15+ Free Letter C Worksheets: Easy Print!

Looking for some letter C worksheets for your kindergarten students or preschoolers?

This printable packet is just the thing to help your younger children conquer this letter of the alphabet!

You’ll find coloring pages, tracing pages, letter c activities, alphabet maze worksheets, and more!

Your kindergarten kids will work on letter formation of uppercase C and lowercase c through tracing and writing practice.

They will also work on letter identification and the letter c sound. 

As an FYI, these free printable worksheets focus on the hard /c/ sound. There will not be any soft sound words like cereal or cent.

I also excluded any /ch/ words like chicken or cheese because younger children need to focus on the main sound of /c/ for early reading skills. The /ch/ blend should be taught in a future reading lesson.

Okay, let’s dive into the below educational activities! 

Check Out Your Free Letter C Worksheets!

Letter C Worksheet - 1

This coloring page is a fun way to kick off your letter of the week study!

Go through each image together to make sure your child knows the name of each picture.

See if they can guess what the letter c sounds like.

If the child isn’t sure, go through the pictures again, and really emphasize the initial sound of the word: c-c-cat.

Letter C Worksheet - 2

This tracing page is a very gentle way to introduce writing /c/.

The letters are large and there are only a handful of letters to trace. This initial sheet is intended to learn how to form a proper /c/, not exhaust their developing fine motor skills.

Lowercase letter c is a foundational letter to learn because several other letters use it as a “base.” For example, the letters /g/ and /q/ start with a simple /c/ before adding on other elements.

If you think your child needs more time tracing, feel free to throw a blank copy of the above printable into a sheet protector (but for best results use a dry erase pocket). Use dry erase markers for a quick, fun review!

You could also download this letter c tracing packet. It is full of dotted lines and tracing fun!

Letter C Worksheet - 3

When your child is ready, you can drop the dotted lines for this simple writing sheet.

At the top of the page, your kindergarten children will still have a guide to follow. If they are struggling, have them trace the above letters to build confidence. 

I always encourage teachers and parents to only have the child make a few letters per line. Focus on high-quality letters at this early stage over quantity.

Letter C Worksheet - 4

This is a do-a-dot letter recognition worksheet!

Have your student use their letter identification skills to find all of the upper case /c/ letters among all the other capital letters!

Ask them which letters look similar to letter c. What things make them different from /c/?

****Do-a-dot markers are a little pricey, so no worries if you don’t have a set. Any coloring item will work with this printable. You could even do something as outside the box as using a piece of clear tape to go over the correct letters. Super simple, fun, and no mess. 

Letter C Worksheet - 5

Can your kids use their letter identification to help Carly the Cat find all of her lowercase /c/ bubbles or “eggs?”

Have your child carefully go through the sheet, dabbing or coloring only the /c/ letters. Ask them which letters of the alphabet have a similar shape to /c/.

When your child is done, congratulate your child for helping Carly, and then have them color the caterpillar!

Letter C Worksheet - 6

This is one of the alphabet activities to help you see if your student is understanding and retaining initial letter sounds.

Tell your child that this coloring picture is different from the earlier one. Not all of the pictures start with the c sound. 

Have the child go around the circle and tell you the name of each picture, then let them loose to color all the pictures that start with the /c/ sound. 

They should color cat, castle, cow, and car.

Ask your child if they can think of another picture that could have been on the page (cake, camp, carrot, etc.).

Letter C Worksheet - 7

Use their answer to the above question and have them draw it!

This letter c activity is a great way to let your student be creative as they show what they’ve learned.

Of course, we’ve all been there when we go “blank” and can’t think of something. If your child needs help, have a little riddle prepared to get them going.

A king or queen will often have this on their head….a c-c-crown!

If you’ve been bad, Santa might leave this in your stocking…c-c-coal!

Letter C Worksheet - 8

Letter C Worksheet - 9

Letter C Worksheet - 10

Letter C Worksheet - 11

Letter C Worksheet - 12

Letter C Worksheet - 13

This is a huge favorite of the printable activities.

Have your students go through all of the c words, color the pictures, trace the words, and cut out their book!

It can be assembled with staples.

Letter C Worksheet - 14

This letter worksheet is a fun review of all the things you’ve been talking about this week. Your student can trace dotted lines, write their own /c/ letters and color the pictures.

They should color cat, camel, coat, caterpillar, cupcake, coins, and cupcake.

Letter C Worksheet - 15

This is a very similar worksheet for your child to complete. 

They should color cap, cat, can, crayon, cake, candy, and candle. 

Have them trace the dotted lines and write their own /c/ letters. Ask them if it is a capital or lowercase /c/.

When they answer, ask how they can tell. 

Letter C Worksheet - 16

That hard letter c sound would be rock solid in their mind after completing this worksheet.

Have the child color the large bubble c and the cats. 

Use their letter identification skills to circle all the c letters they can find.

There are a few tricky letters in the bunch. Ask them which one looks a lot like a capital C but is a little different.

Letter C Worksheet - 17

This is the final worksheet in the bunch!

Your student will enjoy showing off all their new skills and figuring out some cool mazes!

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