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Do you need some letter A tracing worksheets for your child, kindergarten class, or young children?

Maybe you’re just introducing this foundational letter of the alphabet.

Or you’re doing a quick review of all of the letters of the alphabet.

Or your kid needs some serious extra practice with handwriting. Been there.

Whatever the reason that you’re here, these free printable worksheets are a great tool for learning proper letter formation and developing fine motor skills.

Supplies That Might Come In Handy

You don’t really need anything other than a printer and a pencil to use these sheets, but if you’re teaching a student who is writing for the first time, you might want to have a few things available.

1. Look Into A Quality Pencil Grip


A pencil grip is a great way to make writing more comfortable for kids. Using one has been shown to improve pencil control and handwriting.

I didn’t use a pencil grip with my oldest child, but I wish I had. She would complain of hand fatigue, and I would just tell her not to hold the pencil so tightly. Yep, that wasn’t really an effective strategy.

To this day, she prefers to type anything I assign her to do. 

2. Get Some Dry Erase Pockets


I actually just recently discovered dry erase pockets

They are clear page protectors that you can slide your letter tracing worksheets into. Use a dry-erase marker to do the worksheets over and over again!

Kids *love* using the dry erase markers and they are so easy to erase.

Dry erase pockets are perfect for reluctant writers, grumpy perfectionists, and easy review.

If you are a teacher or a daycare provider, you can place them in literacy centers so multiple kids can do the same worksheet.

Check Out Your Free Letter A Tracing Worksheets!

Tracing A Worksheet 1

No matter what age group or skill levels you’re working with, this first tracing sheet is a fun way to introduce letter A.

The large letter A at the top of the sheet almost looks like a connect-the-dots activity!

Little hands will follow the numbers and dashed lines to learn how to make a proper capital and lowercase /a/.

I also included some colorful images to help your child with the letter sound. You will find that all of the images in this packet start with the short /a/ sound. With young learners, I find it best to really focus on that short sound and introduce the other sounds in future reading lessons.

So you will not see any pictures of anchors, avocados, art supplies, or accordions.

Man, /a/ has a lot of sounds! 

Tracing A Worksheet 2

This next worksheet has your student tracing uppercase letters and lowercase letters with handwriting lines as a guide.

Point out the lines and explain what they are for.

Have your child trace the large letters at the top again if they need a refresher on the correct way to write the letter.

If your child is struggling with lowercase /a/, break it down by showing them that the first part is a letter c. Then all they have to do is a quick line to close off the c-c-cave!

 Tracing A Worksheet 3

What kid wouldn’t love that cute astronaut?!

While your child is tracing, encourage them to say the short /a/ sound every time they write a letter.

Tracing A Worksheet 4

Handwriting can be a little mundane, so this sheet might be a little overwhelming to a young learner.

To avoid fatigue (and sloppy writing), have your student only do 1-2 sections in a sitting. 

You might motivate them with a fun alligator YouTube video after they’re done!

Tracing A Worksheet 5

If you think your child is ready, this sheet has space for your student to write a letter next to the traced letter.

This repeated practice will help build muscle memory.

Encourage the student to color the apple when they are done.

Tracing A Worksheet 6

This sheet introduces some letter /a/ words that your child may be able to sound out as they are tracing.

Tracing A Worksheet 7

Build letter recognition skills with this free printable!

After your child is done tracing the capital letters and lower case letters, have them circle all the letter /a/s they can find.

****This could be a good time to point out that different fonts can make the letter /a/ look slightly different.

Tracing A Worksheet 8

As your child practices, they will be ready to progress to writing letters by themselves!

Have them trace the letter and then write 3-4 of their own.

Quality writing is much more important at this point than quantity.

Tracing A Worksheet 9

This sheet provides more of the same opportunity to practice tracing and writing independently. 

Tracing A Worksheet 10

Click Here To Download Your Letter A Tracing Worksheet Packet!

The above text link will take you to a new window where the printables will be in PDF format for easy printing.

Terms of Use: These worksheets are for non-commercial use only. Feel free to use them only for classroom, homeschool, co-op, and personal use. Thank you!

Be sure to check out my other alphabet tracing worksheets and my entire collection of A-Z letter worksheets in the Activities & Printables section of this blog. If you have a specific letter or topic you need, be sure to use the search bar.

You may also need my blank handwriting worksheets to work on any future writing skills. There are 5 different versions – the one with a space for drawing pictures is my favorite!

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