molded the plastic to make something so beautiful – that no one ever notices!

Either way, I grabbed a handful of bottles, some paint, and got to crafting!

Below is how to make your own easy flower craft – enjoy!

Easy Flower Craft with Bottle Stamping!

1. Gather Supplies

Supplies for Easy Flower Craft for kids

  • Water Bottles

  • Brightly Colored Paint (Washable paint is always best so you and your kids can relax and have fun)

  • Paint Brushes

  • Paper (We love this paper for painting crafts – stands up to heavy duty painting from my kids. Normal computer paper is fine too.)

  • Paint palette and/or paper plates

2. Paint the bottom of your water bottle and practice stamping

This can be done a couple of different ways.

Your child may prefer to use a paint brush to paint the bottom of his water bottle like this:

Child painting bottom of water bottle stamp for easy flower craft

Or your kid may want to dunk the bottom of the bottle in some paint like this:

Water bottle with paint on the bottom for kids flower craft

Either way, be sure your child practices stamping on a piece of “scratch paper.”

It takes a little practice to find out which method and how much paint makes the prettiest flowers.

Here is my scratch paper that I experimented with before continuing with the craft:

Scratch paper with water bottle flower stamps

3. Let your child loose with brightly colored paint and see what they create!

Kids typically LOVE stamps, so this won’t be hard!

  • Your child may decide to use lots of different colors for flowers.

  • Paint all the “petals” on the water bottle different colors.

  • Use all the same color.

  • Swirl the colors together.

  • Or something completely different!

Enjoy watching their creativity and imagination take off!

Just look at the difference of these two projects:

This one started going a little more “traditional.”

And this one went more like a “fireworks of flowers.”

Finished easy flower craft for kids

4. Encourage some finishing touches!

Show your kids how to add stems, leaves, and a little stamen (dot of yellow or white in the middle of the flower).

finished easy flower craft for kids

Of course you don’t have to stop there!

Your kids may want to add sunshine, birds, rainbows, clouds, trees, or more flowers of different sizes and shapes.

I would also encourage you to look around the house and see what other things you could use to stamp.

Could a cup make your perfect circle sun?

How about a sliced celery or apple for another type of flower?

Could a small marble dipped in paint be used to stamp the flower stamen?

You see where I’m going with this?

You kid’s imagination (and your desire to wipe paint off household items) will be the limit!

Recap Easy Flower Craft

Looking for a simple and easy craft to keep your kids busy? This fun flower stamping craft uses simple supplies you likely have in your home (no runs to the store!) and it will keep your preschooler, kindergartener, and even older elementary school kids entertained, creative, and busy!

I know your family will enjoy this simple flower craft!

Its perfect for spring, summer, Easter, letter of the week (F!), and just anytime crafting!

Your kids will enjoy making beautiful artwork and you will enjoy the low prep and easy clean up (yay washable paint!)

Happy crafting and be sure to check out the fun spring craft below!

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