Free & Fun Addition Worksheets for Kindergarteners!

Looking for some kindergarten addition worksheets for your young learners?

Having a strong foundation in math facts is crucial, so I’m happy to see that you stopped in to get some extra help!

This post is chock-full of free printable worksheets that are the perfect complement to any math curriculum.

They are also full of things that kids are going to love: puppies, candy, ocean creatures, space, teddy bears, ice cream, dinosaurs, and more!

These easy download and print worksheets include:

  • Picture Addition
  • Single Digit Addition
  • Doubles Addition
  • Dice Game Addition
  • Missing Numbers Addition
  • Simple Word Problems
  • And More!

****Don’t stress! You can grab your kindergarten worksheets today. There are *super simple* instructions at the bottom of this post to grab the instant download PDF file.

Check Out Your Free Kindergarten Addition Worksheet Packet!

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 1

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 2

This first set of kindergarten math worksheets features sweet treats that will definitely grab your young mathematician’s eye!

To complete, point to the box full of goodies and have your child count each group. Write the numbers in the boxes.

Then find the sum by counting all of the items at once.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 4

This simple worksheet features more sweet treats – ice cream cones!

Have your child count each group, write out the addition problems, and find the sum.

If your child has a hard time with missing objects or double counting, encourage him to use a pencil to mark each item as he counts.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 3

This kindergarten math worksheet is beary cute!

Have your child count the bears and write the sum on the line. 

As an added activity, ask your student if she can see how many bears are in a group without counting. This skill is called subitizing and is essential for building number sense and other math skills. 

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 5

I hope your young ones enjoy safari animals!

Here your child will count each of the groups of animals, write the number sentence, and find the sum.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 6

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 7

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 8

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 9

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 10

To complete this worksheet, have your child read each addition equation. Use the example to show your child how to circle the number of bugs in each addend. 

Then have your child count to find the total sum. 

The ladybug question is a great way to show a child how to add with zero. If you start with 1 bug and add nothing, you still have one bug.

Simple concept, but zero can be surprisingly confusing for some kids.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 11

This black and white sheet will be easy on your printer and a new way to practice simple equations.

Have your child add together the two groups of fruit and then draw a line to the correct sum.

If there is time, throw out some crayons and color all the fruit.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 12

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 13

Practice time with doubles addition is a very important skill for kids as they learn number bonds.

The above fun addition worksheets will help your child to focus on those particular facts. One has a fun carnival theme and one has a dinosaur theme.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 15

Does your kid like games? Give them a pair of dice to roll.

Have the child write the numbers from the roll on this worksheet in the boxes. Add the dots together (or count all the dots) to get the sum.

To up the competition, take turns rolling the dice and see who gets the highest sum!

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 14

If you don’t have a set of dice, use this worksheet instead.

Have the child count each of the dots to solve the problem. 

This is also a good worksheet to help your child start recognizing numbers as a group (subitizing).

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 16

Using a number line is another easy way to help kids solve an addition math problem.

Encourage the child to use their finger or a pencil to jump forward to find the answer to each question.

This visual aid can help so much for kids to understand the relationship between numbers.

****When introducing the number line, make sure it is very clear that the child starts counting on the *next* number. For example, if the child is solving 3+2, they may put their finger on the “3” and say “one, two.” This will leave them landing on “4” which would not be the correct answer. I used to tell my own kids to count the number of jumps, not the actual numbers on the number line.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 18

The rest of these free kindergarten worksheets do not have objects to count. 

Your child may be able to complete them by memorizing the facts, mental math skills, or with manipulatives. 

It may be fun to bring out candy as a motivating, fun option!

Praise your child for how many they can get right, and just keep working on the ones that stumped them.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 17

I just love this super sweet penguin math worksheet.

Have your child write the answer to each addition problem in the small gray rectangle that the penguin is standing on.

Consider using a few simple flash cards to drill your child on some of the more simple facts to make these worksheets go faster.

If that sounds awful for a kindergartener, check out these flash card games!

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 19

If your child is sailing on through learning her facts, introduce this challenging worksheet.

See if the child knows the facts well enough that she can remember the number missing in each simple equation. 

This type of problem is also an excellent precursor for introducing subtraction problems.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 20

This worksheet also asks for your child to find the missing number in each equation. 

If your child feels overwhelmed, use a number line to help your child count forward and find the missing number.

You could also mention the concept of number families and the number that “go together.” 

Kindergarten Addition Worksheet 21

This is the last of my free kindergarten math worksheets!

Your child will be delighted to answer each of these simple addition word problems. Each one is centered on a favorite treat – doughnuts!

These word problems are such a fun way to make adding even more concrete for your little one. It helps them visualize real objects in their mind, building mental math skills and confidence!

Definitely consider providing a real donut when they’re done!

****Check out Addition Facts that Stick for a gameboard-based system that teaches all the addition facts in 6 weeks! I have used it several times and it is a super solid system that just plain works. I prefer to use it in 1st grade, but would be appropriate for a kindergartener also.

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Terms of Use: These free addition worksheets are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only.  The Simple Homeschooler free worksheets are never for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope these printables have shown you some fun ways to learn and review math facts! With loads of practice, they will give your young students a solid head start in math!

The concept of addition will come back again and again as your child goes through first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, and beyond. 

Whether your child is working through multi-digit multiplication, adding fractions, doing long divisions, or order of mathematical operations, basic addition skills will be used to arrive at the correct answer. 

So continue to work on these simple addition concepts, and it will pay off for years to come. 

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