10 Letter B Tracing Worksheets: Easy Print & Free!

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In search of some free letter b tracing worksheets for your kindergarten students or younger children?

The followings printable worksheets are just the thing!

They are the perfect addition to any letter of the alphabet lesson plans or curriculum. 

All 10 sheets will help your child with letter formation of capital letter B and lowercase b.  There is also an added bonus of letter b words, coloring, and letter recognition!

You will find a mix of black & white sheets and some with splashes of color.

Nothing that will wreak havoc on your printer. Promise!

A Quick Note About Letter B Reversal Issues

finger glasses letter reversal

Letter b and letter d are easily the most confusing letters of the alphabet for young children.

The large majority of kids will struggle with correctly identifying them, and that’s super normal.

Worksheet practice will help over time, but it is much better to start early with a strategy to help them remember the difference.

For my kids, that meant holding up their hands like “finger glasses.” I showed them how to sound out b-e-d, and then explained that their fingers spell that word if they had an /e/ between their hands.

So when they weren’t sure, I would ask them to hold their fingers up and check for themselves.

This is a fun way to give kids confidence to quickly tell the difference and avoid future frustration.

As you introduce the below letter b worksheets, be sure to start pointing out how they can make their left hand look like a lowercase letter b!

Ask them to do the same things with their right hand. Does it work? Nope!

When you start working through the letter d in a couple of weeks, you can introduce the right hand!

Check Out Your Free Printable Letter B Tracing Worksheets!

Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 1

This first page is a great way to kick off your kid’s early writing practice!

Encourage your student to trace the dotted letters at the top of the page. Follow the numbers and arrows to make sure they print the letter correctly.

My own kids always found it tedious to follow the order, but it does make a big difference. If you try to make the “bumps” first and then add the stick, you run the risk of them not touching.

Then it looks like a lowercase /l/ and backward c or 3 – woops!

It is much better to make your “stick” first and then add on your bumps. This order will be important for future letters too – /m/, /n/, /r/.

Finish the sheet by having your child trace the lowercase letters and uppercase letters.

 Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 2

This practice sheet will give your young learners another chance to follow the arrows and trace the dotted lines.

If tracing is proving too much for their developing fine motor skills, tell your child that they can trace every other letter.

They can come back and finish the rest of the letters during morning work the following day or some other time.

Ask them to color the ball, and then ask why there is a basketball instead of a soccer ball on the page. 

A good introduction to letter sounds! 

Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 3

This printable will not only help your child trace lower case letter b and uppercase letter B – it also gives some letter B CVC word practice!

Kids always love to discover words that they can actually read, so take some time to help them sound out and blend these short words. 

Ask them if they can think of another kind of bat.

Which is a wonderful way to introduce homophones!

Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 4

Okay, I have to say this is my favorite of the tracing sheets!

I love the cute pictures, bright colors, and simple layout. This is so much fun and just the thing to get little ones interested in letters!

If you’re looking for some hands-on activities, consider having your kids look through magazines and make a collage of letter B words!

Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 5

This printable has the dual function of letter tracing AND letter recognition skills.

Remember the finger glasses we talked about above?

Remind your student to use that trick to tell the difference between the /b/ and /d/.

Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 6

Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 7

Tell your student to trace letter B and then write their own letter without tracing in the open space.

This is a great bridge to dropping the dotted lines and making their own letters correctly!

Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 8

This sheet has a slightly smaller font.

Make sure your student has a sharpened pencil and quality pencil grip to help them do their best work.

Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 9

A new challenge!

Your student has some blank lines to fill in.  When they’re done, they will be rewarded with some pictures to color.

They should color boat, ball, bee, and banana.

Letter B Tracing Worksheet - 10

Click Here To Download Your Free Letter Bb Tracing Worksheets!

****These letter tracing worksheets are in PDF format. Terms: classroom, homeschool, co-op, and personal use. No commercial use. Thank you!

I hope you really enjoy these free printable worksheets and that your kid uses them to feel confident with their writing skills.

If you are interested in other letter worksheets for your student, definitely browse through my catalog of free printables and activities for kids.

If you are looking for a specific letter, use the search function at the top of the blog page.

Enjoy and happy teaching!

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