15+ Free Letter B Worksheets: Easy Print!

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Need some letter B worksheets for your kindergarten students or preschoolers?

The alphabet worksheets below are full of letter B activities, coloring pages, letter tracing, and more!

Your younger children will have so much fun as they learn letter identification of lower case b and uppercase B, the letter B sound, proper letter formation, and letter B words.

I always try to do things the fun way, so be prepared for hands-on activities! For best results, read through the notes I have on each sheet. They were all thoughtfully prepared and arranged to give your student the best experience as they learn the letters of the alphabet!

Check Out Your Letter B Free Printable Worksheets!Letter B Worksheet - 1There are so many fun words that start with B! 

This giant letter B is surrounded by all kinds of images that your kindergarten kids will love to color!

Before they dive in, see if they can identify the name of the picture AND isolate the /b/ sound at the beginning of each word.

They should spot baby, ball, banana, balloons, butterfly, bug (or bee), bow, and bear.

If they are really sharp, they might also notice the b-b-bottle that the baby is drinking from.

Can they think of a color that starts with the /b/ sound to use while coloring this printable?

Letter B Worksheet - 2

This simple worksheet is great way to introduce tracing upper case B and lower case b.

Have your student follow the numbers and dotted lines of the letter Bb. This will show your student the correct order to write the letters.

The uppercase letter B probably won’t be a problem, but kids sometimes want to make the lowercase letters with a “ball” first and then add the “stick.” The problem with that is their fine motor skills often struggle to have the ball and stick actually touch. The end result is often something that looks like an /l/ and an /o/…as opposed to a /b/.

So for best results, be gentle but diligent with your kid about tracing the lines in order.

If your child needs extra handwriting practice, check out this letter b tracing packet.

Letter B Worksheet - 3

This practice sheet will allow your child to start writing the letter b on their own!

The top of the page still has letters to guide them. They can quickly trace the letters for a quick confidence boost.

Consider sliding a blank copy of this into a plastic sheet protector. Use some dry-erase markers for a fun review in the future!

Letter B Worksheet - 4

This is a great lowercase letter b worksheet. It’s hands-on, fun, crafty, and will help fight the issue of letter reversal that usually pops up.

Your child can color the letter and other items on the page.

Cut out the pieces and assemble their own butterfly on construction paper!

This printable letter b craft is perfect for displaying all week long.

Letter B Worksheet - 5

This letter recognition worksheet is wonderful practice to help your student recognize the differences between capital letters B, P, and R.

Have your student use their do-a-dot marker (or any crayon, marker, or colored pencil) and dab all the capital /B/ letters among all the other uppercase letters.

Tell the child to go slowly in order to avoid making a simple mistake.

Letter B Worksheet - 6

Here is a similar worksheet, but the focus is on lowercase letters.

Have your young readers find all the lowercase b letters and then color the baby and the ball.

Letter B Worksheet - 7

This printable focuses on letter sounds.

Go through the images with your student and emphasize the beginning sound of each word. 

For example, u-u-umbrella, b-b-button, b-b-bat.

See if you student can correctly color *only* the pictures that start with the /b/ sound.

They should identify button, bat, bell, banana, and bus.

Letter B Worksheet - 8

There are a lot of fun words that start with /b/, so this should be an easy worksheet for your kid.

If they struggle to think of pictures to draw, give them a little help with some simple riddles.

I’m going to the library to get a…b-b-book!

I love to make sandcastles at the…b-b-beach!

If I get really muddy, my mom will make me take a…b-b-bath!

Letter B Worksheet - 9

Letter B Worksheet - 10

Letter B Worksheet - 11

Letter B Worksheet - 12

Letter B Worksheet - 13

Letter B Worksheet - 14

Alphabet books can be found in all of my letter worksheet packets.

They are a great keepsake to review in the future, but also a great tool for coloring, tracing, and cutting out all things letter b!

Give lots of time during the week to complete this activity. It is definitely too much for little hands to do in one sitting.

Letter B Worksheet - 15

This worksheet gives your child another chance to practice letter tracing, writing letters, and writing words.

Letter B Worksheet - 16

I love this cute coloring page!

Consider taking some time to learn more about birds as you work through this letter of the week. Check out some library books and find some fun bird fact videos on YouTube!

You could also make a simple bird feeder with a pinecone. Just roll it in peanut butter and then birdseed. Hang it in a tree and bird-watch all week!

If butterflies are more your kid’s thing, then check out this easy butterfly craft.

Letter B Worksheet - 17

This last sheet has several different activities to review everything covered this week!

Letter formation, tracing, writing, letter b sounds – and even coloring and mazes for some extra fun!

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I hope you and your students love these interactive letter b worksheets!

Be sure to check out the Activities & Printables category of this blog for more letter worksheets.

If you need a specific letter, use the search bar to find it quickly.

And as always, feel free to share with your homeschool and teacher friends!

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