15+ Free Letter D Worksheets For Kids: Easy Print!

In search of some free letter d worksheets for your kindergarten students or preschoolers?

The below pritnable pack is full of all different activities: fun coloring pages, letter d tracing worksheets, a make-your-own book activity, and letter recognition worksheets.

Letter identification – especially with this letter of the alphabet – is critical.

Letter reversal issues with lowercase letter d and b are probably the most common among kindergarten kids. So, I made sure to include several printable activities to help young learners internalize the letter d formation from the very beginning.

These free printable worksheets were designed to be an easy addition to any letter of the week curriculum. 

For best results, be sure to read through my notes and tips on each worksheet.

Check Out Your Free Printable Letter D Worksheets!

Letter D Worksheet 1

This letter d coloring page features an uppercase letter D and tons of fun pictures!

Go through each image with your younger children and make sure they can correctly identify it. Ask them if they can hear the sound that each picture starts with.

If it is not immediately clear to your student, have them repeat after you while you emphasize the first sound. For example, say d-d-dinosaur, d-d-donut, etc.

As they color each of the pictures, have them repeat the letter d sound out loud.

For your reference, the pictures are donut, dolphin, dinosaur, duck, dragon, diamond, dog, and daisy. 

Letter D Worksheet 2

As I mentioned earlier, letter reversal is a common problem and frustration at this age. 

This playdough mat is the first of my letter D printables to fight that.

Have your young kids roll out some playdough into a long snake. Show them how to curve the snake around the “bump.” Then use another piece to make the “stick.”

Have them repeat this activity several times for extra practice.

Then ask the child to think of a letter d word. Something that flies and breathes fire…a dragon!

Have the student add features to the lower case letter d to make it look like a dragon. Maybe the stick could be a tail pointing up and the bump could have a snout. Or whatever their creative young mind can think of!

Tell the student to remember this image so they tell the difference between the letter d and letter b later.

Letter D Worksheet 3

This next worksheet is a letter d tracing page.

Students will follow the dotted lines and numbers to practice the proper letter formation for both the upper case letter D and lower case d.

It was intentional to make large letters for this first tracing experience. Small letters require more developed fine motor skills and pencil control. There is another sheet in this pack that does have smaller letters if you think your child is ready for it.

Letter D Worksheet 4

This is a great practice sheet for your child to start working on writing letters without dotted lines. 

Sit with them and gently remind them of why the dashed line is there and what the proper letters are supposed to look like. 

****Great idea: To help your child practice and review writing letter Dd, place this sheet in a page protector and let your kids use dry erase markers! 

Letter D Worksheet 5

Show your child this printable and tell them that all of the uppercase D letters have gotten mixed up with a bunch of other capital letters.

Ask the child if they can see some letters that look like D but are different. What are the differences?

Give the child a do-a-dot marker to dab each of the correct letters.

Letter D Worksheet 6

This is a similar sheet, but with lower case letters. It will probably be much more challenging.

Remind your child of all the work they did on their playdough dragon.

Have them point out some lowercase d letters and some b letters before they start. 

At the end of the activity, have the student color the dragon. Can they think of a name that starts with d for it?

Letter D Worksheet 7
This coloring page is fun way to check in on letter sounds and whether your child has learned the letter d sound.

Go through each image with your child and see if they can correctly identify it. 

Step back and let them color everything that starts with the /d/ sound.

They should color desk, dolphin, daisy, donut, drum, dog, and dinosaur.

Letter D Worksheet 8

This is a great way for your child to practice what they’ve learned. 

Encourage your kid to do their best work and draw any of the letter d words they have learned.

Or maybe they can think of a new one!

Help them along with some silly riddles.

I’m thinking of a sparkly clear rock that might be found in a pirate treasure chest or on a woman’s ring… d-d-diamond!

I’m thinking of something every baby has to wear on their bottom…d-d-diaper!

When the moon is out, it is night. When the sun is out, it is…d-d-day!

Letter D Worksheet 9

Letter D Worksheet 10

Letter D Worksheet 11

Letter D Worksheet 12

Letter D Worksheet 13

Letter D Worksheet 14

This is a big activity for little hands to work on. 

It will be very rewarding for them to color, trace, cut out, and assemble their very own book!

Might I suggest a donut party when they’re done??

Letter D Worksheet 15

This is another one of the practice worksheets for letter d reversal.

Have your student grab a blue crayon. What sound does blue start with?

Have the child look for all the of the letter b gumballs. Remind them of the letter B butterfly they made earlier to help them remember the shape.

If your child struggles to complete the activity, ask them if the letter shape is a b-b-butterfly or a d-d-dragon.

Letter D Worksheet 16

This is a great review of tracing and letter d words.

Do your kindergarten children know what a diamond is?

Watching a YouTube video for kids would be a fun thing to add to your letter d activities!

Letter D Worksheet 17

This is the final sheet in the alphabet bundle.

Children can practice all their new skills and even do a few mazes!

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I hope you and your students are enjoying learning the letters of the alphabet with me! 

All the alphabet coloring pages, tracing, and writing will help them confidently master letter D d!

Be sure to check out all of my free printable alphabet worksheets! You can search for any letter in the search bar to quickly find what you need. Just slide them in a ring binder for your next letter of the week!

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