The Very Best Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Are you looking for a quality homeschool Spanish curriculum…that will actually teach your kid Spanish?

I hear you. I had been on the hunt myself.

You see, I am a homeschool parent who doesn’t speak more than 10-15 words of Spanish. I guess that year of Spanish in high school hasn’t taken me very far.

But I have this kid who *really* wants to learn Spanish.

We have tried several things that have just flat-out not worked:

  • A Spanish course that offered free lessons (looking at you Duolingo)
  • Spanish lessons geared to young children that used video lessons and included lesson plans
  • I looked into audio CDs
  • We even did a free class with Homeschool Spanish Academy

I don’t want to come across as harsh or negative, but these options were all ineffective, boring, time intensive, or expected me to know some degree of Spanish. 

I Got To The Point Where I Thought I Just Wasn’t Going To Find A Good Spanish Curriculum

I Quit Text

Yep, I had accepted this and moved on with my life, when I stumbled over TruFlency Kids.

I resisted at first. 

This was no different than all of the others.

But something about them really caught my eye. 

The more I looked into their method of method of teaching, I knew it was something we had to try.

I have used TruFluency Kids with my 10-year-old daughter for one solid month and I have a lot of things to share with you!

In this post you will find:

  • An Overview of TruFluency Kids

  • How TruFluency Kids Works

  • What We Loved About This Homeschool Spanish Program

  • What We Didn’t Love (I gotta be honest, Homeschool Mama!)

  • The Bottom Line: Is This Spanish Curriculum For Your Homeschool?

  • An Exclusive 20% Off Promo Code!

Quick Snapshot of TruFluency Kids

TruFluency Kids Logo

Trufluency Kids is a United States based company that provides online, live Spanish classes for younger students to the high schooler level (ages 4-17).

The founder of TruFluency, Micah Bellieu, once struggled to learn Spanish herself! 

Today she has mastered the art of language acquisition and speaks multiple foreign languages. Her trademarked method, The Bellieu Method, is used to help kids gain fluency in Spanish.

If you want more details about the specifics of the Bellieu Method – click here.

TruFluency Kids teaches all levels: total beginners wanting to learn a second language to bilingual children looking to sharpen their skills and confidence.

TruFluency Kids: How This Online Program Works

TruFluency Kids Website screenshot

1. Decide Which Class Level Matches Your Kid’s Spanish Skills

  • Beginner Classes: Does not hear Spanish daily and has less than 300 hours of Spanish instruction in the last 3 years. Maybe knows some Spanish words, but cannot hold any conversation in Spanish
  • Native Speakers: Understands Spanish about 80% as well as English, speaks conversationally, and hears Spanish daily. Still needs help with new vocabulary words, confidence, and reading.
  • Dual Language: Falls somewhere between the beginner and native speaker. They hear Spanish regularly, but they only understand about 50% as well as their first language. TruFluency gives this student the opportunity to practice in a safe environment to build confidence and fluency.

2.  Check Out The Class Schedule

The schedule has filters so that you can sift through the online classes for just your child’s level and age.

Depending on your budget and schedule, you will have to decide between schedules that are 3 days a week or 2 days a week.

Coming from a public school education, I was a little surprised to see classes more than once a week. After talking to some helpful customer service people at TruFluency, they helped me see that meeting once a week is a long, slow road to fluency in a foreign language. 

Which is why I don’t know more than 10 words of the languages I was taught in elementary school during “specials.”

More on that later.

You can check out the current TruFluency Class Schedule Here – but don’t miss the PROMO CODE below!

3. Register For Your Session And Wait For The Zoom Email

Homeschooler doing online spanish lessons

Once you register, you will get some helpful emails (and wonderful reminder emails 30 minutes before the class!) so that your student is at their online Zoom session on time. 

Each class has a maximum of 6 kids, but most classes are smaller than that. My daughter’s class only had a total of 3. The sessions will have the same instructor for continuity. 

Once your child is set up with their class, you’re done!

No massive student workbooks to download and print. Nothing!

The parent is not even required to be present to help with the lessons.

Just provide the internet connection, and you’ve done your job for foreign language learning that day!

****I would often stay within earshot (in case there was a technical issue or something), but I otherwise was free to go about teaching my other kids.

Why TruFluency Is The Best Spanish Program For Homeschoolers

speech bubbles speaking Spanish

1. Group Lessons

I personally did not like the idea of group lessons initially. Private, one-on-one lessons sounded much more effective and worthwhile.

But I’m not a 5th grader trying to learn Spanish.

My daughter LOVED the group classes! She actually said that the other kids in her class were one of the best parts of TruFluency Kids.

She learned from listening to them, playing games with them, and speaking with them! 

2. High-Quality Spanish Instruction

Let's Learn Spanish image

Up until our first TruFluency Kids class, my daughter had been using the free app – DuoLingo – for a year to learn Spanish. 

She also had a Spanish book she liked to flip through. 

I foolishly thought that she’d be a little ahead in the beginner class. 

As I listened in on the class from the other room, I cringed at my daughter’s STRONG Anglo accent. DuoLingo had taught her next to nothing in one year, and it was painfully obvious. She was truly starting from the beginning.

There really is no replacement for live, fluent, native Spanish speakers with years of experience to teach you conversational Spanish.

3. Fun, Live, Interactive Classes

Spanish teacher teaching lesson online

The classes were a huge highlight of my daughter’s week and she would be very upset if we couldn’t make it for whatever reason. 

She loved her teacher and especially loved the online games that the kids played during class time!

She even mentioned that the teacher had them get up to do poses and stretches to act out the new words they were saying. For example, they would be saying “la bailarina” (ballerina) and they would do a ballet pose.

