Free Heart Tracing Worksheets: Easy Print!

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Looking for some heart tracing worksheets for your preschool or kindergarten students?

Actually, no matter what grade levels you’re working with, the below free printables are what you’re looking for!

Each sheet walks the student through the process of tracing dotted lines, drawing a symmetrical half of a heart, and drawing smaller hearts.

I provided plenty of extra sheets for more practice, and I even included a shape recognition printable with hearts, stars, crosses, and triangles!

Benefits of Heart Tracing For Kids

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If you’re reading this, then you probably already know that kids benefit from learning to trace and draw this 2 D shape. 

But you may not have realized how many ways this simple heart shape can help your young learner!

1. Improved Fine Motor Control

The heart shape is actually one of the most difficult two-dimensional shapes for a child to learn to draw.

The straight lines of a rectangle, square, or triangle can be mastered fairly easily.

But the slope and curve of a heart with an opposing symmetrical side…can take a lot more time, concentration, fine motor skills, and effort.

Even tracing it correctly can be a challenge, but with practice, a student’s pencil control and fine motor skills will be greatly sharpened…pun intended!

2. Improved Handwriting

Those increased skills will absolutely carry over into handwriting practice.

Suddenly, writing a proper C, S, G, or 2 will seem much easier. 

****I love to point out to my kids that #2 is actually half of a heart with a “tail!”

3. Teaches Symmetry

What better way to teach symmetry than through Valentine’s Day heart worksheets?!

This is an important concept that lends itself to later critical thinking, math, geometry, and is also seen in zoology!

Of course, your student will struggle to draw something that is truly symmetrical. But continue to encourage the tracing and practice with the below printable activities!

Check Out Your Heart Tracing Printable Worksheet Packet!

Heart Tracing Worksheet - 1

This is the first of the heart shape worksheets. It is meant to be simple and approachable for little hands.

You could even have your child start out by just connecting each dashed line. Then have them go over the shape again, only picking up the pencil once to draw the other side of the heart. 

Consider putting the worksheet in a plastic sheet protector or dry erase pocket for a great way to get in lots of extra practice!

****While the student is practicing, you could also point out that this heart is not the real shape of a human heart. Some kids might be shocked to see a picture of what their own heart really looks like. The heart shape they know is really a symbol that means love, friendship, and caring for others.

Heart Tracing Worksheet - 2

This worksheet takes the tracing to the next level. 

The student has the benefit of dotted lines on one side, but they have to draw the other side. 

If this is a real struggle, review symmetry with your child by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting out a heart shape. 

Heart Tracing Worksheet - 3

This heart printable is great tracing practice and a fun way to think about the things you love! 

Help the child read the words next to each arrow.

Then have them draw or dictate to you their responses.

Heart Tracing Worksheet - 4

This tracing worksheet has slightly smaller hearts with a more rounded point. 

Make sure your student has a sharpened pencil and encourage them to do their best to follow the lines.

For added fun, have the child add a wavy line to the bottom of each heart to make their own heart balloon bouquet!

Heart Tracing Worksheet - 5

Shape tracing worksheets are a fun way to review shape recognition and the names of shapes. 

See if your child can identify, trace, and color the hearts.

Ask them what the other shapes are. For an added challenge, have the student trace those in a separate color.

Heart Tracing Worksheet - 6

This is the last of my heart shape worksheets.

Encourage the student to take their time with each heart. Provide lots of different colors for them to choose from for coloring.

For an extra challenge, ask your child to color the hearts in a pattern after tracing them.

Example: pink, red, pink red or pink, pink, red, pink, pink, red.

Click Here To Download Your Free Heart Shape Tracing Worksheets!

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Terms Of Use: classroom, homeschool, co-op, and personal use only. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy these printable pages as fun Valentine’s Day tracing worksheets, as help with learning 2 D shapes, or as just a fun activity to work on fine motor skills!

Whatever your reason for downloading them, I hope you pop over to my activities and printables tab and find more things to do with your kids!

If you need some more Valentine’s Day fun, check out this simple Valentine STEM activity that uses Dollar Tree supplies!

As you are headed into spring or working through the concept of symmetry, definitely check out the butterfly activity below.

It is an easy, fun way to learn symmetry in a hands-on way!

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