15+ Letter E Worksheets: Free & Easy Print!

Need some e-e-excellent letter e worksheets for your kindergarten students or preschool lessons?

This printable pack has everything from letter e activities to coloring pages to alphabet books to tracing to letter sounds practice!

The goal is always to help early learners have so much fun that they don’t realize they’re learning.

Be sure to read through my notes and suggestions for each worksheet to get the very most out of it!

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Letter E Worksheet 1

This fun coloring page is how I always like to start this part of our collection of alphabet worksheets.

Younger children love to learn through pictures and coloring. It gives their hands and their mind something to do while you are explaining new concepts.

As you can see, you will be introducing the upper case E and showing your kids some things that start with the short e sound.

They should recognize egg, elephant, elf, envelope, elbow, and eleven.

Yes, there are other letter e sounds to learn. For example, earn, eye, and ear.

Because these free printables are meant for students just being introduced to this new letter, we are only going to focus on the short sound. This will help your kid tremendously with sounding out CVC words in the future.

The other sounds will come with time when you start teaching phonics lessons in later grades.

Letter E Worksheet 2

Now that your young children know a little bit about what the /e/ looks like and what it sounds like, we are going to make one with play dough!

This is a fun way to help kids learn letter formation – without the frustrating fine motor skills needed when writing with a pencil.

Help your child roll out a “rope” of play dough and then have them work to cover the white line.

If you don’t have play dough, feel free to use whatever you have on hand: pipe cleaners, do-a-dot markers, construction paper scraps, or even rolled up paper towels!

Letter E Worksheet 3

This tracing worksheet is a great way to introduce your young learners to writing letter e. Show your student how to follow the numbers and dotted lines to make the letter correctly.

Students will only have to trace lowercase e and capital E a handful of times. This will keep them from being overwhelmed or frustrated.

Watch closely to make sure they follow the correct order of writing the lines.

The dotted lines will serve as a guide to help them understand size and placement, which is especially helpful for the lowercase letters. 

Letter E Worksheet 4

Think of this as a practice sheet for your student as they begin writing without dotted lines.

There are examples at the top of the page as a guide.

Give lots of encouragement and praise for all progress. It will take time – especially for lowercase letter e – but they will improve with regular handwriting practice.

Letter E Worksheet 5

This letter recognition worksheet will help your child sharpen their letter identification skills!

Pull out your do-a-dot markers and have your student dab every capital letter E they can find among the uppercase letters. 

Letter E Worksheet 6

This is a similar sheet for the lower case letters.

Encourage your child to say the short e sound each time they dab it!

Afterward, they can color the cute elf with crayons or their dot markers.

****No worries if you don’t have the markers. They can be a little pricey. You will get just as much out of this free worksheet if you use regular markers, colored pencils, stickers, cotton balls, or anything else you have on hand.

Letter E Worksheet 7

This letter e coloring page is a wonderful practice for the letter sound your child is focusing on this week. 

Go through each image and make sure they understand what they are looking at. 

The child should eventually color elbow, eleven, elevator, elephant, elf, egg, and envelope.

Letter E Worksheet 8

Here your children can draw an e word they have learned or a new one. 

If your child feels stuck, feel free to help them out! 

Ask them a riddle-style question to get them thinking.

When I’m in an empty room and sound bounces back to me, it’s called an…e-e-echo!

If I eat all the ice cream, the container won’t be full. It will be…e-e-empty!

Letter E Worksheet 9

Letter E Worksheet 10

Letter E Worksheet 11

Letter E Worksheet 12

Letter E Worksheet 13

Letter E Worksheet 14

This alphabet book is always a fun activity for kids to work through.

They make a great keepsake and review for the future!

Give your student as much time as they need to color, trace, cut out, and bind their very own book!

They will be so proud of themselves when this project is complete.

Letter E Worksheet 15

This is another tracing worksheet for extra practice.

Have your kid trace the large letters to refresh themselves on the proper order of writing the lines before doing the rest of the tracing work.

Letter E Worksheet 16

This is a review sheet that covers much of what you’ve learned this week!

Your child will trace letters Ee, write Ee, color the elephant, identify the capital E letters and lowercase e letters, and color the letter e pictures.

They should color egg, elf, envelope, and elbow.

Letter E Worksheet 17

This is the last of the printable activities!

Your student can enjoy several mazes, more tracing, drawing, and coloring.

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Letter E Worksheets Pin

We work really hard to put out the best quality free alphabet printables, so I hope you and your students enjoy these educational activities!

Be sure to check out the next alphabet letter – letter F – as you continue to work your way through the letters of the alphabet.

Enjoy and happy learning!

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