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Does your 1st grade and kindergarten level students need a handwriting practice worksheet?

Well, you probably need more than one because handwriting is such an important skill! Yes, some kids naturally seem to take their time and produce lovely work…but others need a lot more attention and help.

The below handwriting worksheets are the perfect thing to give your children a little more practice with lowercase letters (yeah for dashed lines!), cursive writing, and other writing skills.

You can easily download them in pdf format and print off as many copies as you need!

How to Get the Best Results From Your Blank Handwriting Worksheets

Child Writing

  • Stay with your student as they are writing so that you can correct their work as they write. I find it is much easier to gently correct on the spot, as opposed to after they have finished and want to proudly show off their work.
  • If the child is doing copy work, write it out on dashed line paper too. This helps them to clearly see the correct way to write letters. If it’s written on a whiteboard, it can be more challenging for them to copy your letters.
  • Provide fun writing prompts to get them excited to write! I love this free calendar of prompts from Lakeshore learning for journal assignments.
  • Does spelling drive them nuts? Let them write with an Alexa (or other voice assist device) next to them for a confidence boost!
  • Make sure your expectations are age-appropriate for your child’s grade level. Be happy with progress, not adult level perfection.
  • Encourage them as much as possible! Over time their fine motor skills will improve and you will see progress.

Blank Handwriting Paper For Every Occasion!

Below you will find 5 different practice sheets with a name and date block.  They are each instant download, easy print pdf file.

Terms of use include: personal use, classroom use, co-op use, and homeschool use. Enjoy!

1. Blank Handwriting Paper with Dashed Middle Line

Blank Handwriting Worksheet with Dashed Middle Line

These paper templates are the perfect thing for young children to practice writing rows of letters, simple copy work, cursive handwriting, a short sentence or two, or even spelling tests.

The dashed middle line and line height will help your child learn the correct hand movements for proper letters. 

2. Blank Handwriting Worksheet With Picture

Blank Handwriting Worksheet with dotted lines and a picture box

A sure-fire way to motivate your student to love writing is to encourage them to draw pictures!

Have your child illustrate their copy work or draw what they are journaling about. Bringing in the art supplies will help them see writing in new and fun ways!

One of my own children fell in love with creative writing this way. She loved writing one page a day of an ongoing story and then drawing a picture. She eventually had her own storybook to show off!

3. Blank Handwriting Page in Landscape Mode

Landscape Blank Handwriting Worksheet

The classic landscape mode is perfect for children who are still making large letters and need more space to copy out sentences.

This would also be perfect for copying memory verses or even writing letters to family and friends!

Yes, you can buy a similar product at Dollar Tree, but I find that I can never find the book when I’m looking for it.

I like that you can print out a fresh clean copy on white paper anytime you need to! They also look great in a folder to show handwriting progression.

4. Lined Paper BlankBlank Handwriting Worksheet without dotted lines

This free printable is for older children who are ready to drop the dashed lines, but who may not be quite ready for notebook paper just yet.

The line height is forgiving and there is plenty of room to fit multiple sentences.

Print out several copies to keep on hand for writing assignments and journaling. Easy to 3 hole punch and keep in a binder!

5. Lined Handwriting Page With Picture 

Blank Handwriting Worksheet with pictures box and no dotted lines

Just because your child is a little older, doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy drawing their work.

Print out these free printable worksheets to blend together your language arts and art lessons!

You can also attach pages from #4 for a longer writing assingment.

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