18 Free Tracing Shapes Worksheets For Preschoolers

Looking for some free tracing shapes worksheets for your preschoolers or kindergarten students??

As a homeschooler, I’ve never been a big fan of seatwork for preschool. I’d much prefer that my kids run and play as long as they can before we start formal school.

But my youngest child definitely wanted to be included in the school things as she watched her older sibling do school every day. I found myself floundering for worksheets to give her so that she could join the group. 

If you’re in that same boat with a kid who doesn’t want to wait for kindergarten, the below free printable shapes worksheets are for you!

It includes an introductory look at the basic shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, and oval.

Your young learner will get to stretch his fine motor skills as he colors, traces, and learns the correct name of each shape. 

Your Free Printable Pack Includes:

  • Circle Tracing Worksheets
  • Square Tracing Worksheets
  • Rectangle Tracing Worksheets
  • Oval Tracing Worksheets
  • Triangle Tracing Worksheets
  • Mixed Shape Tracing Worksheets

At the bottom of the post you will find simple directions for downloading and printing your preschool 2 D Shapes worksheets today!

Circle Tracing Worksheets

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 1

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 2

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 3

This first group of printable worksheets focuses on the circle shape. 

Your preschool or kindergarten kids will learn the name of the shape, trace them, and color them.

More importantly, your kid will see real-life ojects that are in the shape of a circle, such as an orange and a wheel. 

Can your child find anything else in the house that is circle shaped?

Square Tracing Worksheets

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 4

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 5

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 6

Next, your preschooler will work on the square shape.

Tell your students to pick their starting points at one of the corners and begin tracing along the dotted lines. It takes a degree of fine motor control to follow those lines and turn that 90 degree angle.

Encourage your child to draw the first line and stop at the corner. Pick up their pencil and then draw the next line. This will help them produce a cleaner shape with corners, as opposed to rounded corners. 

Check out these square shape worksheets for preschoolers if you would like more fun activities with squares for your child.  

Rectangle Tracing Worksheets

Shape Tracing Worksheets 7

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 8

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 9


These free printable shape worksheets feature the rectangle shape!

Have your child trace the four sides with their fingers and talk about how two of the lines are longer than the other two sides. This makes it different from a square.

 Depending on the age of the child, that might make a lot of sense, and it might not. That’s okay! Just continue to reinforce the information in fun ways. Talk about things that are square-shaped and rectangle-shaped. Trace them with your fingers if you can, and talk about their similarities (four sides and four corners) and their differences (lengths of the sides).

You could also bring in playdough for some hands-on activities to demonstrate the concept.

Oval Tracing Worksheets

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 10

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 11

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 12

The next two-dimensional shape is the oval!

The first simple activity will give your student a chance to see oval-shaped items they may have never noticed before.

The preschooler will move on to color those items and trace the oval shape.

Two more worksheets will give your student plenty of practice working with this stretched-out circle shape!

Triangle Tracing Worksheets

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 13

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 14
Tracing Shapes Worksheet 15

Triangle shape worksheets will round out the different shapes featured in this printable packet. 

Your student will get to see some common things that are triangle-shaped, color triangles, and trace away!

Be sure to ask how many sides a triangle has.

Can your student make a triangle with their hands?

Extra Preschool Shape Tracing Worksheets

Shape Tracing Worksheets 16

****This worksheet provides a great way for your child to practice color recognition. Tell them which color to grab for each shape and see how they do!

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 17

Tracing Shapes Worksheet 18

I threw in some more amazing shapes worksheets to give your preschooler more of a challenge!

Use these to work on identifying the shape names and for more review/practice.

Consider popping the sheets in a dry erase pocket for an easy way to reuse them. Children of all ages get excited to use a dry erase marker, but I strongly suggest looking into the washable ones

You could also print these on construction paper, have your child cut them out (after tracing), and make a shape collage!

Why Didn’t You Include Star Shape Worksheets or Diamond Shape Worksheets?

Tracing Shapes Worksheet Pin

These free shape tracing worksheets only include the most common shapes: circle, oval, square, rectangle, and triangle.

I know there is pressure to push young kids to learn so many different types of shapes – even 3 D shapes in some situations. But that is not necessarily appropriate for this age rating. 

If your student solidly knows the names of shapes and can reasonably trace them, they will absolutely have a head start for kindergarten.

Then they can move onto the more complicated star shapes. 

Click Here To Download Your Preschool Shapes Worksheets!

Click the above text link to be taken to a new window with your printable packet in pdf format. Download and print today without giving your email address or other personal information. 

Terms of Use: These free worksheets are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never to be used for commercial use. 

I hope that you and your young learner enjoyed learning about these 2-dimensional shapes. They are a great way to introduce shape recognition, learn names of the shapes, drawing straight lines, and more.

Tracing in particular is an important skill that will serve your young one well as they learn to do things like writing letters. Remember that the skill will develop with time. 

Just encourage your student and praise every effort as they work towards tracing and eventually drawing shapes. As they grow and develop, you will see progress!

By the time they’re in first grade, you’ll be amazed at what they can accomplish. 

If you’re looking for more free printable shape worksheets, definitely check out the tracing heart shapes worksheets below! 

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