I found out later that physical movement is a part of the Bellieu Method of language learning. Memorization is not used – which is pretty shocking! Micah Bellieu says that students are encouraged to “experience” the words to remember them.

The whole experience was such a good example of how interactive activities – with a teacher who knows your name – can capture a kid’s attention.

And it probably ruined us from ever using the Rosetta Stone Homeschool Edition or other online language courses I was looking at.

4. English Is Spoken (Just A Little) In The Classes

We both liked that the online tutor did use a little English here and there.

TruFluency Kids does state on their website that the best way to approach language learning is with Spanish immersion…but they do keep that in balance with working with total beginners trying to learn a new language.

For example, the teacher would ask the kids about their day in English and then tell them how to rephrase their responses in Spanish (another part of the Bellieu Method – strong focus on real conversations).

After that introduction to class, my daughter said that the teacher would only use English very occasionally to explain some things.

We had actually tried a full immersion online Spanish class before TruFleuncy and my daughter hated it. She said it was boring, overwhelming, and kind of awkward.

Trufluency Kids Spanish immersion offers a much better balance of teaching Spanish and making it fun and approachable for kids.

5. Very Easy to Cancel/Reschedule Classes

Cancel appointment

There were three times during our semester that I had to cancel our class very last minute. The first time I did it just to see what would happen. Would I be penalized? Lose money? Would the staff be grumpy with me?

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that even though I canceled less than an hour before the class was supposed to start, the staff completely understood and immediately gave me two options for a makeup class the following day. 

No extra fees, no shaming, no nothing.

But maybe that was a one-time thing.

I had two more issues in the same month where I had to (for real this time) miss class. Both times the staff was just as pleasant and easy to work with. I was very impressed. 

The homeschooling schedule can be super busy and random, so committing to a month-long schedule with classes multiple times a week can be daunting. If that’s tripping you up right now, just know that TruFluency is super understanding and you won’t be throwing your money away.

6. Low Commitment Expectations

As I said, the homeschool schedule can be random. 

I really appreciated that you were only expected to commit to the Trufluency Kids class schedule for one month.

Maybe you can take classes for one month, but need to take the next month off for an extended trip. No biggie.

Maybe the day/time slot worked for February, but another day/time slot will be better for March. No biggie.

You can easily register for something different when the time comes.  

7. It’s Hands Off

kid learning with computer and headphones

I am a homeschool mom who doesn’t know Spanish…and I’m really not interested in learning it. Just being honest.

But my kid really wants to learn Spanish!

I love that TruFluency Kids does not require me to be involved, lesson plan, quiz, or do anything else that…would be above my abilities. 

It also frees me up to keep doing school with my other kids while she is hard at work in her class.

BUT, you do get a nice, personal email from the instructor after each class telling you what the kids did, what they’re learning, and how your kid is doing. 

There were no homework assignments. But the teacher did email me some printables to be used during class and to be looked over during the week.

TruFluency Kids Review: What We Didn’t Love


1. Price

I gotta be honest here, the prices rocked me back on my heels.

I reached out to TruFluency Kids for some kind of explanation to help me understand their price point of around 20$/lesson (which adds up when you do multiple classes a week).

They gave me a really good answer, even if it took me a minute to get it. 

They are not offering a once-a-week cultural experience – like many other Spanish programs out there.

They are not trying to just expose your child to Spanish culture or teach them some common phrases.

TruFluency Kids is trying to actually make your child conversationally fluent in Spanish – using a proven, trademarked method and professional online Spanish tutors.

This is a high-quality, premium product for the serious parent who wants their kid to work with a professional teacher and actually learn to speak Spanish.

They even provided a schedule that would predict a point of fluency in Spanish after several years of regular classes – something I’ve never seen before from other programs.

In short, you get what you pay for. This was evident from what the free app, Duolingo, had taught my daughter after a year of daily lessons.

TruFluency Kids lessons are between 14$/class and 21$/class. The rates depend on your child’s age and level. There are sibling discounts!

2. Getting To Class On Time

running late image

Okay, this may just be the homeschooler in me, but even though the classes were online, I still felt a touch stressed about making sure my daughter was on time, logged in, and ready to go multiple times a week. 

TruFluency Kids does do a great job with reminder emails, and I also found it helpful to set a recurring alarm on my phone as a backup. 

It was also nice to know that even if I did screw up and we missed a lesson, we could easily make it up the next day.

The Bottom Line For TruFluency Kids + EXCLUSIVE PROMO CODE!

Muchas Gracias image

Are you looking to Spanish homeschool curricula to give your child a little taste of culture, some Spanish vocabulary, and to check the box for a foreign language?

If you are, then consider Spanish resources such as DuoLingo, YouTube Channels, etc. It will be much easier on your wallet.

But if you actually want your child to learn fluent Spanish so they can:

  • Be more marketable and competitive in the workforce

  • Get a jump on their future language requirements in high school/college

  • Be able to travel and speak fluently in many countries

  • Speak comfortably with Spanish speaking friends and relatives

Then you need to invest in TruFluency Kids. 

It is the best homeschool Spanish option for younger kids to older children to actually pick up a new language! 

You Can Use My Exclusive Promo Code To Get 20% Off At TruFluency Kids! Use: SIMPLE20 

Best Homeschool Spanish Curriculum Pin

Go to the TruFluency Website today to check out the class schedule and get your student in the next session!

I hope this TruFluency Kids review has answered all your burning questions and given you a fair, honest view of how the program works.

Do you have more questions? Drop them in the comments and I’ll do my best to get you an answer!

Have you used TruFluency Kids and want to share your opinion? Do you have another Spanish curriculum that rocked your socks off?

Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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